Nude in shower...

I lived with my sister and brother in law in my high school brother in law was normally on tour because of his sister never used to wear the bra under her nightgown while sleeping.....she has a huge well rounded breast.. one morning she went to take bath and i peeped in from the little crack in the door and saw my sister fully nude in the shower...wiping her breast and washing her hairy p****...seeing her bent over gave a clear view of her ass...and that was the first time i saw the complete nude woman....i repeated that on next day..but than i found myself guilty and didnt repeated it ever again....

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  • It's not a big deal. F*** her it would be really nice.

  • I don't have a sister but the first time I saw a girl nude was when I was 7 or 8 I was having a medical at the hospital with my mum the nurse told me to get undressed to my pants there were girls there too and I saw their knickers we had to line up to be weighed and measured then the doctor tested our chests and then made us slip our pants and knickers down and look at us down there that was the first time I saw a girls slit.

  • seeing a sister nude is not a big deal...keep on looking for an opportunity...

  • What woman wears a bra to bed? Anyway, keep looking but let her catch you. Explain that you'd never seen a naked woman before and you were fascinated by her beauty. It may be very awkward but she may give you a b****** or let her f*** her if you are real lucky. Just use a condom. F****** your sister is no big deal, it's just something society has made us feel to be wrong.

  • It is a big deal, with deformed infants, psychological damage, and so forth. You must be one of the couple of sick pervs trolling on with their incest fantasies. Stop it all already, its gross.

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