You're like a f****** woman!

You know why I hate you? Because. You b**** and b**** and b**** that we HAVE to go. We get there and we have to leave suddenly because you're tired. Everything hinges on YOU and I'm sick of it. Then I tell you I want to stay for a few minutes and you ask all snotty 'WHY?' Why the f*** do you think?? When you wanna go somewhere we have to GO and we have to GO IMMEDIATELY. Then when YOU'RE done, we have to leave- regardless of the fact that you're the person who drags people into going where you want them to, whether they want to or not. I'm starting to think you don't even have the ability to give a f*** what anyone else wants. You are a F****** B****. AND YOU'RE A GUY. It's like your name should be Tiffani or Amber instead of Richard. You're a stupid f****** C*** and I'm sick of your incessant self involvement. And goddamm am I sick of hearing about your f****** nails. You're worse than a goddam drag queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 5, 2011

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  • Give this person a chance and a f***

  • And you? You stick with this stupid f*** regardless of your hatred for his ways. Why is that?

  • Dude, you're hanging out with the wrong women if you think that's what women are like.

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