Murder rape and cannibals

I've always wanted to kill someone and I have always craved human bacon... Also I've dreamed of raping someone since as long as I could ever remember, the only problem is I am a very attractive female and girls can't rape guys :( this depresses me, I think I need help

Mar 6, 2011

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  • Oh no, a poor depressed self-described attractive female. How many other lies and delusions do you enjoy, little one?

    IDGAF which of the TWO SEXES you are, if you try anything with me or anyone I love, you will become a statistic. Get on some heavy drugs and stay on them, it could very well save your misbegotten life.

  • Girl's can:/

  • I was raped 3times b4
    my sk y pe is annie price 123

  • I'd let you rape me....oh, I think I see what you mean.

  • Uhh yeah, girls can rape guys, just go beyond pleasure. Lock them up in the basement for 5 hours without water or food, and then continually make them o***** and continually rub their d*** until they get horrible rug burns on their d***. Then you can make them eat you out for hours:P

  • Where is the beyond pleasure part? Still sounds like fun to me.

  • I'd let you rape me as long as you promised not to kill and eat me.

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