Man w****

Last night I went to the adult book store. I usually go to the booths and suck a c*** or two through the glory holes. But they have sealed up the holes since the last time I was there. I noticed that some guys were leaving the door to their booth ajar. And guys would go in get sucked and then leave. I ot a booth and left the door ajar. Shortly a really big man came in. He said ya want to blow me. I eagerly nodded my head. He told me to unzip his pants and to take out his c***. I did and I immediately started to suck it. It was pretty big to. He said make sure you swallow f*****. I did as I was told. he then said get up pull down you sweat pants and turn around. I loved it that he was completely taking charge. I di das I was told and I got f***** for the first time. God I loved it. After a while ehe opened the door to my booth and said that if any one wanted they could f*** me or have me suck their c***. I was at first very ashamed to have any one see me getting f*****. But shortly there was a line. And I got f***** by and I sucked at least ten men. The big men told me to be back tonight. I will be for sure.

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  • Seriously are you really having a s** ed conversation with a f***** troll? op and replier you are both f****** morons and may promptly go f*** yourself!

  • That was rude. Clearly, the op prefers dominate men to f*** him, rather than f****** himself. And I certainly don't need to f*** myself either with so many other more pleasurable options available. You need a condom or some other sort of filter on your words.

  • Well, good luck with that then. By the way, the other men might prefer the condom when it comes to f****** your ass. After the first couple of guys it probably gets a bit sloppy with all that c**. I would think they'd prefer a tighter ass. You might suggest that to Jim.

  • I know that there is risks. But like I have said. The big man who's name is Jim is the dominate one here. And he told me strait out that condoms are not allowed. And he also said that I must swallow any mans c** that he allows me to suck off. So I didn't even ask about condoms to f*** me. I feel I already know the answer.

  • Well you can do whatever you want and hope it's worth it. How hard is it to put a condom on? Really? It's just stupid that you're not. Because this kind of "fun" has consequences. It's not matter of if, it's when you get a disease. You are begging to get HIV/AIDS, Hep ABC or any other nasty std that's out there. And you're most likely spreading it too. I hope you're not married or in a relationship and going home to your s.o and pretending like you're faithful.

  • No condoms were used at all. No one wants a b******* with a condom on. I don't think that the man that is dominating me would allow it. None of them used them while they f***** me either. Same reason.
    I went back last evening like I was instructed to do. There was only women working in the adult book store then. He said when they are there they won't ever go back into the area where the booths are. He made me strip naked and blow him right out in the open. There must have easily been at least a dozen men watching men suck his c***. That was a really big turn on for me. He then had me stand up and bend over. He started f****** me and told all the others that they could have blow jobs. As soon as he finished fufcking me he told the others they could f*** me to. Having two c*** at a time over and over, was such a turn on for me that with out ever touching my c*** I was squirting c** like I just couldn't believe.

  • I know you are enjoying being used but you need to make sure the men are using a condom.

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