I fell dirty...and collapsing

I. am. a. sinner... hopefully h*** wont be too hot

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  • Anonymous loser. NO you should be the one to kill yourself not the OP. Kill your old self and become a decent human being. Go get therapy you freak.

    To the OP dont worry about it. There is no such thing as sin since its a man made concept and everything in the bible is considered a sin. I mean even wearing mixed fabrics or eating lobster is a sin. Just live a good life and be kind and its all good

  • Kill yourself and find out now!

  • There are many theories on the hotness of h***. Some believe in the literal interpretation, where it is a place of flames and eternal burning for the sinners doomed there forever. Others believe it is not meant to be taken literally, that h*** is actually a place your soul goes where there is no happiness, no contentment and a mass of nothingness where you reside forever. Others believe h*** doesn't exist at all, that heaven has many levels of acceptance, based upon your earthly piety upon arrival. Still others believe in no heaven or h***, convinced that upon death our bodies begin to decay and whatever we were no longer exists and never will again. And, there are those who believe we reincarnate, becoming another earthly being, like a goat or something. It can all be confusing and challenging to our minds in times of great stress or challenge. We tend to believe what we have been conditioned to believe, usually through early indoctrination, or religious upbringing. So, your fears about the climate in h*** may be entirely unfounded. And if indeed there is heat I would expect it would be to a degree that would be quite painful, but not enough to actually kill you, if indeed you can even die again after dying on earth. To the original cause of your angst, are your sins so bad that they would doom you to such a fate, if indeed such a fate exists? The presence of periods after your first three words indicates an emphasis of point, I believe. Did you kill someone? Hold up a liquor store. Rape? Well, those indeed are bad sins. But other sins you might consider bad enough to send. you. to. h***. might be seen as hardly rising to that level by the final arbiter. If I were you I would confess your sins here and let me judge.

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