I seen you were looking at p***.

I seen you had been looking at hot girls on my computer nude,so as revenge your wallpaper is now a man j**********.

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  • 90% of men m*********, 80% of women do as well. The rest lie about it. We are still animals, we'd did it long before computers, and we'll do it if every computer suddenly shut down.
    Look at monkeys, the men and women both pleasure themselves, and humans do as well, in fact in experiments with men and women, both were put into rooms by themselves for long periods of time, and both would touch themselves.

  • Forget what these people say- you should shove the computer up his ASS.

  • Wow... You sure overreacted. I wouldn't marry you in a million years. If you were that upset, why don't you just take him in the backyard an shoot him?

  • You should have called the cops and said "my husband/boyfriend has been looking at p*** on the computer!" That would have been funny.

  • Look, I'm assuming you're young, so here's how it works. Guys m********* all the time and it likely NOTHING to do with you or the s** life you share. In fact, maybe by j********** to thoughts about other girls it lets him get all that energy out and stay faithful to you.

    I have no idea whether or not you are satisfying all of his needs, but even if you are he'd still j*******. And its not a big deal; it doesn't mean he doesn't want you or that he wants someone else. If it bugs you for him to be so obvious, ask him to be more discrete and clear out the browser when he's done. He should be able to respect the fact that while you're not asking him to stop, you don't want to know the specifics of his extracurricular activities.

    But, this time, you over-reacted. Him j********** is not a reflection on how he feels about you. I suggest you apologize for freaking out, but ask him to be a little more discrete and considerate from here on out.

  • Wow... B**** much? You aren't satisfying him properly just expect it. And if your going to go b**** on me and say "He doesn't tell me" just get a clue. Hows about you do something he wants like a fantasy, a seduction, something other than monitering his actions.

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