Hubbies s** slave

My husband and I play s** games. I am his little s** slave. He spanks me and lets his friends spank me and use me . He Frank has set up a s** swing. They strap me in and take turns f****** me. Lately he has added something exciting. he blind folds me. So I never know who I an sucking or f******. Some times he suprises me and takes off my blind fold when some one is f****** me or and sucking them. He has suprised me with his brother,his father a neighbor and a couple of other men who are close to us. Last weekend he took my blind fold off and my son was f****** me. I was both mortified and thrilled at the same time. My son f***** me real long and hard. And then my husband made me suck my sons c***. I have so many mixed emotions about this that I just don't know what to think of feel. My husband told me not to worry about it,because that wasn't the first time my son had f***** me. Now I wonder who else has. And I know now thaat this coming weekend there is another planned s** romp already set up.


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  • My wife and I talk about her and other men while we are in bed and make us extremely aroused.

  • My mariage went to s***. Wife was ignoring me and no s** or occasional really boring begrudging s**. So I figured I had nothing to loose. I'd take her when I wanted. I acted out my fantasies of tieing her up and spanking her. She hated it and bitched and carried on. This went on for a couple of years. Then the yougest finished school and she left. At least I got a few good years out of her.

  • Usually, I recommend you find one of your friends to teach your son, but what you did is quite common. Yes, dumb people get upset. Many husbands find "forcing their wife" to be more sexual is exciting. They also feel safe because they decide who f**** you. I have done this with a number of couples. None of them had a problem. It tends to be the "behind their back" cheating that ruins a marriage. Most wives like you stay happily married and provide a neighborhood service f****** and sucking the local husbands who are not getting enough s**. I had one gf who used to go around to the housewives in our area and tell them I was making her learn to suck c**** and she did not want to hurt andyone or steal any husbands, but could she borrow his c***? Always promised to swallow. almost every wife was happy to lend her husband, knowing she did not have to suck him off anymore and three came for lessons! ;-)

  • I've a guy and have fûcked both my dad and my son...I f****** love it

  • Oh my the ultimate fantasy.

  • I think, that is f****** hot! I've done the same thing to my wife. Son was same age and had a huge c***!I loved watching her uck her sons c***!

  • So it seems you like to f***
    major c*** you love to suck
    But all you've done is soil your bed
    So shoot yourself in the head!

  • It's still incest you corrupt b****!

  • I don't know. She was blindfolded, then realized it was her son s******* her only after the blindfold was taken off. I'd say that was a technicality that absolves her of blame. Well, he did continue after she realized it was him but she was strapped in, so what's a girl to do? It might be kind of fun to play a game of "who the f*** is f****** me?" You could f*** everyone, then take off the blindfold and say "gardner was No. 1, pro football player No. 2, son No. 3, pastor No. 4, and brother No. 5 and so on. Then see how well you stacked up with the reality. "Really, brother was No. 2? I had no idea you had such a big c***." Enjoy your weekend session and be sure to report back on how it went.

  • If this is true, that woman is THE stupidest, grossest,vilest,nasty most disgusting person on the planet!!

    Oh and btw, your husband is evil and depraved. You two belong together!

  • To answer a couple of comments.
    Only my husband can invite some one.
    I would never leave my husband. He took me into his house when no one else would help me. I was already pregnant with my son. I was only 14 and my mother threw me out of the house. My step father is the father of my son. And my mother knew it. Yet my husband treats my son as if he were his own.
    My son is 16 and in the state we live in 16 is the legal age of consent.

  • Still lying ehh? And if your not. You need help, real help. Pedophilia? What the f*** is wrong with you?

  • What the f*** is wrong with you? if nobody told you that incest was wrong you would have a f****** problem with it it's just a word like s*** or f*** so some douchebag decided it's wrong so it's f****** law who's to say what a person can or can't do with their body people need to mind their own business you obviously read the story so if you knew it was going to offend you you should have left the website what did you read the story and get jealous cuz it wasn't you or you wish it was you and you don't have the b**** to go through with it if you're going to get offended by something or read stay off internet don't harass people for something that they're doing

  • It could have been slightly believable, until the son c*** in. Surprised you didn't mention your dog, mailman and neighbor from across the street.

  • Do you think he'd mind if I f***** your son in the ass while he was f****** you. That would be such a turn on!

  • this is awesome! would you mind a stayover at your house this weekend? :)

  • I hope our son is at least 18. Otherwise you and your husband could get in trouble. If he's older than that then I see no problem.

  • Wish I could get an invite to the fun.

  • Lol at the fantasy. Fail.

  • This is totally sickening. You need to leave your husband!

  • Here's a prude that thinks s** Peat with the position of the missionary so you think it's sick but read the whole story and you should shut up and go give your husband a BJ

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