Go to the doctor now! Im sick of people telling people to kill themselves

Humanity over the years has been reaching an all time new low with the sad self-serving actions of those who go around telling others "kill yourself. This is much more prevalent online and even has the retarded "meme," as they are called, of "JUST DO IT F*****!."

People who act in this way are either sociopaths ( aka psychopaths aka antisocial personality disorder) or are immature people suffering a form or social retardation known as autism.

this is antisocial-personality disorder (the thing serial killers have)

This is Autism

Only the pure cowardice and weak would ever attack someone who can not fight back and only a egotistical self-absorbed freak would kick a dog while its down.

Its not amusing. Its not funny. Its not smart. Its not even human.

If you people really had any guts at all you would grow some b**** and suck up your own pride and try and help a person out saying something like "You should seek help" "im sorry about whats going on" or if they are a bad individual you can simply use reasoning to help them understand why you believe what they are doing is wrong or just simply let them be and mind your own business not saying a word to them.

You act this way to let out bottled up feelings you dont get to express normally and it makes you feel powerful but its the actions of very weak individuals. If you really had any brain cells in your thick skulls you would think of the consequences of your actions.

Would you feel nice if your friends and family members (well just the ones you love or at least like) all killed themselves because of some idiot online just telling them to off themselves just because it made them feel big and because they were bored?

People who have bad feelings are not doing it for the attention. When someones down they seek out aproval and comfort to help them because a part of them just wants proof its worth living and if that is not acted on or helped its only going to bring them to a feeling of how life is not worth it.

Some of you think they are weak but that is not true. If they were truely weak they never would try to seek help to begin with. Calling someone weak does not in any way help stop them from something. Telling them to do it because you think they wont does not stop them it only encourages them. Even if they do not kill themselves they go into a further state of depression and either start hurting themselves or in some rarer but very common cases will start hurting others because of others hurting them all the time.

You need to learn to grow up and understand you arent the center of the universe. These words you see on your computer are real people just like you. If you after reading all this still think its fun or a good idea to say such things then clearly they have a much better right to life than yourself.

Now this is what you do

Thanks, to those who listened.

PS I am not going to read the comments so dont even bother trolling.

Mar 13, 2011

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