I was raped last year

Last year in February (first sad anniversary a few days ago) I was raped by my sister's husband and 2 of his drunk friends, at my sister's house. I had hot chicken wings for them and beer the afternoon before the Superbowl, bought with my own money, and they were already drunk and took advantage that my sister was not at home and raped me. I never told anyone, if my husband found out I would rather die. I looked for such a site a whole year to share it with someone.

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  • that was very brave of you.

  • wow almost the samething happened to me... while i was excaping my abusive mother i stayed with my sister & her boyfriend... we all got drunk one night, my sis her boyfriend her boyfriends friend and i. well my sister went to sleep while i stayed up to drink more... i ended up getting really sick in the bathroom then tried to lay down when my sisters boyfriend just got on top of my from behind & stuck his d*** in me... while his friend stuck his d*** in my mouth... i was so sick & drunk i could barely move i told them to stop as est i could but they didn't... i ended up calling the cops on them but no body not even my sister believed me.. it sucked... i egret telling anybody about it

  • Dont worry about that other d*********-

    I believe you.

    I think you're very courageous

  • In my opinion; you shouldn't make any distress because it wasnt your fault. I sad for you but you must be seem better, you mut show your power...

  • It wasn't your fault. You really need to talk with someone about what happened. Do not keep this info to yourself.

  • You poor soul. You do need someone to talk to. If you poke around, I am sure that you can find some group nearby of people with whom you can speak about it, get support from, and give support to.

    I noticed that you posted this under "embarrassing". My friend, there is nothing for you to be ashamed of. It is not your fault, not at all. The guilt lies on the perpetrators, not the victim. It is not your fault.

    It's good that you've finally found a place where you feel comfortable sharing this, and can start healing. Some idiots don't understand that this isn't the kind of thing where you can just "get over it". You were violated, and your world was thrown off-kilter. Everything was "broken" though it looked the same. It takes a long, long time to fix. I'm not going to lie to you, it will never be the same as before the event, but it WILL get better. With time, with talk, with help, with love, it WILL GET BETTER.

  • I don't understand how that happens. Do you live with your sister and brother in law? Do you still see them?

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