Not gay

I have feelings for a male friend of mine, and I'm also a male. But not feelings like you'd think. I in no way want to have a sexual relationship with him. I just want him to be my best friend. kind of like the brother I never had. And it sucks because its not "socially acceptable" to love your friends like that or express it to them because you'll be labeled "gay". I'm sure some of you will post rude comments calling me gay anyway, but I don't care. I just think it sucks that there's no way I can tell this awesome friend of mine how I feel about him because its not socially acceptable. I can't be the only dude who's ever felt this way...

Mar 14, 2011

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  • I hear ya, As a woman, we tell our friends all the time how much we love them, hug them ect. Just not the same for men, because you dont see it much. If I was you Id just tell him that you think hes cool and you appricate his friendship, if hes old enough he'll understand. Most of the men in my family are older and connect on a deeper level. I really like that they can hug, and talk about there feels without it being gay, or over the top or to much. good luck:)

  • No your not gay and trust me your not the only one
    my ex boyfriend practically got a b**** when his best friend came over. It sounds gay but its really not
    Not going to lie . It kind of annoyed me. but he was happy so its what matters. haha

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