S** W****

I love my boyfriend, have been with him for a long time, and we live together. But I am currently having s** with someone for money AND s** with a male and female for pleasure in a poly-amorous relationship with them. The guy came over a few days ago after my boyfriend left for work and f***** me in my kitchen, on my couch, it was the best s** of my life. I plan on continuing this for as long as I can. I'm 21 and I believe in Free Love.

Mar 17, 2011

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  • your a w**** for cheating on him.

    thats the only thing your really doing wrong

  • You're the w****. you're crying right now. every race f**** the white pig race. bunch of white f*** won't fight back.

  • f*** you you 2 anonymous

  • Suck on my fat beaner c*** GUMBAH!

  • Agreed. Ur bf deserves to know. Why is this a confession stupid if u freely admit its something ur proud of and believe in?

  • I wouldn't call you a w**** (except for that whole money-bit), but you certainly don't seem to be geared towards monogamy. Which is cool, so long as your boyfriend knows and is okay with it. Its fine to polyamorous, but its s***** to be a cheater.

  • You white dogs are always in heat. embrace the dharmic lifestyle and give up illicit s**.

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