Unrequited Love - aka H***

I'm in love with someone I can't have. I think he likes me too, but he already has a girlfriend who treats him like dirt and bosses him around like there's no tomorrow, and he knows it. I can see so clearly that he's unhappy and that he deserves so much better, but it's not my decision. He's not strong enough to leave her, but it's not my place to force him or to scheme and try to split them up. Life's a b****, ain't it?

Maybe he's scared that I don't really like him after all or that he'll end up alone if he leaves her? A "crap relationship is better than no relationship at all" sort of a thing.

I can't stand to see him like this. He needs the love and care he's giving his girlfriend returned, not her flirting and dancing with other guys in front of his face. She can see he hates it and he's told her to stop, but she still doesn't treat him well.

Hate this...and the worst thing is, I feel like I'm totally invisible even though I want to scream, "I love you! I'll treat you right!" He looks my way a lot, smiles at me, uses my name when he talks to me, but that's all. I guess I'm just another girl to him :( Oh well...nothing I can do.

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  • distance yourself. The more you get involved the more hopeless you'll feel. When you take a step back and start focusing on other things you'll remember how big the world is. Then, either one of two things will happen, you'll move with someone or something great, or he might grow a pair and actually give you a call. Either way its a load off your back.

  • Thanks :) I guess you guys are right...well, I'm not making myself any happier just sitting here freaking myself out about it, am I? I might as well let it ride for a while and occupy myself some other way until something changes or something else comes along.

  • He's not a plant. He is totally capable of leaving a relationship if he's not getting what he needs. He doesn't need your help with that. Move on, there are other, single guys out there who ARE looking for someone to love them. This guy doesn't want to leave his gf.

  • Amen.

  • Tell the guy he is an idiot and to grow a pair.

  • That's a tricky one...sorry. I wish there was something you or I COULD do about it, but it seems that unless he gets up the courage to leave her and be free for you to pursue him, you're pretty much screwed :(

    Anyone else got any great ideas?

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