This should probably be under S** or Love, but...

...venting seems more appropriate.

My husband is a great sexual partner - he's not selfish in bed, or rough...but there's something he doesn't have. Outside of bed he can be intolerant, a***, and nit-picky in the extreme, which sometimes cancels out everything he does to me in bed.

So. I've got to fantasising about other men. ANY other men. His friends, any passing guy on the street, even his DAD for f***'s sake (who looks pretty good for his age, by anyone's standards).

Anyway, it's not a huge p**** I'm looking for, or endless o****** - my husband makes me o***** like crazy - it's just loving attention, I guess.

He f**** me expertly in bed but he doesn't treat me well out of it. I know there are other men who know I treat my husband like a king all the time, and they envy him for having me. Maybe it's just that I know there are ways in which I could do better?

Mar 29, 2011

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  • I am a 27 yr.old married male married to a pretty woman, but with hots for my Catholic Priest. I confessed that to him and we hooked up. It is special and ongoing. After two months he has asked me to do my wife. Should I ask her? I would like to watch.

  • you stupid girls are all the same! At least your husband isnt a b****. why don't you get yourself a little cocked f***** boy? I can gaurantee you that once you get a sensative new man, and hes f****** you with his little pecker; you'r gonna gonna be biting your lip and thinking about your cruel macho man that used to f*** your brains out. Its kinda strange that you rather think about p**** men while f****** a normal guy. So, dont be stupid.

  • I know how you feel, to have a relationship that is so sexually satisfying, and the guy is great. a great husband, great father, but somehow the way he treats you as a human being isnt as adequete. It sucks. and to feel trapped sucks even more. The only real answer is another question : does the way he treat you enough to make you leave? If you cant take it - leave. If its something you want to work through then try your best to be honest with him and work through it.

  • I don't know how many men would want a relationship where they fill your emotional needs while your hubby gets the sweet fruit.

  • Who said I wanted an emotional affair while I'm still married?

    I'm merely stating that I'm not totally happy right now. If I did decide for sure that I wanted more permanently, I would leave my husband. I only want one guy at a time, thanks very much!

  • Um, I don't think you're the one with the problem. Unless the problem is staying with a guy who treats you poorly just because the s** is good. Really, just because he can make you o***** endlessly does not give him permission to be a d***. He needs to treat you better, or you need to leave him.

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