Being a s***

I was mucking around with a guy a couple of years back. He f***** me like no other.

He was married, blah blah blah, but for some reason I fell in love with him. It wasn't just l*** for me, although I think that's all it was to him :(

After a year of f****** around, I eventually f***** one of his cousins because of something he said to me.

A few more months down the track, he broke it off with me. Which I suppose was good, but preferred that he didn't contact me AT ALL. Which never happened. I continued to receive messages from him and another 4-5 months, we were back at it again, only this time, we didn't have s** cos I was too hesitant about getting hurt again.

How that happened is that he text me while I was partying, and said the magic word 'PLS', lol. So I gave it to him.

6 months down the track, I find out that he was f****** around with 2 other girls. It made me wonder if that was the reason he had broke it off with me in the first place. I confronted him about it, and he denied it.

I continued to ignore him, til one day I asked if he could delete my number and never talk to me again.

A year passed by, and after ignoring him for so long, we bumped into eachother (which I couldn't help), and I text him after I left the party. He asked me to ring, which I did and we talked for a couple of hours. I asked him once again about his other 'affair/s' and he kept denying it even after I said, I didn't care cos he wasn't 'mine' as such. We almost hooked up, but I just couldn't bare to do it again.

A week later, I caught him with the actual girl he was f****** around with.

It's been what.. 6 months (give or take a couple) since then, and I ended up at a quiet drink with him. I text him as I left, but he didn't reply. The next morning he rung me, but I didn't answer.

He text me and I replied. He asked if I had a man, If we should f***, and if we were gonna have one last drink.. He was leaving. Should I? Do I have time to get in touch with him? Or do I just leave it and get over it.. again?

Mar 30, 2011

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  • Don't EVER give it up to some a****** who can't even spell out the word "please" in a booty call-TEXT, for Christ's sake!
    No judgment for what you do, although I would definitely hold out for a whole "please" or a sentence that said something about the guy needing or wanting me from my booty call-text, I think you need to know this, as it's a general thing. The word please is only magic if the person who said it matters and you matter to him. He's an a****** and doesn't give a f*** about you. If you're going to be his booty call-TEXT of all things, make him at least tell you he wants/needs you...

  • I see where she's coming from. She's not a terrible person for doing it.

  • You're worse than a prostitute. Prostitutes at least make money. You're a piece of s*** s***.

  • Move on! You should have moved on a long time ago. You're wasting your time. This guy is married and already has you and a couple of other girls on the side. Really, what are you doing? Delete his number once and for all.

  • Your not a s*** in my book. You care about it. A s*** would have just f***** him at every opportunity.

  • If you can treat it as casual s** and nothing more you should go for it. If you have or expect some emotional attachment to result then you should not. It's unlikely you will ever be anything but a good f*** for him. But you do not sound like a s*** at all.


  • prostitute

  • H*****

  • keep your aids infected c*** out of his a****** f*****!

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