In 2007 i was raped. It was my ex's friend. One of his best friends.

He knows it happens as do some other people BUT they don't know who. They would never believe he would do that and i also don't know if they would then think i lied about the whole thing. I guess i'm just lucky that i was so drunk i don't remember alot of it..

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  • I don't give my wife any choice. If I want s** she has to give it up. She just lies there dead fish and I go for it.

  • Did you swallow?

  • Don't protect the a******. If he raped you he deserves to have that news spread far and wide.

  • My new boyfriend of 5 month choked me one day. We stayed together after the argument but I developed a fear of him. Needless to say we got into another argument and he stood over me as I sat on the sofa tryig to explain myself. He has his fist balled up. I got on my knees and begged him not to hurt or hit me. He told me to get up. He began choking me a few minutes later. I cried but I didnt fight back. I told him how scared I was. I tried to get him to hold me but he wouldnt. He told me to go to bed. As I laid there I began to feel the bed shake. I knew he was stroking his d***. He began f****** me.R9Tj

  • hhhhhhhhh

  • keep your aids infected c*** out of his a****** f*****!

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