Hubbies s** slave 2

Last friday evening hubby took me down stairs nude as usual and then he blind folded me. I was led into out play room and the other men were told that I had been a bad little s*** this week. They then put my harnesss on me and I was hung in a postion that would be good for the spanking that I had coming. Man after men spanked me. When they were satisfied with that one said since I was such a bad littls s*** that I deserved to be ass f***** by all of them with no preperation or lube. They then adjusted my position so it was better for them to f*** me in the ass. And each man f***** me in the ass as long and as hard as he wanted. After each man got done f****** my ass he went around to my head and told me to lick and suck his c*** clean.
I was then asked if I would be a good little s*** this week. I promised that I would. So my master said then that it would be alright for all of the men to f*** me. I was now treated very well/ I was still blind folded but I was put on the bed and I was both double and even triple penetraited. Thats what I like best.
While one of the men was f****** me my master took my blind fold off and I found my father in law was the man f****** me right then. That was a suprise. I thanked him and told him what a good job he was doing.
Later when th emen were hungry we went to a diner to eat. I of coarse can only dress in these situations in some very slutty clothes I have just for these occassions. I wore a white dress with shocking pink thong under and no bra. You could easily see the thong and my nipples were quite apparent through the dress. It was quite thrilling going out to eat with seven men that had all just had s** with me. And they made no secret of it either at the diner. Their body language and mannerisms all seemed to me to make it apparent that they had all been with me. Plus a couple of them even made mention of having s** with me after diner to. I really enjoyed all of the mixed emotions that this lead to.yes some shame,but not much. I also like the way that other women looked at me. I know that they were thinking that I was a real big s***. But I sort of liked that.
After dinner we went back to ur house and the second round of s** started. It was a wonderful evening. That will last a long time in my memory.

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  • Love it when my master does this to me.

  • I'm convinced you are a dude writing out your fantasies.

  • I second that.
    So, I'm sorry if you're not..

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