On the exterior, I'm a very ambitious

On the exterior, I'm a very ambitious, intelligent, dedicated 22 year-old young lady. Everyone looks up to me.

I have a dark side that I keep hidden from the world. Some of my confessions:

I have a pill addiction. I've stolen money from my boyfriend, and even pills off of my sick dad in order to feed my habit.

I had s** with a girl last summer.... even though I was f***ed up out of my mind, I enjoyed it. I fantasize about girls a lot, but not sure if I'm bi because I can never imagine myself being emotionally attached to a girl.

I steal. I used to steal a lot a few years ago, but I got caught. Thankfully, I managed to get out of trouble (with a lawyer), but I still do it sometimes.

I was a very bad bulimic when during the ages of 16-20. I lost 100lbs, and was very skinny. I've gained quite a bit of it back, and I hate myself for it everyday. Sometimes I miss my bulimia, and wish I could regain my control. I still make myself throw up sometimes.

I also used to cut myself. I have scars on my left arm.

I'm a compulsive masturbator.

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  • You have a lot of issues!!!

  • your totally normal

  • You need a very good man. One that'll treat you right, satisfy all your needs and listen to you when you need a gentle ear. I wish I could help you, but I am married...

  • moar of everything and you'll be allright

  • M********* more, be angsty less.

  • Don't cut yourself, don't take pills, and lets meet. I'll help you m*********. P.S. Im a 24 year old female. =P

  • masterbating soothes the sole. Just do that every time you want a pill.

  • wow u are just f***** up all over... and i luv to m********* as well

  • dude... im sorry to hear that... i myself am addicted to pills xanax, valuim, vicodine... and anything codine haha but i love it... mix it with some vodka and you have yourself a great and wild night...lol

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