Am I f***** up?

Few days ago I went out with lots of my friends, met this guy who both I and my friend liked. I got really drunk (didn't eat very well that day) woke up the next morning half naked next to my friend with various series of flashbacks.

Making out with friend in the back of a cab, making out with guy on bed, making out with friend on the bed, guy leaving, having s** with friend (i.e. fingering, going down, etc.)

I feel so disgusted in myself, I have these stupid moments once in a while and end up doing in appropriate things, it is like when I get drunk I just have no standards. It really scares me, because of this I stopped drinking for a few months, I only had drinks recently because I was celebrating my birthday.

At university, everyone had fun, you know you get drunk make out with people, guys, girls, it is just fun. But I can't keep being this person. I mean I don't sleep around or anything, just that I am developing promiscuity of the mouth.

Makes life so embarrassing and awkward when you have kissed most of your friends.


Apr 3, 2011

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  • I have the same problem. My friends tell me I'm super sweet when Im drunk, i get very friendly and even more social and bllahblah. I start to send out h**** messages to few guys. and stuff. I feel bad after almost every drunken weekend. I cannot stop drinkin at the parties or concerts, it would be boring but still...

  • So see a therapist to talk you out of why you do it anyways. My sis got knocked up in uni.

  • Stop drinking, and talk to your friend. Maybe they enjoyed it too.

  • I don't think you're doing anything to be all that embarrassed about but if you have so much guilt about it you really need to stop drinking.

  • Grammar and punctuation,needs improvement.

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