Girlfriend is hot when she cries during a***

I have the good fortune of having found a girlfriend that will do anything to prevent me from breaking up with her. She really hates a*** s** and often cries during it but knows I'll leave her if she refuses. On good days I'm not so harsh on her but on other days when I'm stressed out or after we have have had an argument she already knows its going to be rough. I enjoy bringing her to tears and hearing those muffled held back grunts and sobbing as it just proves how much she loves me. She tries to hide it by burying her face in the pillow and tries to hold it back her grunts but depending on my mood I can always find a way to bring it out. A lot of times when she knows a*** s** is imminent she'll start to break out in a cold sweat and this is when I know its going to be good as she's clinching up inside.

I enjoy her sense of dread as I tease her by lightly pressing on her a*** then pulling back without letting it go in. I repeat this for as long as I want as it adds to her anxiety cause she knows sooner or later its going to be forced inside her rather harshly. If she hasn't broken a cold sweat already she will by now. Many other guys will attest that the first forceful thrust is the best. Feeling a woman's body clinch up and involuntarily offering resistance to your advancing p****, as well as seeing her face wince in defeated agony is an incredible experience every guy should try at least once in their life. Usually around now I'm deciding should I show her mercy and ease off a little, if so how much or how little, or should I just see how far I can push her over the edge. If I'm feeling aggressive it becomes a balancing act taking her past point of tears and crying but before the point where she starts screaming.

There's something deeply satisfying in having a woman who will willingly lie face down in a cold sweat underneath your body writhing, trembling, in tears, and twisting with each thrust of your p**** into her delicate tissue. I hope she never gets used to it.

I've had a*** s** with other girls with no problem but for some reason this girl is always in pain and I ravish in it.

Some of you will of course think this as cruel and harsh but this is just how I choose to have s** with her, and by staying in the relationship she has accepted it. Its always her choice.

I'm going to do as I please with her ass right now as a matter of fact. Till I post again folks.

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  • For real? I dunno how old this post is, but you are a sick f***. With apparently no human respect. How dare you?? Insolent irresponsible j*** t***. Guh! I'd slap you right quick.

  • Dude believe me you hate this when she is gone

  • Wow you have trained her well.Breaking her to the point that she cant bare the thought of you leaving her so she will do anything it takes just to keep you in her life.She definatly doesn't enjoy it and begins to show it both emotionally and physically before you even have your c*** out.She knows you are going to decide how rough you will pound her ass and she doesn't have a say so about it and will be punished if making a sound during her training no matter how badly it hurts.I wish I was that girl and you were training me but much more extreme.You own that girl and can do what ever you want to her and she will accept it and never complain, and should thank you every time you let her be your f*** toy.Have you ever considered seeing if you can get her to pay you ,even offer money without having t be told??

  • Hi, Im Casey. Ashamed as i am to say it your post turned me on in every level. Confusingly i looked at the screen determining weather this was a mutual act of satisfaction or a selfish act of power & advantage.
    Being a female i can physically feel her pain as i read your confession, & being a female i can honestly say she wouldnt go through that if she really didnt want to.

  • Ihope this didnt ever happened because if it did your nothing more than orangutan

  • FAaarrrttt?

  • hot.

  • that girls stupid

  • I would probably kill you if I knew who you were. :D

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  • You are a sick a******. I hope someone does that to you. You don't deserve her! Piece of s***.

  • No kidding! This guy is a horrible j***! And the only reason she hasn't refused is cause she THINKS she is in love with you and THINKS you are in love with her. But if you really truely were you wouldn't cause her pain on purpose and absolutely would not enjoy the pain you inflict. I'm a young woman and if anyone did this to me I would drop them faster then he could say 'sorry'. And trust me you WILL miss her when she is gone.

  • for posting this, i love you. vote times 10000000

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