I'm A Evil B******

When I was in junior high a friend introduced me to xstasy. Great stuff. I didn't even object while I was flying when he pulled down my pants and butt-sexed me. He apologized afterwards and I forgave him after I kicked him in the face.

Then someone called my mom a milf and I got a hot idea. I powdered a xstasy tab and slipped it into her tea. An hour later she was dancing around and singing and I had no trouble getting in her pants. Afterwards I acted like she had forced me and I had no choice. She thought that she had a psychotic episode or something.

I've been doing that to her a couple of times a month for the past seven years. Sometimes I wait a couple of months between times, sometimes I do it several times in one week. She even committed herself to a hospital once and even asked a preacher for an exorcism!.

She likes dancing around and she's in the habit of hooking up with me when she's flying. She gets all giggly and little-girly. She's terrified that she'll be arrested or committed or have her younger kids raken from her. She depends on me to help her and apologizes when she comes down. It's a huge laugh!

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  • I see you are falling for her act of innocence.Poor thing she has no idea of what's going on.... YEAH, RIGHT!!!

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