I feel s**-starved by my boyfriend

I don't know. I love having s** with him, but I feel like he never wants to. I've been rejected several times, and he never ever comes (which apparently isn't exclusive to me, it's been that way with all this girlfriends.) I hate that my s** drive is so much stronger than his and I often feel unsatisfied. I'm not unattractive according to everyone so I don't know what his deal is. Whatever it is, it's f****** frustrating. fnijsdaferw.

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  • This is an issue he has with intimacy. If you value and want to save (and grow( the relationship then you need to sit down and have a frank DISCUSSION with him about how unsatisfied you are. This is not normal behavior. He may simply have low testosterone, but it could be something as drastic as testicular or prostate cancer, or just something in his psyche that he needs to learn to get over with some therapy. Who knows, maybe his aunt used to rape him and punish him when he came inside her and its cause some anxiety.

    Talk to him or leave him. This wont get better if you don't address it frankly.

  • At least your boyfriend will have s** with you, Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year, and hes so scared of me getting pregnant he wont have s** with me, even if i'm on birth control and have condoms and if he pulls out, We've done it once! and he didn't c** ether, because he was to scared, i haven't had s** since august!

  • As a man I am ashamed for my gender. All men have an obligation to throw good wood, make their women o***** and let them know they find them attractive and desirable.

  • If you stick with him you will begin to desire and value s** less and less. What is important to you now will mean almost nothing eventually. You will have cut an important piece out of your relationship. Most likely you will grow old a bitter person, always knowing what you have been missing.

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