Masturbation in Class

I learned that if I cross my legs and move my muscles the right way I can o***** within minutes- without ever having to touch myself.

Now while I am bored in my college classes, I just fantasize and m********* secretly and have tons of o****** all throughout class. The thrill of getting off with other people around is amazing.

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  • I know I'm not the only one who just tried that :P
    It feels pretty nice, actually...

  • omg! i do that too hahaha glad to know its not just me, class gets sooo boring, fun way to pass the time ;)

  • lol i started doing the same thing when i was around 13 years old. I am 19 now, its the end of my first year of college and i have not taken a class sence then without coming at least once in it. lol the funney part is im a virgin

  • that is so cool....wish i could do that...

  • Thats hot <3 I wish i was there to sit next to you

  • Jeez, I would love sitting next too you in class! Just a pity neither of us would be doing to well at the end of the year :-(

  • Think no one is noticing? Just keep in mind that eery time you work yourself up and get off you're dumping hormones. Everyone in class with a nose, especially anyone sitting next to you, can smell your special stank.

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