B**** Roomie

I'm at college and this b**** I lived with moved out without telling me. Called the police on my mom for harassing when she just asked for the rent money, threw away all my jewelry when i was on spring break and wont pay the utility bill. man. stupid f****** b****. I'd slap her if i wouldn't go to jail for it.

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  • You do not go to jail for a slap....just saying..

  • She sounds hot. Link pics?

  • Agreed with the above comment! If you have a signed lease so you can prove that she lived there, tally up the money she owes you and take her to court. If her parents co-signed, serve them. If she's a no-show and you win, her wages will be garnered. You may not be able to get reimbursed for the jewelry, you could try but if you don't have pictures or proof, it's your word against hers.

  • There's always small claims court

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