when i m********* i think about my wife

when i m********* i think about my wife having s** with other men that really turns me on. i would love to watch some other guy make love to my ol lady.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I dream off punching my boss in the throat. But I don't do it....it's called impulse control.

  • Yeah pay a big black guy with a 9/10 inch slong to f*** her and then after he has c** inside her I suggest you put on your wife's bra panties anf stockings and clean her s**** Ed creampie p**** up like the good little sissy you want to be..... Go on just admit it your a c** loving sissy s***

  • That is my fantasy to lick the wife after she's been F...ed by another

  • If its fun for every one its fun period.

  • I love to think about my wife f****** her ex boyfriend's big c****, most of her ex boyfriend's were huge as she has said lots of times, I asked her to name guys with big fat c**** that she has f***** or would like to f***, and she said that she would like to sit on Patrick's massive c***, and I told her that I want her to, so she smiled and said OK hubby I will f*** our friend Patrick and tell me that it feels like after

  • What if she really did that though? Would u still like it?

  • Yes If I get to lick her c** filled p**** after

  • I would love to have a*** s** with your ol lady

  • Maybe your gay?

  • Let me know if you need some help bro i'll shoot you my e-mail

  • I would like to see my man f*** another woman. I just can't tell him that because he will think that I don't love him. Or maybe he'll do it behind my back.

  • Get the camera out but film it to focus on her and you're the p**** actor. Might help?

  • I have a similar turn on. I sometiimes have my wife tell me about other guys she was with....what happened....what she did ... etc. I would like to see her with someone else.

    I did see her make out with anotbher guy. It was hot - but I don't think she knows I saw her. He did have his hand up her shirt...but that was it.

  • I love to lick my wife's p**** when she gets home, and think about her f****** a huge c*** at work, I told my wife years ago, that she is a very sexy lady and needs to be satisfied with a huge c***, and not my little p****, she just laughed and said OK if you're sure, since then I get so turned on thinking, has she, or hasn't she when I am licking her p****.

  • me to, but i'd like to see her have s** with another guy because i know how good she gives it to me and how im pleased, so i'd like to see how she is with someone else, but she is not into that or so she says...it almost happened about a year1/2 ago but she stopped because i guess there was too much pressure..

  • Would love to hear more about this.

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