I have some strange curiosity with girls having s** with dogs suddenly.

A friend i know online told me how she f**** her dog. I don't know if she was honest or not and it was gross to think of yet at the same time i also thought it was hot because she was hot. I think having s** with animals is gross and when it comes to guys doing animals its even more f***** up. Yet when it comes to girls having a dogs d*** inside of them or a girl having a cat lick her p**** or something its strange deviousness kind of turns me on. I only like the idea when i think of the girls as young teens and innocent just messing around out of curiosity rather than 30 something year old girls with huge fetishes for it.

I don't know why this is and i never had this feeling or thought before. Im not that f***** up of a person but i have this deep seeded curiosity with this because its so strange, yet I don't have a fetish for it. Its kind of like I like to know how peoples minds work, I find sexuality and the workings of the mind interesting as can be. I love to heat lots of details but never really spoke to anyone who's done this. The girl who told me that i am still unsure since she has a weird sense of humor and shes not good at telling stories with detail.



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  • I would to see this

  • I get f***** by my dog most days its amazing i haven't told my bf yet as I'm unsure how he will react i think its quite common i know quite a few girls that do it getting your p**** licked by a dog is just the best makes me c** every time
    dont knock it till you try it!
    laura 24 xxxx

  • dont worry u saved me some typing

  • Any girls wanna share some experiences or thoughts? ^_^

  • Your a disgusting pig! Is that a thought?

  • If you think this is so disgusting then why are you even reading it Mr or Ms Holier than Thou? You are the epitome of disgust yourself! Bobby