My Son's P****

I discovered recently that my son is a p**** actor. He does videos with both men and women. When we talk on the phone he tells me that he works as a receptionist.

He's made twelve professional videos, seven of them gay. I've collected them all. I've watched them all multiple times, and I always feel ashamed of myself afterwards. Yes they make me wet and I finger myself.

Apr 10, 2011

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  • wow the above comments make me really wuite sad. but anyway i can kind of understand where your coming from, it's a horrible place to be in but trust me that doesn't make it ok. finding the will power to resist can be hard but trust me if you suceed it will feel amazing. if it gets too bad then maybe seek out proffesional help. or confide in someone close to you

    good luck :)

  • ahahhaa that's just great.

  • As strange as that is, it's kinda turning me on.... : 0

  • wow that's crazy!
    If you felt so ashamed you'd probably stop but since I see you enjoy doing this then continue what you're doing x)
    Just keep it to yourself and don't tell any friends or relatives, they wouldn't respond so nicely.

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