Realizing now that i was a h**** child

When I was younger i used to wrap my legs around any pole i had around me. I think i was the only girl who did this but when i was at elementary school i used to play on the big playground a equipment that had poles that you could slide down life a fireman. For me is was more of trying to hang on the pole and try different tricks to makes myself have a weird feeling, which now of course i know as "getting off." Not only would i do that, when i got home i would hang on the pole of my canapé bed to get the same feeling and also just sit on things like a bed post to get the same feeling.After graduating high school and going to college i stopped doing that because there was no pole on beds of doors that i could hang onto to "get off." Now being 19, i'm starting to find myself doing that again now that i live in my own place, not sharing a room and have a bathroom door to do that to. I don't know if its normal but it works for me when i'm really h**** and just need to get a rise off of something because masturbating isn't my thing and i don't own any toys. Should i keep doing this or should i invest in toys?

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  • Hardly anything shocking or unusual about what you're doing. You may want to try other methods of stimulating yourself, like the toys you mentioned. I was going to say I have a pole you would probably enjoy but that seems too obvious.

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