Never going to a strip club again...

I went to a strip club this past weekend...

bad start already i know...

Got a great lap dance and got hard...the stripper seemed to be enjoying herself a little more than usual as well...even telling me I "messed up her panties". I am decently well endowed so she had plenty to grind on.

Had to be up early the next morning for my hung-over stupor I threw on the same clothes and took off. On the drive to work, I began to realize I smelled like a stripper (lots of perfume) with an added hint of 'something else'. Stopped to get a coffee to wake myself up. By the time I got to work I had finished this coffee and had to p*** like a racehorse. While unzipping my fly to relieve myself, I noticed a dark spot on my entire crotch region. At fist I thought I spilt coffee, or even p***** myself. I would not be so lucky. After further inspection with a sniff I realized the f****** s**** got period blood all over me.

I threw up in the urinal. I need to take a ride to the clinic this week.

f*** my life.

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  • preech it brutha! Im just like the next guy, I love to see me some t*** and ass but I find strip clubs some of the dirtiest most disgusting places on the planet. Why can't I see t*** and ass in a sanitary environment?

  • Look man, if you can't handle that vaginas do certain things (like bleed every couple of weeks), and that to have one grind on you puts you at a risk for potentially getting close to some blood, you have no business going near them in the first place. Also, who the h*** goes out and gets so shitfaced the night before they work that they are incapable of looking in the mirror the next morning? I say you have no one to blame for this but yourself.

  • this should go on your post will probably be voted as most popular.
    and yeah gross man...

  • Thats f***** gross! I would go back and ask her for the tip back!

  • Oh heavens! You poor man, a woman enduring a natural and recurring bodily function got a little blood on you! How will you ever get over the trauma?

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