Fed Up of ** in Chatroulette

Before you get me wrong, I just wanted to say that I have only been there ONCE in my life. I was just curious with all the stories circulating and guess what?

I could count the number of actual faces of people in the webcam. I lost count the number of ** of various shape size and color I had to painfully stumble upon before clicking NEXT.

And to think Im a 21 year old virgin and was convinced the only ** im gonna see is my husband's.

Well, those perverts were in for a surprise for I wason my period in that.

I unwrapped my used pads and freshly removed tampon from my ** and flashed it in the camera everytime a guy rubbing his ** appears. Lets see how that **'s coming along, pal.

Next Confession

I don't know what to do about boyfriend
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  • Yeah, I would of just fapped harder seeing that!!!

  • lol so you heard the rumors but decided to go anyway and now you're still raging about it?

    stupid. you got what you deserved. but the tampon thing is funny. I'd vomit if i saw that.

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