I F****** Hate The Chinese

I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language f****** yellow skinned c***.

2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny b**** who looks underaged.

3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat s*** as well.

4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.

5) All goods from China are questionable. H***, have you read the news recently? They distributed FAKE EGGS in Malaysia. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FAKE EGGS WHEN THE PRODUCTION OF EGGS IN MALAYSIA HAD ALWAYS BEEN OPTIMUM??? The milk scandal, the writing utensils, their handphones and h*** anything that was made in China - im sire as h*** not gonna but it. These people care only about money.

6) They breeds spoilt kids. I know every race has this but look at a Chinese couple with a son - then you would know what Im talking about. The treat the daughters like trash but the son...WOW. They grew up to be some piece of work.

7) Most white dude wants a Chinese girl. In fact, they are trophies! Whats so attractive about tiny, skinny, jaundiced slit-eyed freak anyway? I dont get it.

Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious m************. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.


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  • How can you say all that and be asain yourself? Anyway there is Good and Bad in every race. So you need to stop your racist bullshit.

  • T***

    N***** M***********

  • QUANTUM B******

  • B*******

  • Agreed! They are disgusting pigs with no sense of hygiene.

  • In the city where I live currently (xiamen) thousand of dogs were buried alive during Brics in 2017, as they wanted to 'clean' the city.

  • Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

    Although you posted nothing but negatives about the Chinese, I know for sure, you have a secret admiration for them. All anger is the result of unmet expectations, and in your case, you are angry and jealous that they are moving way past your initial negative expectations of them. If you truly believe that the Chinese are so inferior, you wouldn't hate them, you would ignore them. Because the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The fact that you took so much time to think about and write this out, is proof that you think about them quite a bit. Clearly, you are obsessed with them.

    You are envious of China's economic rise, you are jealous of Chinese women's success in the dating world, you are a very envious person with an extreme case of a superiority complex. But in psychology, a person with a superiority complex is in reality trying to hide/coup with a tremendous sense of insecurity. The louder and more extreme a person's superiority complex is about something, the more insecure they are about that thing.

  • Well, I agree with some points but you must be ugly ain't shiit lady for calling other women b****** because they are dressing up I mean, men won't give a f*** :)

  • You're a female right? lol. Good s***

  • Totally agree

  • Amen! Finally, someone else who sees it too. Everything said is on point.

  • Well said. Finally someone who can see all this apart from me.

  • Amen my friend! Been waiting for someone to say this. All true.

  • OMG,have you ever been to China?Do you know anything about China?China has 1.4 billion people,how can you judge a country by few person?
    I HATE YOU,BUT I DON'T HATE YOU YOUR COUNTRY OR YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS!Because you can't represent your country!
    If you use something made in China,you go to the h***
    F*** YOU !RACIST!

  • If only we hadn't bombed Japan twice in a row, China would be no more. But pearl harbor man, gotta get the japs for that pearl harbour.

  • Wow maybe the OP should vote for Joe Biden, sounds like a libatard

  • Totally agree. I live in Sydney and used to believe that multiculturalism was the way forward - however after a few decades of our society welcoming difference nationalities with open arms, its become clear that the Chinese are just really s***** people. Greedy, uncouth, illmannered and rude, they shove, yammer and spit their way around the city, leave trash wherever they congregate, refuse to learn the language and just generally make the place a ruder, greedier, nastier and more uncultured place. They think the sun shines out of their a**** because in the last generation those well connected to the brutal CCP have elevated themselves above squatting in rice fields and s******* in the streets. Sorry guys, but having a few Yuan to rub together does not a cultured human make. The weirdest thing is that, despite clearly wishing to flee the shithole from whence they came, many of them still holding allegiances to the party or are just too f****** cowardly to say otherwise. In short they are, on balance, a huge drain on the society as they seek to avoid paying tax and contributing, show no respect for basic societal etiquette, bring (and value) ZERO culture (aside from some decent noodles and dumplings) and refuse to learn the f****** language properly. The men are sniveling little cowards who roam around in groups pretending they’re badass, but are weak as f***, girly p****** with inferiority complexes squatting and chain smoking. The women are gangly little gold diggers with the bodies of 8yo boys. A s***** culture and a s***** people. And before anyone goes pointing the racist finger, im the child of 2nd generation immigrants from an asian culture that actually has some f****** substance, honour and respect.

  • It's the same in Melbourne. The c**** are so arrogant and buying up the property (in the safe, nice areas) and won't assimilate. All they care about is money and they have NO interest in being Aussie. F*** them to h***!

  • Sfsdf

  • You're such a LIBTARD!

  • I also hate Chinese people too but I'm not racist.

  • Funny you hate Chinese people, but you're not RACIST? Then you're no more than a LIBTARD!

  • The Chinese never went into war in any of your countries, never been to war in Asia or Africa. You people are nothing but a lazy bunch - cannot do without Chinese goods - clothing, cell phones to bulldozers, even d***** and vibrator to m*********. Mind that Chinese p****** are tight and heavenly to f***...

  • Lol, I lived in China and banged plenty of Chinese girls. They're about bottom rung in my list. The only dudes I see slobbering over Chinese girls are guys who couldn't manage to find a woman in their home country.

  • You LIBTARDS are the ones who can't do without Chinese goods, because you're too dam lazy to work that's why all American products shift overseas at the first place, so stop blaming the Chinese for your short comings!

  • Sorry to say it but this is true. They are the same everywhere. Pretending politeness they actually hate all others and will cut you every time they have the chance. Little b**** of s***.

  • What is wrong with these CPost people?

  • Nothing is wrong with them, you are the one who has a problem, w*****.

  • Ahaaaaaha

  • Well I hate Muslims and Indians and they invading my city like fire ants. They have the system down. Interest free loans then feed it off to the next Indian and they multiply like rats. They don’t care to assimilate into the US customs but love using our Government to succeed and create laws just for them to pray.

  • I agree: we need to bomb them n******!

  • Here here!

  • Yes, as one of the other commenters indicated below, Chinese women have the best p****. None of the others are half as good. If you were f****** one of them, you'd feel differently about their entire nation and their entire race. Damn, that s*** is good.

  • Lol no, Japanese got the best. To Infinity and beyond Mother Fúckers.

  • China has some good parts and some bad. Just keep in mind the main parts are caused by the governments - whether it's the lack of strict regulations or wars throughout history. Many Chinese people are great, and there are ones who even I would say are total f******. I don't care if you still feel the same way, as long as you can respect some, you'll be fine.

  • 4. Blame the communist and unfeeling government. I hate this part. God, a lot of this seems to be the government.
    5. EXACTLY. That's an issue. They're even putting fake chemicals together to make a bowl of food, and it's almost undistinguishable. Guess what is causing this? The communist government. The commies are particularly high on not distributing enough food and not giving enough regulations...so...f*** China on that part.
    6. Never seen that in my family (I'm the son but I take the blame for everything and I don't really care much). Sure, we have some of those in China but they're usually the rich s***** ones. I'll admit, China does have an issue with that. Unequal rights is what you have in China. Not much you can do about that, but just keep an open mind. If you notice their parents are s*****, then stay away from them. Many Chinese people don't spoil their kids.
    7. I have no idea - since I'm Aromantic Asexual (meaning I have absolutely no romantic or sexual feelings) - that what you said happens. However, if it does, it's the stereotype 'CHINESE ARE BETTER AT EVERYTHING', which the Russies and the Americans caused. After WWII, the Cold War occurred. Throughout WWII, China was an ally of the US but the US imposed strict regulations limiting SEVERELY the amount of Chinese that could enter. During the Cold War, the US was afraid the Russians would spread Communism throughout Asia - including China. Therefore, the US did the 'logical' thing of making Chinese people the 'model minority'. This...caused that stereotype that you see today and that caused many to believe Chinese people are the best for wives...which they are not the best.

  • Yeah, I could see what you mean. Let me clarify and hopefully help you out. And yes, I am Chinese American, and I think China is okay EXCEPT their government which...no better word for it...CAN WIPE THEIR A** OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.
    1. Some do, but most do not. I do not know Mandarin very well. I can speak and understand some, but I cannot read or write it much. Even though, I can navigate through China pretty well. I've been through Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Shandong province, etc. Sure, there are those idiots once in a while, but you may have experienced a pretty bad group. As for the ones who are in the US but think you are less superior...they're idiots.
    2. I have no idea what you mean, and I have no idea where you currently live, but that is strangely unusual. When I was in China, I don't see weird fashion people in dresses with a bunch of makeup walking around in the streets. Likewise, I have never seen any in the US across many states. What you must have seen was...stereotypical.
    3. Haha, yes. This is one thing I hate about China, despite me being Chinese American. They do have a lot of sicknesses, so you should be careful whilst visiting there. However, Chinese people are usually sickness-free. Again, not much you can do about it. I also hate this fact - Chinese people don't keep too clean. I visited China. So much of their land didn't have basic necessities. In Inner Mongolia, they had two life-size jugs for water, a small worn-out light and a few fans. That. Was. It. Terrible, I know. And you can blame the Communist Government for that.
    3.5: Chinese people do have a habit of eating everything. I hate that part. The main myth - Chinese people eat dogs...well they do, but you should fear a dog attacking you than seeing one eat a dog. They have more dogs living than going to the slaughter house.

  • We eat dogs too in USA. Hot dogs.

  • I used to feel the same about Chinese people, and my wife and her family hated them even worse. Then I started having an affair with a young Chinese girl, and within two months she became my mistress. It's incredible s** and she loves to take care of me. She is wonderful and she is making me think differently about her people. Really, the s** is the best.

  • Thats just a cheap girl but not about she is Chinese!

  • Just want to point out, due to statistic, 1 in 5 of people in the world is Chinese. So whatever you see more, you judge more. Also, life is a mirror, whatever you hate is usually whatever trait you have.
    Then, I am a Chinese girl that lives in the US. I came to the US with my family and believed the US lies and bullshits. I won't say the US is worse than China, but they are about the same, with a similar percentage of nasty people and social inequalities. It's just human natural flaws. But, the US is more hypocritic and more skillful in deceiving its own people. Btw, I heard mostly good and rational things about the US when I was in China, even from the media. In contrast, the US media always promote hate from its own people, it's scary political manipulation, sad that most US people don't see it and eventually if these people become the majority, the US and the world have to pay for the price of hate (conflicts, war, nuclear fight, extinction, etc.).
    Finally, I actually randomly found this post after I received a counterfeit product through Amazon from China...I was so p***** and searched "hate Chinese counterfeit" then found this. However, after I saw this post, my emotion subsided and I regain my rationality and realized how dangerous and stupid is tagging and generalization. So I decided to leave this comment in the hope to remind my fellow human beings. Because in the end, despite all our hates and disagreements (I am a metalhead and I was in the military, so I know how powerful hate and anger can be), we are in a nuclear era where we could literally extinct each other, so try to stay calm and stay sane. Peace.

  • You can't even speak proper English chin chong. Go back to where you came from and stop spreading your f****** lies, or we will nuke your inferior race out of existance b****!

  • GO BACK TO F——— CHINA THEN! Guess what? If that’s the way you think about MY country, we don’t want or need you in the US. So sick and tired of all these s*** foreigners being given green cards and benefits and then they, like you, turn around and s*** on the country that let them in - FU! Also, in my opinion, the CCP is the most evil regime in human history - far worse than the Nazis or Bolsheviks. If my household was a nuclear power I would have launched a full first strike on Beijing years ago.

  • I love it that Don is poking them with a stick. Next, I hope he pokes them with a nuke. Or seven.

  • I feel the same. We need to bomb them to f*** and back.

  • That's what needs to happen to those slant faggots. And DJT is just the guy for the job. Bomb City, here we come!

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! Bomb City!!!!!!!

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  • There are 1.4 billions of them and we have billions of firearm, I say we should put these firearm to good use for once in our life, shall we?

  • I wish we can exterminate these roaches from the surface of this planet, I don't want to buy any more pricy chinkie garbage, I want to buy real goods made in USA only, period.

  • I only wish you can afford the USA made. But probably not lol

  • I'm a white male who lived/worked in China for 3 years. I was single at the time, so naturally I dated Chinese women. They were basically all that was available in the pool--not many white Euro/American girls in Shenyang. Some of the Chinese girls were really sweet, but the fact was that they gave off a vibe that if they were going to lower themselves to date a westerner, you were going to have to pay for it: uptight, demanding, bitchy, gold-digging, and good luck getting on the right side of her parents' wishes. It ain't gonna happen.

  • Wow just stumbled onto this site, and jeez the amount of hate. I bet most of these racists are balding from the rage. Listen just let it go. Life is too short for these petty racist remarks.

  • Hate is good moterfucker, peace is not. Racism tells the damn truth.

  • F*** you f*****.

  • Are you guys even normal functioning people of society? Looking at this post and the comments under here, it seems to me that you guys are representing exactly what you guys hate. Many people have mentioned to kill the whole race, and why? Because you want to play Hitler? Or perhaps be the sick lunatics that post disgusting fantasies on here? Every race or social class will have the eh individuals. It is not right to group everyone together and determine that they are all "scumbags of the world". I am not Chinese, and I can still see how horrendous this is for a Chinese person. Please have some morals. You can't define a whole race.

  • The Chinese are the ones “playing Hitler”. The CCP is far worse than anything spawned in Berlin. All they understand is $, graft and the firepower to obtain both.

  • And yet these racist will order your strip mall food and try to act cultured with their kids!
    Woo they're making ameriKKK grotesque again!

  • Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious m************. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.

    Amen... I agree 100% with your comments about the Chinese they are generally greedy, selfish and arrogant.

    I admire your comments about being racist, If an individual wishes to be racist then it should be socially accepted. Not that I agree racism, but we all have our own opinions.

  • They are sometimes greedy, but there are some that are not. To see the difference - if they act s***** or they have a butt ton of rich stuff, it's fine. Otherwise, they're usually not.

  • Lmao your more "open" about it? Why don't you post this with a profile we can link you with. Instead of posting a racist comment anonymously. Ugh the hypocrisy.

  • ...and your name and address is???

    Hypocrite much?

  • Why would you request this? So you can identify and crucify them for their honest perspective...both online and in the real world...that is the view of the left. Annihilate anyone that doesn't embrace every permutation of humanity. There will always be prejudice of one flavor or another...why must we pretend otherwise?

  • I don't class this as rac-ism.

  • I don't class this as racism.

  • Well said!! I hate em too!!

  • F****** removed the comments...so much for freedom of speech...

  • Zhong Guo Ren be called "Chinese" by the white b****** race, this "ese" at the end of the noun is actually a contempt for the yellow race.

    So... Taiwan's some pro-independence call themself "Tawainese". Disgusting idiot! Hahaha......

  • It sounds to me like you hate their culture, not their ethnicity. For example I know tons of peoples who's ethnicity is Chinese but they are American. Your mindset could cause you problems if you assume that anyone who looks Chinese lives the Chinese culture.

  • Some of the above comments may well have a grain of truth and pander to our prejudices, but don't forget - It was Chinese labor that built the railroads that 'united' the east and the west USA.

  • ...and the point of relevance in this statement is what exactly? They built early American railways and were employed (i.e. paid) to do so. What does that have to do with the essence of their culture?

  • The Japanese atrocities were justified. Every single last c**** deserved it. Don't tell me otherwise.

  • The best vent I’ve read yet

  • I agree it is sickening.

  • I'm white American, and almost married a Chinese guy. I really loved him, but the social customs/expectations were over the top: forced to buy weird food from 3rd rate Chinese markets (can you say octopus?), cooking weird Chinese s*** food all day, having to stay home, not allowed to work, doing all chores around the house, s** only in missionary position, dealing with his bitchy mom and sister who were racist against white people, being told that I was on an "allowance" financially, having to engage in weird non-Christian religious practices, and never being allowed to drive the car when we went anywhere. Serious. I finally said, "No f****** way, I'm out." It took a while, but f*** the Chinese.

  • Race mixing trash white women like you should be put in jail, im serious

  • You are absolutely disgusting. Go live in china with your 2-inch weewee bf, you s****.

  • China needs Western countries far more than Western countries need China. China needs Western technology and ideas because they can't do it themselves even though they always claim to be so very smart (LOL). Western countries can find other countries to make products cheaply, China is certainly not the only option at all. Another point....I always hear the Chinese whine and cry about how misunderstood China is. Yet, Chinese people understand even less about the rest of the world. And I think that native Chinese people are usually obnoxious, lacking of any manners, brainwashed, unethical, immoral or just amoral, paranoid, and passive aggressive. I think that about covers it:)

  • I think you are completely wrong.China had been the greatest country for almost 2000 years.The main reason for china's poorty is whites' invasion in china.,for they robbed everywhere in china and destroyed many cities.What's more,they passed on the economic rob for almost 100 years.These broke the development of china and had stopped china's development for a long time.You think chinese have poor manners,but I will say the econimic fundation decides superstructure.You have a perfect econimic environment but chinese
    don't.China has experienced a long period darkness,but now,she is standing infront of a door to a bright future.China is never a country with hegemonism,and never will be.China is just reviving.

  • Spoken like a good little N*** - Sieg Heil!

  • Utter bullshit - your comments.

  • Spoken like a loyal party member...complete delirium.

  • The USA has accomplished more in 300 years than China has in 5,000 years. :)))

  • The US followed the English heritage and system, so no, the US did not build on its own. Please revisit your history class.

  • This site said I hate chinese and now you guys all follow me said I hate chinese also I kill myself now you guys follow my lead kill yourself ok because you guy are listen to what I said Iam your mother

  • English m***********! Do you speak it?!!!

  • You obviously can't speak English.

  • (https://hbr.org/2014/03/why-china-cant-innovate) read the article you will understand

  • This article is Beyond racist I thought Caucasian they were beautiful with their feature what god gave them would be grateful to be friendly yes some beautiful one aren't racist and some are ugly internal with such hateful speech with eternal rage you are an ignorant people's I pray your evil act will turn to you I am Chinese my grandma is mix half Chinese and French also my other grandma is mix with Caucasian and Chinese I hate what you guys said Chinese peoples doesn't go around barking who attack them they will repay everything is about you guys loving bully Chinese I can see through can't you all stay on your own problem stop blaming other's blame at yourself what can you do would help you Chinese don't deserve this we can't act the same as you like we are different peoples we are not your stomach worms and CANADA with UNITED STATE ARE multiple culture country don't forget that not just Chinese peoples living in this country lots more of diverse kind Asian and along with you all

  • Stay out of the west we do not want you here

  • These f****** scum have taken over my country and act openly racist to us. They suddenly showed up by the millions and started to buy up everything - businesses, homes, assets, then they rent them to us at very high prices. They are all filthy rich and have bentley, lambo, ect. Its very scary and they need to be stopped with extreme force. They treat us like second class citizens and think they own us now, just yesterday some piece of s*** chinese was acting racist to me for no reason even though i was nice to him. Unfortunately its going to get really f****** ugly where i live. People need to organize and fight back against this invasion, i really feel like we lost some kind of war. Where i live was 90% white a few decades ago, now its 90% chinese.... its seriously really scary

  • The best part about this is that what you described is basically what happened to the Native Americans when the British and Spanish came to the Americas.

  • We have the same problem in Britain. Only its Muslim immigrants and their second generation descendants from India and Pakistan and Eastern Europeans.

  • Scary... I have watched programs, you guys opened your doors to help and now they are beating the s*** out of you. I hope that doesn't happen in Canada but I see it coming with leftist Trudeau.

  • I am the OP, I was actually talking about canada...


  • I am AA and when I was young we would go to the local bowling alley in the neighborhood and watch the chinks bowl and whenever the knocked over a pin not a strike they would start celebrating, it was the funniest s*** I had ever seen we would laugh so hard at these hermit monkey's I actually nearly p***** in my pants. F*** THE CHINESE IN CHINA AND AMERICA!!!!!!

  • F*** yeah, preach it brother

  • Https://youtu.be/Utw0USHz-sU

  • Https://youtu.be/Utw0USHz-sU

  • This reminds me of the scene in the movie Chinatown where Jack Nicholson tell the joke at the beginning of the movie about a guy that gets advice from the Chinese guy on how to make love to his wife... Hahaha! I like the Chinese here in America. Generally they appreciate intelligence and have a good sense of humor, and are knowledgeable. NYC would suck without them.

  • 4 Jun 1989, Tiananmen Square Party Overthrow

    Goodbye, mainlanders. You've just been discon'd by your gov't. Don't come back.

  • My mom is half chinese and i work with about 1000 chinese people i try very hard never group a few bad people into blaming a whole race but chinese take their ego way to seriously and they are greedy and cut throat as fuçk its a rule in chinese culture that if you fuçk someone over its thier fault for being stupid aka not chinese because all non chinese are stupid according to many of them and they are only trailed in black people in the us as having the most people in the race who make the rest look bad since many blacks have a victim mentality but with good reason chinese feel like everyone else is barbarians so dont look at them as people i had to stay late at work because a chinese guy decided to take an extra 20 minutes for break and f***** the whole system up so i ended up staying hours later than i should have and theirs a chinese boss and he loves to flex his athority on everyone and slows down the work to tell experts how to do their job unless their chinese

  • Having lived in a city that is a part of China for over 30 years, I can confirm the Chinese are m************. After so many years of observation, interaction, and learning their culture system, they place little importance on the things that actually matter.

    They are racist to all other ethnicity, behave in a herd mentality (when you see a Chinese in group photograph it will be surrounded by 20 other chinks, not a variety of different ethnic descents; and that's because they will claim "its easier for them to communicate or be friends with other Chinese - its not true, culture here is used as an excuse for open racism - taught and passed down to them from a very young age by their dog parents.

    Yes they are an ancient civilization, but are a b****** one too, driven by greed - money is their only god and they will try to f*** anyone over to achieve it. They believe in cheating as much as possible and as a rule of thumb you should NTAC "never trust a C****".

    They also believe in being as fake as possible to each other, and are usually looking to gain information or use information against you - this is why you should avoid them in the workplace, but not to worry, a c**** will never hire a non- c****, and if they do - they have been westernized for a long time.

    Overall, they are the worst Asian race out there. F*** them all.

  • F*** you stupid guy

  • Have you ever been to China? Don't you know that we don't eat dog meat? Now there's an animal protection society. The Australians also eat kangaroos. Why don't you say you foreigners still take crocodile skin as a bag?

  • Yah I’ve been there - worst shithole country I’ve ever visited and disgustingly polluted...and I’ve been just about everywhere.

  • Moron you open dog eatery in singapore, malysia, cambodia, you really are the scum nation of this planet. F*** chintok

  • That's why you fu**s have a Dog festival each year right? STFU...you guys eat anything that is alive. Disgusting people...

  • Hey would you please be quiet if you don't know what the truth is? If you just want to show off your English, come at me bro! I'm not afraid of ya! Chinese is a very beautiful language with a long history, have many expression and all the idioms are just very pretty and meaningful, it's a complicated language, whatever on the writing of the characters or the grammars and stuff, that's why it's art! That's why it's worth to learn! Do you know how much foreigners love to learn Chinese language every year?

  • Tell it to my face wing wow chow mein.Your race, is at the bottle of the evolution scale. EAT THAT M***********!

  • Learn to shut your mouth.

  • 牛逼不死你啊小垃圾motherfucker

  • I really hope america invades china and slaughter all the women and children there.

  • You stupid mother hack what about the other mix Chinese and Caucasian couple with their kids

  • They are a race of cruel devils. Boiling and skinning dogs alive!! These slanted eyed scum will do anything for money! They'e cruel bullies. They understand only pain and destruction, not reason and compassion. Thankfully, Harry Truman understood their true genetic character and acted accordingly.

  • They torture the dogs before they boil them and eat them. They believe it makes them taste better. They also poach tigers, rhinos, Sharks, and other endangered species because they think their animal parts give them power.

  • I feel the same way about them. I can’t stand them. Worse atrocities done to animals are done in China. Greedy lowlife f****!

  • Some chinese did doesn't means all of them did

  • Most of them...enough of them to be concerned.

  • F*** CHINA!

    Einstein was correct when he said he doesn't understand how they multiply so fast because the women are ugly and you can't tell the difference between male and female. Flat ass, no t***, no curves, not AT ALL worth a f***.

  • So what is your point anyway?? I am a Chinese and I hate your curves, your big fat hips, your way to eat your food and always hate Chinese.

  • Chinese are organ harvesters, child/human traffickers, dog torturers, communists, bad drivers,heron drug traffickers, Fentanyl makers, bad engineers.

  • I do not understand why you so angry, if anyone in our country we always show our respects even they do not speak Mandarin, they can speak their own language whenever they want, we never say go back to your country to them.because, visitors play a important role in your country’s economy,they are just like you want to explore the world, they are human like you, without the color of skin and the shape of eyes, they are the same. The shortages you mentioned almost every human has. I think may be you just jealous, but the world is fair they work harder or think harder than you, so they deserve better life. Love and Peace! It makes me feel sad that you hate us so much. we are just ordinary people, like the small ants,all we want is to provide a better life for our family and follow the rules of the world. It is already not a easy job, right?

  • Wrong.

  • According to OKCupid survey of their userbase and other sources most White men and women do not seek partners outside their own race. Your perception here is molded by too much TV and propaganda. White men only have a slight lead in racemixing in general with the women actually mixing less despite propaganda saying otherwise.

    Also negress are ugly as sin, look like men/horses, have rougher skin, nappy f****** hair and ape mouths and are dumber than Chinese women by far. Chinks hate you n******, I hate you both for different reasons but you are both environmentally destructive parasites with zero self-responsibility and hate your betters who are more self-reflective of yourselves as a group.

    F****** Yellow/Jungle fever is a disease.

  • 所以你想说啥 我们中国人怎样怎样的管你啊 牛逼死你了 像你们外国人能好到哪里去 大卷发一看就是被艹的 屁股大的要死 丑了吧唧 收入还没中国人高

  • Die fat chinky pig.

  • How eloquent. Not a hint of prejudice here.

  • The hate on us is amazing. only a fraction of Chinese people eat dog.
    You know, your forgetting about the other types of Chinese people.

  • F*** u c***. suck a d***

  • Eeeeeewwwwww Chineeseeee subspecies ugliest breed of rats. Their face has no standout features it's like a blank canvas. They have weak genes

  • Actually, they have dominant genes. If you mix pure Asians with whites, the progeny will have dark hair, dark eyes. Black hair and brown eyes are dominant traits.
    Learn some science, you ignorant f***.

  • You are right about that, however Chinese are mostly ugly as sin. Ugly teeth, ugly faces, no bone structure, walk funny, look malnourished, tinny p****, no muscle, horrible looking bodies little variation of looks, all look the same for the most part, men look very feminine. So many wear glasses, very short.

  • I I hate chinese so much. They are like toxic cancer I wish they will all die of a disease and f*** off forever ugly dirty c****

  • 呵呵你们国外还不是照样去中国

  • 中国文化博大精深 上下历史5000年不止 你们呢???

  • Chinafag must die.

  • Yuulin dog meat festival coming soon... chinese favorite past-time eating crispy Chihuahuas and pitbulls

  • 你去过中国吗 什么都不知道 谁告诉你我们吃狗肉了? 现在有动物保护协会的好吧垃圾 我告诉你 澳大利亚人还吃袋鼠 你们怎么不说 你们外国人不是还拿鳄鱼皮做包吗

  • We may eat crocodile, but at least we don't eat you, you f****** chinese c***.

  • They are masters of phone scams and cheating. A morally bankrupt race

  • They are Fugly as f*** both inside and out

  • Stupid Americans for stopping the war the japs were on their way to killing all the chinks we should have let them finish it off even if it took another 20 years. Now they are here polluting the world. Bring back Unit 731!!

  • Sniff a c**** s hair when they walk past. They never wash it's so disgusting puke!

  • I owned a general souvenir shop on the pier in San Francisco, and used to stock it in part with Chinese goods. Many of my customers, mainly tourists, never went to China town, but would get something from me.

    The thing was that buying/trading with the Chinese was insane. They would mark things up crazy even at wholesale prices and I would say "wtf." Their version of wholesale was more like retail. It was like pulling teeth to make fair trade. At one point I bought $20K in jade medallions for necklaces, and some Chinese chick called me on my cell at 2AM and started b******* me out in Chinese saying that I didn't pay enough or something--I found that out later with someone who spoke English. What?!?! We made a deal.

    The Chinese are some of the most dishonest people I've ever known. There isn't even a close second.

  • This is actually true about the Chinese. They are incredibly greedy. Its funny because this is common knowledge amongst Koreans and Japanese. The Chinese will try scam and gouge you for every penny you have.

  • I work at an outlet mall in California and they come by the bus loads. I agree with most of what you said. they us give asians a bad name

  • Japanese atrocities against the chinese is a lie LOL

  • The japanese atrocities against the chinese never happened.

    the only good chinese is a dead one.

  • Yes it did happen and the Japs should be proud of themselves! Good work!

  • The japanese should have won the war and slaughtered all of them...

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUST

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • Beware OP, the I hate Russians thread is willing to beat yours .

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • FCK him

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • Ha Ha, they are just rednecks that's all. Take a look at a list of redneck behaviors you will see the similarities.
    What we really need to worry about is the rich taking advantage of population explosion in Asia/South Asia and slave like labor conditions to bring us to our knees here in North America.
    Keep sleeping sheeple

  • The Chinese are as varied as the people in any other country. I've worked with some top researchers from China and they are kind, well-mannered, and brilliant people. I also recall the Chinese in undergraduate school who would cheat for a good grade if it killed their grandmother. "Individual" programming projects were always a group effort. Remember that many Chinese are only recently coming out of poverty and ignorance. There was much such silly ignorance in America when Industrialization brought people off the farms.

    So, there is some truth behind most stereotypes, but the important thing to remember is that you never know whether a stereotype applies to an individual -- each person must be treated as their individual, not as a "Chinese" or any other class.

  • ~ except when it shouldn't be 'applied to an individual' because group think and loyalty to groups is very, very strong. Europeans and their descendants have made very big mistakes in this area. The world is overwhelmingly tribal- it is really only Europeans and their descendants who have tried to 'overcome' this, whatever that means. Don't make the mistake of thinking that most people will treat you 'as an individual' and not as part of your group- tribalism- when you become a minority (er... when you become MORE of a minority). No one will be watching out for you or your kids or grandkids or their kids, etc. ~ bet on it.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • You know, the japanese "atrocities" against the chinks are so wildly exaggerated, and even if it happened, it was JUSTIFIED.

  • I find this funny more than insulting, and I'm Chinese. :^)

  • Kill yourselves the japanese should have wiped you clowns off the planet

  • Same

  • Hellooooo so I am chinese. No I am not here to say that I am Chinese and not proud because I was taught to be proud of being Chinese. As any culture would. Like f***, why would someone tell their child "hey dude you are hispanic dont be proud" like no. Oh no here the bashing comes I am soooo scared. At first reading all the comments and this post hurt. I am being honest it did. But then I read some other posts and realize this is a website for pedophiles and s** offenders not for the normal people of society. So it did not hurt me. Go ahead throw the dog eating jokes at me and the ching chong s*** I really will not see it because as I said this website is for pedophiles and s** offenders and I will go off after I say what I need to say.

  • Ok well whites have been forced this sick horrible s*** for many years now “youre white and inherently evil and racist and are n*** because you are white”

  • Youre right the people here suck but so do most chinese people

  • Umm, "most"? No, not "most". "ALL"!!!!!

  • Eat sh it and go back to your overpopulated shithole, c****.

  • Don't worry- you always have China. Feel free to stay there with your people~

  • Yah, one of the worse things about the Chinese is that there are waaaaay to many of them. If only they could get a flu/virus of some sorry that could take out 90% of them. Same goes with India. WTF, do we need to start neutering these people. 7 billion people in the world and more then half of them come from China and Asia. They over fish the oceans and they are a strain on the food supply.

  • Some of you maybe envious of how much smarter we are then you. How we have much more complete of a family structure we are then you. How we did not have to kill off an entire race just so we could live a comfortable life. How knowing barely any english we can make billions off of you. How even at 40 we look younger than you by at least a decade (lol jk but like sometimes it is true). You despise us because we are much more hardworking therefore we earn more money than you p*** poor lazy a*******. We have the ability to not care what we look like and focus on more important things unlike you shallow people. But then there are those who just hate us because they think we are low lifes. Which there are chinese like that but not all. Just like the white trash of america and the gangs of black and mexican people. Not all white, black, mexican people are like that. This will not change your mind. Nothing will probably ever change your mind. But go out and say s*** like this, I f****** dare you. Post it on youtube and stop hiding behind your computer downing your mcdonalds j********** to fake posts on this website. Remember though that we may look the same to you, like flat yellow stale bread , but we still be getting that honour roll. Much love from a proud chinese

  • Meh. 4 inch p**** can't even satisfy little ching ching t***, lol

  • F--k you

  • You guys must have met some very uneducated chinese. The ones I've encountered business wise and friend wise are all lovely, kind, caring people. They may be forward sometimes but at least they are not like my other coworkers. I had a co worker once that smiled at me everyday sweet talking and everything and then the next thing I know she is trash talking me to my boss. It is quite irrelevant but I would like you to know the co worker was white not Chinese. I also remember moving to a new neighborhood , white dominated neighborhood, and they would all say hi and give me lovely smiles. But when I got my house broken into they turned their heads the other way and ignored me. It was a old chinese lady that gave me food to eat and a place to stay for 3 nights.

  • 中国是最好的

  • Shitscum. Chija is shithope nation.

  • 中国是最好的

  • Why are people saying they want to nuke china and kill chinese people? Like ok you can strongly hate a race but why turn psychotic and act like the way you are describing the chinese. God such bigots on this site

  • China and Indian ranked some of the most, racist intolerant countries on the planet according to UN.

  • WHY...because they are an over populated nest of cockroaches that is spreading their filthy race and colonizing everywhere. Same with India, they need to point nukes at each other. Too many of them and are mostly a vile people. Indians eat cow s*** and drink cow p***. Chinese torture and eat dogs, and poach many endangers and exotic animals because they believe it gives them power, plus they over fish the oceans. Chinese people are dumb, they can't drive, they walk funny, they are rude and don't understand the concept of a line up, they are pushy, dirty people, they are loyal to the communist party. They come to western countries and other countries and make things suck. there too many things to list.................

  • I hate Chinese because I hate communism,hypocrisy,ignorance and rudeness.By the way ,I'm Chinese and my life just got ruined by the things listed above becuase I'm different.

  • You're an awful human being, get some help for your issues...

  • China is literately another universe. They have no animal protection laws, children are enslaved, and the government brainwashes people into thinking it's all right. The Chinese are a pretty disgusting breed. Not only in personality, but looks too. The girls are flatter than a pancake, with no ass, b****, or figure. They are pale, thin, ugly dolls. And the men always look the same. Short, black hair, and brown eyes. They put no effort into their appearances, and yet they are the favored child 9/10 times. Don't even get me started with the way they treat women. I visited China on a business trip, and i was given a room the size of a closet to sleep in, while my husband was given a luxurious hotel room. I had to use the female communal showers (outside btw), and my husband had his own in his bedroom. Yeah, i was given compliments that i was beautiful. But i don't believe a word they said. Conclusion: never go to China. Beautiful but f***** up place.

  • Ya, the only thing China had going for was ancient china. Now they are just a nest of filthy cockroaches.

  • Lol did you go to some rural place in China? Pretty sure they don’t do that so quit bullshitting. If it weren’t for China your country would’ve been in deep s*** already.

  • What a horrible obnoxious posting. If we did a search and replace on the word "Chinese" to "Bigots and scum bags who post here" on all contents of this post then it would be about right!
    The Chinese people I've met are decent and respectful folk. Its not plausible to tarnish an entire group of people with the same brush it says more about the degenerate individuals posting here.

  • That is why China and India are ranked some of the top racist and intolerant countries on earth according to UN. Chinese and India are the real bigots.

  • Go f--k yourself


  • Hi, chinese here. and i agree with everything you just said, i even hate fking chinks more than you foreigners do. you have no ideas how i feels grow up in this fking insane country, oh my god all this insanity. i dont know what makes me go this far. probably gonna kill myself very soon.
    abominations everywhere. those people are not humen, i dont know what the h*** they are. just like zombies, they live only for eat s*** and breed, nothing more.
    men most are angry tiny little p**** ugly f***. girls are brain dead with plastic surgery face think they are so special. from elder to new born, we are f****** doomed!
    sigh, waht i even care for. just do me a favour, boom this f****** country to the f****** h***.

  • Wow insulating egg your not Chinese even if you said you are you an a****** doesn't related otherwise your a knuckle

  • I really enjoy watching websites where Chinese are decapitated and raped by the Japanese when they invaded Manchuria in 1937. It's great to see their heads roll off into a mass grave. I find it very funny. The Chinese are the most hated people on the planet.

  • I also hate Chinese but you are going way to far...

  • F*** off. Best p orn is killing a chinese

  • In the next war millions of inbred Chinese c**** will be killed and sent to h***

  • There are many many different typies of chinese in the world. The one you are typically pointing at are the main stream poor life condition and rural area chinese, they are also not welcome in the big city such Beijing Shanghai. But some of Chinese have really high standard of behaviour, they have high level education since they are in junior school at western country, got degree in decend Unis, these chinese you can't just call them chinese, that's not fair and they don't recongise themselvies as "chinese", in the other hand they should be called "zhongguorian". If you see some people with really s***** behaviours please call him a f****** Chinese, but for the people who born in China, but they obey the rules, respect the society, has the responsibility and careness, and most important is they can speak proper English knows the pros and cons for the culture differences, PLEASE don't call them "chinese", that 's humliate they are ' ZHONGGUORIAN' don't put them in one basket, so you will found hope for those people.

  • After I've read this post, I wanted to say this, not all different types of Chinese aren't like this kinda this. Hong Kong Chinese are hard to deal with even they look nice but dangerous to go dealing with because their parents teach their children in a rough way of hate and if they can't learn those or refuse to learn then their parents hit their children really hard that they become independence on their own. I have some Asian around my life that lots of them make trouble when it's up to competition between 2 Chinese start fighting over the person who's going to get it first. It's always the money that all Chinese people want, for example, that Chinese is rich was lots of money compensation to another Chinese who is poor would be jealous of the rich one and start fighting. Christian Chinese are alot easier to deal with but be careful of parts of the bible explain to others are different and can jump one chapter to other chapter without completing one whole sets of the bible. One part of F*%#ing hating the Chinese is they fight over in front of me everytime I go and everytime go to Centrelink, I always get preferred to a Asian that always never help because I'm also an Asian who always gets put down by them due to that i'm a lower class Chinese compared to upper class Chinese.

  • Yeah they love our free Medicare in Australia, don't they?

  • See, there’s two types of NORMAL people in this world: either those that hate those paper-skinned chinks or people who lie

  • F** china usa number 1


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  • I am a Japanese male. I am glad to see your post because I am tired of seeing wrong Asian aesthetic sence and believe most Chinese and Korean are ugly.
    China is obviously a terrolist country that send chinese mafias all over the world. There is a serious problem so many illegal Chinese and Korean stay in Japan, who have such mongoliid feature (slanted eyes, pathetic gill dough face) most people think they are ugly. I think japanese and Taiwanese are quite genetically different Chinese and Korean in terms of geotechnical position, cultures and foods that dictate genetic characters. Japanese has two difference species “Jomon” and “Yayoi” . Jomon has almond eyes, long and angular outline, hairy legs which are quite similar to European and South Asian. On the other hands, Yayoi is considered to descend from Korean Peninsula, has slanted eyes, round face, hairless body. Having said that, unpopular American white guys wish to get acquainted with them, beside they come across as hussies.

  • What you say is correct!! America needs to control the f****** C**** population!! Those f**** are filthy. No wonder the Japanese hated them!! F*** CHINKS, CHINA AND C**** FOOD IS FOR PIGS!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • America is a country built by immigrants. If someone is a U.S. Citizen they are American regardless of their heritage

  • I'm a white dude, work in a pretty busy factory, and once I asked one of my Chinese coworkers if she wanted to date and "have fun" on the side. We were both married, but she was pretty, and I wanted to know what Chinese p**** felt like.

    Well, instead of politely saying "no," which I would have accepted with no problem, she told her Chinese husband that I pulled a move on her. A day later her husband comes out to my car, completely livid, yelling profanities in 1/2 English and 1/2 Chinese (well, likely profanities, I don't f****** know Chinese), waving an index finger in my face with one hand while he had some weird Chinese knife in the other. Wtf? I told him I never touched her or banged her, so get the f*** away.

    I've hated Chinese people ever since.

  • You're utterly repulsive for wanting to put your d*** in a rotten, smelly c**** c***. You and all the white dudes with yellow-ever! Beastialism, that's what sexual contact with these pasty skinned, flat-faced, punched slits for eyes animals is. Your c*** would've have been oozing puss for the rest of your miserable life.

  • She and her husband must be hate you ever since.

  • You knew she was married! I'd beat you a*** if you did that to my wife and not bother with any words at all before hand and I am a white guy!

  • U are a moron

  • Throw yourself off a tall building you cretin.

  • Good, you deserved it. The knife was going too far though.


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  • You ale to hack into some chicoms computers?

  • Lets make the world a better place and nuke China with the globally available nuclear arsenal - mount them on ICBMs and send them overe there all at once. This country is a piece of s*** and should be erradicated from the globe as soon as possible.

  • Chinese are the scum of this world. Period.

  • I'm with you OP...I can't stand them anymore...
    That chinese witch at work that has been living in my country for almost 45 years and still isn't able to speak a word of the language (or worse , maybe she can but won't bother ? ) when my amazing Cambodian boyfriend learned to speak good enough french in less than a year (he still has a strong accent but can have a very decent everyday conversation).She will only speak to that other chinese b**** , just the same story,almost 5 years in France , still can't say a word...And their habit to only hang among themselves...I had a chinese friend in high school , her friends would just ignore me most of the time so I just stopped hanging out with them , and with her since she would say nothing...
    Andt hey have their own grocery stores ffs (even their own malls sometimes), because god forbid they mix with other people.And if you step in one of them you'll be the odd man out and will be stared at the whole time.Your f****** store is still in my country you piece of s*** !!! And there are just too many of them ,everywhere...
    Not even talking about chinese tourists , spitting everywhere,being rude and pushing people around thinking they have some kind of priotity.Their sole interest into taking a selfie in front of a monument (most of the time they don't even take a photo or even look at the monument by itself) , going to buy luxury items they're totally able to buy in their country or cheap made in china souvenirs , and eating in chinese restaurants anyways...Speaking of chinese restaurants/store...etc , try to be hired in one as a non-asian and come back to tell me that reverse discrimination doesn't exist...
    And on and on...

  • You are speaking right of my heart....

  • If someone talked about a black person like this everyone would have cared the world is so f***** up

  • China is powerful and amazing

  • Nope. It's a shiithole.

  • I love china

  • Wow i really can not believe what im seeing. The only reason why everyone thinks china is bad is because of the us press the us and china are in a war wihtout weapons. They are a competition to america so america wants everyone to think they are lowlifes and make everyone not want to go to china

  • Oml there are so many uneducated people just cursing and cursing and saying stupid things about the chinese .they really have no evidence to back it up they just use the news as their only source of information very dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You don't seem to have read what people have been writing here. No one has at any point mentioned what they saw from the news and starting hating on the Chinese subsequently. It's all based on their personal experiences, so yes they wouldn't have evidences to back up their claim, but as a lot of posts here attest to the bad behaviors of Chinese citizens, it may be true that these claims are not so far from the truth after all.

    Just because you love a country doesn't mean its people has no flaws, we're all humans after all. It's just that the Chinese has got to get their s*** together and instill better moral values into their future generations. But who am I to talk, right? Good luck!

  • You should rather read what is written here! Many peoples' opinion here is based on personal experience. My negative opinion, too ! Before working with chinese I had not prejudices. But after working with a bunch of them I came to a verdict. I first thought I just met some a**hol** but apparently their whole "culture" is a big f**k-up

  • Same for me. Working with those subjects brought me very close to a serious mental breakdown. They are simply disgusting on so many levels...

  • Uneducated? Well, I am holding a Ph.D. in a scientific discipline (highest honors), I think I am somewhat educated. If you believe it or not: my personal negative opinion about chinese people is not based on prejudice but is much rather the outcome from prejudice-free judgement over many years working with them. And I did not work with one or two but with 20 or more of them. They also brought me very very close to a mental breakdown (I never had any issues in this regard before). Having to work with this "people" can be readily regarded as permanent criminal assault. As said by the previous speaker: the problem are not some ill-bred individuals, their whole "culture" is rather totally f***** up.

  • Dont think these people are in the right mental state , this will cause them to lose their jobs if their name gets put out from saying all these awful things

  • I'm in a perfect mental state. And I tell people directly what I think about chinese. Many are shocked then and think I am a racist. And then I explain what I experienced with chinese people. And then people are even more shocked and they total understand my thinking and my opinion about chinese.

  • L**** these people in the comment section are going to star worldwarIII

  • Nahh dont think they will, they are too scared to actually say these things non anonymously and are proably irl kissing up to their chinese bosses

  • May I remind all ya scumbags with no thought for themselves the europeans have dominated almost every country in the world making revenue off of them and yet here u all are in ur mighty pit of dumbass glory thinking that the Chinese are the worst creatures on this planet .OPEN YOUR EYES . This country we are in controll everything land of the free my as

  • Yao stuprid Chrinrese plopogranda ching ching chong chong

  • Dude learn to spell

  • Actually went to China and all of them that i had met were really friendly. I went to get street food and they let me have some lamb on a stick half off! I do not understand why the ones you all met were so horrible . Maybe because you live in a ghetto or uneducated area but they are genuinley kind and caring

  • F*** off chinese stop lying did u see the videos of the street vendors switching bags to cheat their customers chinese r just thieves

  • Yeah they'll be friendly when youre a tourist because they're not stupid to see youre a goldmine. even half off some food is alot to poorer communities. Youll be suprised how many countries are kind and caring. It shouldnt be a b***** suprise it should be human nature.

    And my agreement with resent comes from the rich chinese and their 'fu er dai', not the poor. The kids do nothing of value and act like they rule the world. And the rich ones move to your countries and proliferate acting like they are gods. The saddest part is no one bats an eye because everyone wants to make a profit. They'll swallow their resentment and the destruction of their culture because its about finding easier ways to put food on their plate.

    The day I respect the PRC is the day they respect others. You treat others like dogs prepare to be seen as worse. Bottom line. And i know many non PRC Chinese like older generational immigrants share his sentiment. So many were tortured under communist rule, subjugated to torture and forced to find a way out. It doesnt take a genius to look at what they've done to Taipei and Taiwan to see the real agenda.

    This is not about racism but about acknowledging the obvious. Politcal correctness is being used as a weapon and whoever can fund the next viral video condemning this and that will be lobbied for. Its a f****** conspiracy to absolve them of their immoral indignation (ironic).

  • Just to many racist bigots here.

  • Half of u dumbasses havent even been to China and dont give me that crap with oh everything in china is so cheaply mad and oh its all over america.Please stfu!Why you u people think its all over America? Because the factories buy it from them cheaply and sell it here more expensive therefore making millions more than just buying from europe. Did you people ever think to get both sides of the story and not just eat the s*** the AMERICAN press gives us???? And really with the dog and cat eating jokes? That happened a long time ago and if it is currently still happening it is just in the poor parts of China

  • Defend China all you want, it doesn't change the fact that a lot of Chinese citizens have very low moral standards and values. I've witnessed spitting and queue-cutting first hand in China, which are just the tip of the iceberg of what they are capable of.

    About your argument, sure, a lot of people from the US might not have been to China, but you could say the say to the Chinese - flying might be cheaper than it has ever been, but it's still a luxury for I dare say a large portion of the lower-middle class, especially for a return ticket to China or from China to the US.

    Are you also denying that a lot of goods produced in China are of poor quality? So many knock-offs - essentially copy, modify and pasting. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

    And sure a lot of companies are setting up factories in China these days, and why is that? It's because of your overpopulation and severe economic inequality. People take up the jobs in these factories accepting minimum wages because they don't have the skills to compete in other industries with better pay, because they can't waste time searching for other jobs that might have marginally better pay in another city but has higher cost of living.

    Due to the fact that lots of people accept these menial and low-paying jobs anyway, these workers are easily replaceable if they are not happy with the work environment or the wages. Again, it doesn't take a genius to figure out where I'm going with this - this is how these big, multinational conglomerate such as Apple are able to keep the cost low and earn big bucks. Cheap and readily available labour - since these workers can't afford to complain or face the consequence of being replaced quickly and easily. You can put all these together and tell me these big companies are exploiting the Chinese people, of course, of course, but don't forget that it's also due to all the deep-rooted problems ingrained in the Chinese's society that is causing this vicious cycle.

  • Yes i totally agree in parts like India, Vietnam, and Nigeria people eat dogs all the time! The news just isnt giving them backlash because they are not a competition for America! China is about to surpass America in GDP and China was the only let me repeat the only country not captured and contorlled by the us

  • China kills 30 million dogs a year thats the entire Canadian population so sick!

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  • I am really not a biased person and I am usually open to all cultures and I am interested in getting in touch with people from other countries. The same was true for the chinese. But then I had to work with them for a couple of years and finally I came to the same verdict: I F****** Hate The Chinese !!!!!!!!!!!! (apart from a very very very few exceptional individuals). I've worked with people all from all over this planet and I got along with everyone - apart from the F****** chinese rats !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dishonest, lying, cheating, dirty, selfish, greedy, irresponsible, heartless, arrogant, common-senseless scumbags....I F****** Hate The Chinese !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The truth of China Video is here. It is in Hindi but clear enough for anyone to understand how chinese people sell fake Plastic Rice besides eating cats, dogs, rats and eating eggs boiled in little boys urine!!!!!!!

  • To the people of China, please mind your manners.
    1. Do not open your mouth when you are eating. It is just disgusting.
    2. Stop claiming your rights when you do not acknowledge other's.
    3. China is not the center of the universe nor the most important.
    4. Your so-called protesting is nothing more than violent havoc.
    5. Educate yourselves more.
    6. Make no mistake that the economy growth that China has seen is not due to its people, but it is because of the cheap labor.
    7. Please learn the meaning of human rights.
    8. Do not claim other people's lands as yours just because you want it. That is the logic of of an infant. Grow up.
    9. Your people nor the government do not seem to understand copy rights, intellectual properties, and other global standards.
    10. Considering all that has been stated above, don't you dare act as though you or your country is sophisticated. In fact, in most people's eyes you and your country is looked upon as cockroaches on the earth.
    Yes they are territorial thief! It should be on top 3.. They keep on harassing other countries with less power like the Philippines. Just because they are many doesn't mean they are the most powerful.. And even though, their products suck!

  • Rule #8 will hasnt the europeans dominated half the globe ........DUMBASS

  • We have grown up today. China is still an infant...no hope...

  • "grown up", aka "got mine so f*** you". The hypocrisy is astounding

  • What kinds of things do Chinese tourists do to offend so many nations? Several countries have complained about the presumptuousness and ‘don’t give a f***’ attitude of Chinese visitors. Perhaps most notable is North Korea, where reports have come in that Chinese tourists to the country frequently throw sweets at North Korean children “like they’re feeding ducks” and “don’t have any qualms about picking up a child for photos.”

    The Chinese are on the fast track to out-d*** Americans, the long reigning champs of inconsiderate and offensive behavior abroad. There have been numerous reports of signs put up only in Chinese warning visitors in Singapore not to be super f****** loud and in France a hotel that informs visitors that Chinese tourists aren’t welcome there. Egypt, though, has had probably the worst exposure to Chinese visitors, as one young man scrawled his name onto a wall at Luxor Temple.

  • I couldn't agree with you more!

    Every Chinese person is a piece of s***.

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  • What kinds of things do Chinese tourists do to offend so many nations? Several countries have complained about the presumptuousness and ‘don’t give a f***’ attitude of Chinese visitors. Perhaps most notable is North Korea, where reports have come in that Chinese tourists to the country frequently throw sweets at North Korean children “like they’re feeding ducks” and “don’t have any qualms about picking up a child for photos.”

    The Chinese are on the fast track to out-d*** Americans, the long reigning champs of inconsiderate and offensive behavior abroad. There have been numerous reports of signs put up only in Chinese warning visitors in Singapore not to be super f****** loud and in France a hotel that informs visitors that Chinese tourists aren’t welcome there. Egypt, though, has had probably the worst exposure to Chinese visitors, as one young man scrawled his name onto a wall at Luxor Temple.

  • My daughter, who is black, married a Chinese guy. He's nice, has a good job, seems to be a good husband, but dam, when our families meet up for gatherings I can't understand a damn thing his family says, as they barely speak English. My daughter has two kids with him, and they are a weird-ass cross breed. They really look weird. I love them, but f***, they are going to take some serious s*** from others just because of their odd ethnicity. The whole thing was a bad move.

    As a proud African American father, I consider the fact that my daughter married a Chinese guy to be my #1 failure as a parent.

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    Sorry to say that, but YOU fueled the fall of USA.
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    f*** em.

  • I completely agree, the animal cruelty is f****** discueting

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  • Too extreme. I suggest some chinese must treat us in the same way.

  • Yea i agree with you, f*** those chinkies !!!
    Long live japanese unit 731 who f***** them in ass

  • The whole country is going downhill (spiritually) , 20 or 15 years from now it'll be a weird combination of Brave New World and 1984. F*** I hate CPC

  • Bsevsejyhgd

  • ...

  • ,z,*speaking the truth my brother.

  • I agree f*** them filthy slit eyed f****

    f****** ww3 needs to happen and the chongs need to be bombed and gassed again to get rid of the vermin f******

  • Whoever wrote this must be Chinese because the Engrish is Velly baaaad.

  • Hhhha engrish

  • Chinese are NOT compatible with the West. The ignorant, disprespectful pieces of s*** arriving by the plane load can go back to their s***** country and be a******* there we don't want them here. Stop buying our houses and milk powder and driving around in mercs like you own the place. F****** c****, nobody likes you, just GO AND GET F*****.

  • Agreed, f****** sub species, wish they would all die from aids.

  • Chinese people are more intelligent than us . In hight school they all the best .
    Now they make the planes 100% chineese.

  • Ni hao

  • Chinese did not invent cars computers etc ...THEY MAY BE SMARTER THAN YOU,but not me and my American ilk.

  • Americans didn't invent cars either you ignorant f***, so what do you wanna express? The reason why Chinese didn't invent much modern stuff is that they got conquered by a backward barbarian people and stopped developing approximately 350 years ago, but guess who invented paper and gunpowder and the compass? Ancient China was to East Asia what Rome was to Europe but what are you? That's right, your ancestors was considered brainless barbarians by the Romans. When the Chinese was writing literacy, history and philosophy works more than 3000 years ago you were still clubbing each others' heads every day and didn't even have a writing system! Lol.

  • They all cheat or buy the degres and diplomas, every country where chinese pretend to study is plagued with degres trafics...

    They cheat at every thing...

  • Chinese chicks are notorious for being golddiggers, sugar babies, hookers, and basically sell their bodies for cash. I haven't met a chinese who hasn't asked me how much money I have or what a work, if I don't give them good answer then not interested. And these women are ugly as f*** or too old. Chinese men are good for only scams, drug dealing and s** trafficking. Indeed scum of the earth.

  • Another child run over buy cars in China what dumb f****.i hope a nuclear war starts sort these 3rd world s*** holes out like China.china thinks it's s*** don't stink and it's not even classed as a developed country.

  • Your are Thai .You have yelow skin . Here in France or in Europe for us you are chinese the same .

  • Thais have bronze skin, you ignorant p********.

  • And chinese they are more intelligents , hard workers more rich than you . In thailande they are the boss .

  • Yeah, but they cheat to get where they are.

  • You guys are even faker . If you don't like China go back to your own country. and never come back.Ok?

  • No one wants to go to China its disgusting every year tourism is on a new low continues to drop drasticly so how about all of you zipper heads stay in your own filfth and stop coming to our countries..... And PS if you come to my country and pull your rude ass $hit I'm gonna elbow you in tha face

  • Good one!

  • I don't like a country that pollutes ,cheats and eats dog.I am in my own country and never desire to go to the country of the bubonic plague.So take your fat Kim Jun face and go back yourself.

  • You have a big mouth in China, but abroad you f*** the shut up you f****** slave...

  • But china dogs are everywhere, how can we escape them?

  • Then kill them

  • I can f*** the your god you kwon
    we are not scared

  • This is Valmir djelosevic speaking and I gotta say all Chinese people speak bad English and they speak it with the shittty Chinese accent. They also fight like a small boy and it's actually really funny cuz thier Kung fu is real shittty lol 😂. My Japanese friends can f*** them up! Onegai!

  • You s***

  • So damn true. I hate chinks so much I don't talk to them at all.

  • So damn true. I hate them so much that i don't fuking talk to them.

  • Hispanic or whatev

  • You are so f****** right you take a word right out of my mouth and I am Thai and the way that these chinks behaving in my country is disrespectful to my king 👑

  • You are so right what gave these f****** chinks to destroy our country culture but one ☝️ thing is we thai allowed them to do so by waiving the visa and you all know rats will runs and explode keep thailand 🇹🇭 true and real for our people and push the c**** out and long live the Thai king

  • 你来过中国吗?


  • Hei chinky r*****, f*** u!!! This is a English forum so don't contiminate the forum with your chinky language. By the way, f*** u b****, nobody is jealousy about china and you ugly mainlanders, get a mirror and look at your ugly face you b****...

  • F(u)ck yourself you dog eating c***

  • 666

  • 十之八九,他有中国血统。去换血吧!哈哈哈哈

  • I'm an East Asian American and guess what? I don't f***** care what blood I have and I reserve my allegiance solely to the United States of America! Oh and by the way, English is still the king of all languages as the US economy remains No.1 . I speak Chinese as my SECOND language after English--as my native tongue--. So, if those from the PRC were to pay us a visit here in the US, don't expect us to speak in Chinese, arrogant retards!

  • Most of these points apply to all races and ethnicities, just so you know.

    I really could disprove everything you said and will say, but the essays would exceed the word limit. I could also start swearing at you, but that would make me look like some kind of degenerate with no proper arguments. And saying stuff in another language kind of just makes me seem a bit uppity. So, I'm just going to straight up tell you that you're right.

    Keep believing that Asians, oh sorry, I mean Chinese people are atrocious. The hatred you hold will soon lead you to your own demise. If you want to be racist, then there's plenty of other people here than will support your ideals. One day, you may even have a taste of your own medicine. Have a good day! ;)

  • Hey F****** Chinese! This is Valmir djelosevic and I gotta say my Japanese friends are much better than u and at least they don't slaughter innocent cats and dogs 🐶

  • Like you don't slaughter all those other kinds of animals that you ate.

  • They have zero food hygiene standards.street food vendors dont wash hands after having a crap and pick there nose while serving you food.and street food covered with flies and they just look at it

  • They have no manners no please thank you they are thick as s*** and useless workers my boss hires them as seasonal workers 99% are girls.i now have a real hate for them.we have a wood chipper a work and have thought whoops what if she just put her hand in and it just pulled her in.

  • I just travelled around my country with two chinese girls one was ok but other one was ok at start then she started complaining whinging moaning about every thing.telling me she wants to go back to her people her food her civilized country.i told her to f*** off you chinese dog and then gave her a picture of a clock it means I'm counting down to her death.what civilized country runs a two year old child over with a car in the street and ignores it just walking by while cars continue to drive over it doing nothing China.

  • Sum Ting Wong here...

  • They are everywhere, f****** cockroaches!
    correction: since they have no c***, chinese are just f****** roaches!

  • Being Chinese sucks only mainly because of the appearance

  • Yeah man f*** the Chinese

  • This is Valmir djelosevic speaking and I gotta say china just F*** off and stop invading my friends country Japan 🇯🇵 onegai

  • Man Chinese king fu is the worst fighting style ever

  • Style doesn't matter,hurt does

  • F*** china and f*** china

  • Enjoy ur illusion, a******, bite me

  • Who the f*** wanna bite a small pee pee c****? lol

  • You do, that's what u are good it, ladyboy. Due to your strong desire, there is no big pee pee can feed you, every pee pee is small in your sight, isn't it?

  • Nah but ur mama like to eat my spanish c*** and she says me gusta mucho lol

  • No one will call a curve thing c***, learn the English, your thing is called retractable tape, puta loco. Harliarous that even barcelona wanna leave spain, so mind your own business.

  • 中国雄起,有战争更好,砸锅卖铁也跟这群傻逼干,不踩平蛮夷不归朝。凸

  • I am Chinese, I don't give a s*** what the m********* u bullshit this topic, suck my d*** u son of b****. Dare u try the m*********** stand in front of me, I will slaughter u with no mercy.

  • What d*** ? Asian boys got them 2 centimeters not even ugly Chinese girls want you they want white men so why don't get off your scrawny little ass take the L and go hang yourself

  • Don't try act so tough chino ur Kung fu is useless in real life

  • Lucky you type these s*** words here instead of crashing by me in real life.

  • What u gonna do chino? Bruce lee me lol 😂

  • Spoken like a true moron as with most cultures especially the Chinese they will show anyone tremendous respect if you show at least some attempt to learn their language and or culture sure I hate the fact that communism dilutes our ideals about them but your just ranting on feeding off hatred.what really happened you get beat up by some Chinese girl as a child?

  • This is Valmir and I gotta say Chinese chinks never respect people even if you save their lives and I'm 100 percent sure any Japanese can beat up a Chinese anytime anywhere onegai!

  • This is Valmir djelosevic and I gotta say I can beat Bruce lee and Jackie chan with no problem with Japanese karate I learned from my Japanese friends onegai!

  • I too hate china, its the most effing worst place to be, everything is wrong, even the chinese tourists once when i was driving, i nearly hit a group of yellow skinned people (chinese people), it was a round a bout for f***s sake!

  • F#%k China! They all need to die the same way they torture dogs,cats etc.

  • White woman here, and I dated a Chinese guy in college once. It lasted all of a week. He was kinda handsome and really smart at math, but the cultural barrier was too much to cross. I'd send him out to go get chicken, and he'd bring back this stuff that still had hair and feathers attached to it. WTF? I met his parents for dinner once, and they were like speaking in Chinese half the time, which made me wonder what the heck they were saying about me. The guy was decent in bed, but he made the weirdest damn faces when he unloaded. Yeah, after a week I was done.

  • OMG i agreed with everything you said because it's so so true!


  • OP's probably chinese. Kek

  • I'm Chinese and I have extremely severe internalized racism and I'd like to say my
    that I would rather spend the rest of my life in h*** rather than date a Chinese girl. Those slit eyed pale lemons are ugly selfish and controlling af I want to slaughter all of their gods and make them slaves including women and children.

  • 操你妈的傻逼,狗日的汉奸

  • Ching ching ting tong ling long cha wa la ma

  • Oi! Type in English!!! This is not a Chinese post ya chinky son of a b****!

  • All true. someone needs to teach these people a lesson. There are so many of us thinking the same thing, why aren't people doing anything to put them in their place?

  • Don't fking expect me to know your language stupid Chinese fks.
    Learn fking English first you stupid deported immigrants

  • No one will expect u m*********** idiot can know Chinese language, relax moran

  • Comes to OCE server, types in broken English and feeds like no tomorrow on League. Bunch of retarded dropped boosted kids.

    I have never hated such people in my fcking life. I'd do anything to nuke these fktards.

  • F****** ruining my f****** League games in OCE. I hate them as well. I hope they f****** get nuked stupid f****** immigrant c****.

  • Chinese people don't give a f*** about what you're thinking ;) by the way Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  • Chinga china ano Nuevo pendejo 🖕🏻

  • Hõla Amigo Commo esta???

  • Hispanics are better than the Chinese at least we got a lot more guts than the F****** Chinese p******. At least Spanish people ain't scared to express our opinions

  • You f****** Mexican steals jobs and like trump said mostly are child rapist the wall is going up nacho muncher🤣🤣🤣and I ain't Chinese meheco ho'

  • I disagree with you. You have your own opinion and reasons, and that's alright and I mean you no harm, but listen (or read rather) to what I have to say. The Chinese you met were probably not-so-great, but not all them are bad. There's good and bad within a group of people, or a nation.
    You've met bad ones and thus are in belief that they're all bad.
    I don't personally know any Chinese, but the ones I've met or seen via Chinese restaurants, read from and so on, were nice.

    Also, animal cruelty is everywhere. I knew a person in my village who use to skin cats and brag about it. There are real monsters in this world, but they do not reside in a single nation. Take Germany during WWII or North Korea now, sure there's a few bad apples, but look past that and you'll see a blooming berry bush. Don't judge one book in the series just because you didn't like the way it looked or was written (behaved).
    By the way, I don't think racists can be open-minded, they're usually the close-minded types I believe.


  • Mate. You are right in the sense that probably 1 out of 10 Chinese people are okay... BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER F****** 9/10!? THE CHINESE ARE A F****** DESPICABLE RACE AND AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. You're probably just gonna block me out and say I'm a blatant racist and my opinion doesn't matter but when u think about it
    1) They are greedy f****** s****- every time you help them the are literally never going to repay and come up with some s*** excuse and then say some more s*** like they don't understand English eg. We let them into our first world countries with running water and then they take advantage of our laws and f*** of good everyday people and businesses etc.
    2) They leave their own country and f*** up other countries and then blame their own leaders even though all the fucken Chinese people are contributing to their country and the world being a s*** state.

    3) They are the most rude people you'll ever meet and they make a lot of f****** noise and if u complain you'll just get an ear load of s***.
    4) They have no respect for other people's ways of life and they just think that they're more superior even though their lofestyle is fucken s*** af.

  • What that guy said ^

  • Look I don't like the fact that they hurt animals why do they do this to poor little dogs when they have done nothing I am 11 and have to dogs I cry every night because I'm scared of what might happen to them , I just don't know what they are being cruel like this I don't have anything against them it's just the way the kill and treat the animals

  • Oh yeah? What about the pigs and cows you've eaten in your life! In some place in China, dogs are just one of the animal that are food like the cows! Of cause your dumb brain can't possibly understand that

  • No one cares about your dogs.

  • I also hate Chinese people. They are taking over and ruining California! They have invaded the San Francisco Bay Area, (where I live).They have also ruined other communities like SoCal (Monterey Park) All asian now. And have invaded Vancouver (Canada). Here in the San Francisco Bay area, everywhere you look there is a slanty-eyed Chinese person trying to push and shove their way ahead of you. They have no manners, are incredibly racist, only care about money! Terribly shallow people!! They are destroying our housing market and taking up spots in colleges that should go to American kids first! I just wish it was 1960 or 1970 and they were not here. In a short matter of 20, 30 years they have taken over and will continue to, like a virus or cancer. White people do not like them. They think we do, but we do not. STAY IN S***-HOLE CHINA!!!! Where you belong!.

  • U know what we will blow U.S. up one day

  • No worries, we will sweep you out of earth soon

  • The rape of Nanking never happened!!! Japan never invaded china it was china who invaded japan! the Chinese raped a lot of Japanese girls and kill many Japanese! The Chinese got some F****** nerve to accuse the Japanese! Japanese did nothing wrong to Chinese but Chinese just decided to invade!

  • Yeah all Americans are all scums, there is no Independence Day, Japan defeated you and you are all white and black m o t h e r f****** e r s

  • White power baby!

  • Yeah wake up moran

  • The word is moron not Moran so learn some English small pee pee c****

  • And aliens Rules us!!!

  • I'm Chinese and it makes me want to go die in a fire I agree with every single thing you said and I have a s*** ton of more to add for example the Chinese are cheap deceiving ugly manipulative sons of b****** who create so many rip offs of americas products and social media they copied google and to make us all think they didn't plagiarize they changed the g in the middle by adding an accent that website literally has all the characistics of the original google which is sad they are extremely racist to blacks and go Agro as f*** when they are picked on by someone of another's mainly referring to blacks and whites they spaz out and go toxic because it's obvious they want to win a fight since their uselessness makes them an extreme target of bullying. I have to agree to the idea that we should not be cared for nobody likes the Chinese and I agree with the reason even in video game chat logs people get muted for being racist to blacks or muslims but when hey say something about the Chinese everybody Ohh's. I know for all the other Asians out there who r offended by this and want me to slit my throat for turning against my own race but I just can't keep living like this knowing that these things aren't true, they are that is the truth

  • Ok. Im just living in China right now, I´ve been living in here for at least 2 years and a half. I think life is more difficult for a woman in China because Chinese guys are superficial and stupid and the foreign guys that come to China are usually LOSERS that just want to have s** and party -(usually).

    Chinese girls, some are pretty, but must of them are pretty dumb and controlling.I find them annoying and the guys disgusting because they spit everywhere, they have this weird smell ( I think is because they don´t shower very often), they eat like pigs, they bark, and fart while they are eating.

    Im not Asian, Im from latinamerica and from a "third world country" but even thought my country is not rich at least the people are not SO DIRTY. In my country we call the Chinese people "chinos cochinos" which means "dirty Chinese".

    I mean some people are ok in China, I´ve meet maybe 1 or 2 that are normal. But the majority people have some mental problems, I think they can be considered as narcissistic or retarded. Guys in here are crazy really like you go out with them once and then they want to marry you.

    I will never NEVER date a Chinese guy especially because they dont brush their teeth. I mean really I dont know how some guys kiss the girls. In two years and a half I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE BRUSHING THEIR TEETH.

    I dont know I was not that racist before but now that Im in China I mean Ive seen everything in here. Some many kids pooping everywhere!! and peeing.

    And I dont know about the guys but everytime I go to the bathroom this chinese are pooping like crazy, this girls p*** a lot and the smell is disgusting and later they dont clean their hands. Really I think that they also dont clean their butt.

    I think this culture is too extreme for me. I miss my home now.

  • Please don't blame all Chinese people for things that others do. I'm definitely not saying that they are all perfect because they definitely aren't but I find this extremely rude and ignorant to the fact that not every person is the same. When you say these things about a culture as a whole it really feels as though you're being a huge ass hypocrite. Sure complain about those specific Chinese people who managed to make your day worse, that's fine. But when you entirely demote an entire race due to the fact that some of them are a*******, you are being entirely disrespectful and childish. If we're going to go that route I hope you realize that many people hate Caucasians, hate African people, hate Latino(a)s etc for some other stupid reason. I do not. I am not a whining piece of dipsh*t cry baby who wastes their time demoting a people's worth just because they may or may not agree with some people. You stupid a** people have absolutely no brain if you think that all Chinese people are the same. You have the right to complain about the scandals or the mistakes or whatever but you have no right to hate a race. You have no idea what that's does to a Chinese person who happens to stumble upon your stupidity. Sure there are really stupid a** Chinese people, sure there are Chinese people who are completely despicable, but there are also really stupid a** Caucasian people, there are also Latinos and Latinas who are completely despicable. All I can see from reading this is that you are a hypocrite, blaming somebody for something and then turning around and doing another hurtful thing. Just cause there are rude and stupid Chinese people, doesn't give you the f*cking right to say that every other Chinese person out there is the same. This post is the stupidest and rudest thing I have ever read. I hope you all know that it's not a specific race that is the worst, it's the kind of people like you f*cktards that sit lowest.

  • Mate... like it or not 98% Chinese people are stingy slit-eyed f***'s. Don't put this back on us white people and say that we r just as bad as you. That's not how it f***** works. You Chinese people are the f****** scum of the earth and coming up with these appauling excuses just doesn't work buddy.

  • Hey you M O T H E R F. U. C. K. E. R. S. white bird s*** a s s F U. C. K. I. N. G S. H. I. T , we will kill every single white people in this world one day, I will find you, kill you and all of you family, and feed it to another white family and than kill them too, on and on and on and on

  • Hey c**** dont try to talk tough everyone knows Chinese people are all PUSSIESS

  • You must be one of the g****** apologetic Chinks . Just shut the f*** up and accept that your people are s***. Heck, worse than s*** I would live with s*** because atleast I could clean it up and flush it down the toilet.

  • Chinese are WAYYYYY too many!. This is why is easy to spot the bad onces because there are MILLIONS of them everywhere.

  • They are the dirtiest people I've ever encountered. They have 0 respect/consideration for other people. The ones that speak good English are OK because they somehow integrate well into American culture and first world practices. I have 3 C**** roommates and they don't know basic stuff like you're supposed to flush toilet paper, not throw it in the garbage after wiping your ass. The trash bin is always full and none of them care to ever empty it. I get mad frustrated with them because of this unacceptable behavior. Moreover, they act like I don't exist I've tried so many times in the past year to make small talk but they don't seem to get the concept. Always sticking to their own little groups. F*** em. F*** em all to h*** I hope they go back to their country where this bullshit is normal.

  • So true and most of their breath smells like s*** and these people are very selfish nothing but money and the Chinese girl is nothing but a hidden prostitute I hate Chinese people

  • Spot on brother! I hope all the fucken chinks die.


  • Wake up, aussie loser

  • I agree they make fun of other kinds by calling them dirty animals but chinks culture acts just a bunch of rabid animals

  • I'm a Spanish man and I gotta say chinos r all putos y putas they're rude as s*** and they think all chinos better than hispanics pero everybody likes Spanish better. Chinos todos son putos y maricons

  • Well from what I see that skit of you Mexican c*** sucker begging them for a job and I ain't chinese you Mexican f***** and by the way y'all nothing but a short fat and ugly Mexican child rapist like Donald trump said b**** now the walk will go up no more food stamp for you big fat ugly mexican big ass and again I ain't Chinese I hate Mexican just as much as I hate Chinese ANd you f****** Mexican stop pooping so many damm kids and expect us American to take care of your s*** 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Puta madre,at least I know your f****** bland language, can you read chinese草你妈了个逼

  • Wow c**** I dare you to fight a group of Spanish people let's see if Kung fu gonna help you

  • Hey u know what I don't give a f*** about your language and go back to your. F. U. C. K. I. N. G country losers

  • Hey chino why don't u fight a group of latinos? Let's see who gonna win u FUUCKING slant eyed c****

  • Los chinos son demasiado cochinos, yo no se como le hacen para ser tan asquerosos. Yo no se si usted ha vivido en China pero mejor no se atreva por que yo llevo aquí ya rato y es demasiada la cochinada. Sin ser rata es para tirarles un par de bomabs atómicas..

  • First of all, if you've been to any school at all you'd know that it's ones culture to do curtain things that might be strange or even disturb others. I'm not trying to glorify animal cruelty or eating dogs but let's face it, you've done some sort of animal cruelty too. If a Muslim see you eat pork he will think you're immoral and literally deserve a trip to h***. Once again, it's all because how you're raised. Just because house pets are trained for a different purpose doesn't mean it should be separated from its origin as a wolf or be considered a higher class than the rest of "nonhuman" animals. TBH ik this fact will get a lot of uneducated retarded triggered af but you know what, nobody gives a f*** about them. My conclusion is this, whoever posted this hate comment towards an entire race because of the practice of an insignificant amount of people in one race is cancer and retarded. I hope none of your family or friends see your stupid complain about your perfect life if you even have any friend.

  • F*** china i hate chinks id cut their heads off and boil them alive

  • USA is not your country, it is Indians, are you Indians? You just came here before most Chinese American here. They have same USA passport as you do. USA is an immigration country, everyone came from different countries other than native Indians. You complain like a looser.

  • Are you seriously making a post like this while calling them Indians??

  • All of this. F*** China, f*** the Chinese and f*** everything they stand for. I hope a civil war breaks out.

  • You are welcome, then we finally get the reason to sweep u out of earth

  • Very true most chinese women are just whores

  • Chinese men don't act like men they act like small kids. Had a Chinese classmate in middle school and when one white accidentally bump into him he held a grudge against the entire class Chinese people gotta grow the f*** up!

  • CHINESE ain't human! They don't respect nobody and if they in ur country they want everyone learn Chinese just for them wow! They even bully the natives of the country and expect THEM to change for the Chinese! F*** all Chinese!

  • I know that China has like a shitload of the world's population and all, but if this is what a large portion of the human species evolved into, we're f*****.

  • Hahah so much hate ( and I love that), I'm a chinese girl living in Switzerland and I'm so f****** proud of my nation!!!!!! You're all digusting me! Who the h*** do you think you are to judge a country and its people?! By doing that, you all proved that you're just idiots! You critized chinese people and China in general, ok we are not perfect but which country are perfect? I don't want to speak about the genocide that Americans had done to black people during slavery ( you just have to read "twelve years a slave" from Solomon Northup to see what I mean) (ah yes I forgot, you don't read book because you are a ignorant) hey Japan! I want to tell you something! Before criticizing our country because of Tibet ( thing that I don't agree, see I'm chinese and I don't agree for Tibet) ! See just what you have done to us? Remember ?? THE GENOCIDE OF NANKIN! Hahaaha !!! 300'000 chinese people died! Killing by the japanese soldiers who enjoyed to torture these poor chinese ! The women were raped and then killed! You just have to study a little bit more History to see the horrors that China had endured! Et cerise sur le gâteau, the Japan have never said once sorry for that! I'm stoping there, otherwise I can speak of that all the night long. So before criticizing a country and its people, look at your big a** . It drives me crazy to see how much hate a human can have for another country ( and that a site can allow such "idioties")
    I <3 China ( sorry if I ve made mistake, l'anglais n'est pas ma langue maternelle 😘)

  • You nasty flat face subhuman!! Don't use our beautiful language to call yourself a "girl". Your c**** c*** smells like putrid roadkill. Your species should be exterminated like the dog eating vermin you are!

  • F*** you b****,go back to china,you piece of s***,if your country is awesome why not just live there,leave Europe alone you lying p****.You are just a pest,a vermin,a worthless piece of s***,the biggest parasite of the society.And I believe that the alleged nanking massacre was just made up by you lying b****** on purpose cuz you just wanted to stimulated ppl's sympathy to you lower race.It never happened,get over it and go f*** yourself.

  • This has nothing to do with history it just about most Chinese people behavior look at how you all behave when travel and the way you all think go on YouTube to watch Chinese behaving badly and one thing is definitely true that you all are very dirty people SORRY BUT THIS WAS WHAT MY EXPERIENCE WITH CHINESE

  • Gril, prounf of u, but you don't need explain anything to those idiots morans m************ losers dickheads. All they want is our middle finger, that's it.一群贱逼,难窥我天朝威仪

  • F*** china hope they all die end of story

  • I'm a Chinese middle schooler male and I've read what you said and I'm sorry but I've got to agree with everyone else the Chinese are lazy deranged bisexuals and if you aren't proud of being Chinese then I suggest you talking to your mom about getting a therapist you mental c***

  • Are*

  • Alright im a Chinese middle schooler (male) and I've only read a quarter of what you said so far and I'm sorry but I've got to agree with everyone else the Chinese are lazy deranged bisexuals who think they are surperior and if you are proud of being Chinese they you need to talk to your mom about getting you a f****** therapists you mental c***

  • So... since you are chinese, doesn't that make you a lazy deranged bisexual c***? just because you side with the majority, that doesn't mean you aren't part of the minority, you dirty chinese.

  • I hate myself is that good enough of an answer. Being Chinese blows I've known that ever since I was 7 you idiotic c***

  • Japan here, Thing is that was in the past and you can't seem to let go and learn from our mistakes, our empire was demolished yet we rebuilt, you're following the same path of us, taking over islands in south china sea and throwing your weight around. War is in the past, why do you not respect peace under a new government? -Akio, Nagoya

  • I am from Western Europe and have lived years in the USA, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong), Europe, and travelled to many other places.

    Chinese people living in abroad are nice but come on.. some local Chinese tend to be seriously retarded.
    Why is that? Because of an obvious lack of education, and a culture focused on getting weatlhy while to the detriment of culture and qualitative education.

  • I'm Japanese and I gotta say why the f*** should we say sorry ur people have done crimes too what about Falun Gong? Huh? China tried to kill all of them even the kids were being killed so why the f*** should Japan say sorry!? F*** Chinese people!

  • F*** YOU!Reading more books about the history between China and Japan to know the truth!Do you know what is Falun Gong?Leave your country and go out into the world,stupid!

  • Japan have to say sorry for the crimes that it had done ! ( genocide of Nankin! Just tap it on google and you'll see all those horrors! Still today, people deny it because it is too trash, for example, your first minister shinto abe deny this!)
    The crimes that China had done are not your affairs! As I said before, there are points that I did not agree. Yes China did this and that and this and what else?
    I mean, It's time to take care about your own affairs, to wash your own a** before washing the others's
    And do not insult chinese people because I did not insult japanese! I like japanese culture but there are things that I did not agree about what the japanese government had done!
    ( you seem not to "like" chinese people so why do you care about falun Gong? It's between chinese people 😂 proof that you're a simple racist! And sorry, we can not heal you for that)

  • That's absolute ass wash, people don't hate germany currently for hitlers genocide action? japan was under different rule and has changed, get over it and stop being butthurt.

  • Love from Switzerland! Bisou depuis la suisse 😘🇨🇳🇨🇭

  • F*** Switzerland 🇨🇭 🖕🏻 And 🇨🇳

  • We're very proud of what we did nankin was a s***** place

  • Still is.

  • 日本>中国 ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ ー昭雄、名古屋

  • ^_^有本事别bb^_^^_^不用中国制造的物品^_^不接触中国人^_^^_^本人在此网页留下的最后一句话^_^---学会尊重强者^_^或者正在变强的人^_^

  • 好样的!

  • Ching Chong this is America you mental c*** speak English and get that witchcraft gibberish s*** out of this county

  • Yes Chinks need to keep their s*** the f*** out of America!🖕🖕🖕

  • Speak english you d*******

  • Man shut the f*** up

  • China is the shithole of the world!Rude,evil,dirty disgusting roaches,don't trust them,they not even humans...In the sadly not too far future,they gona be try, to conquer the Earth!The Planet need a global alliance against this plague,the infection is running fast.Stop this yellow rats,before it's too late!

  • I'm japanese and chinese people are disgusting towards me, acting as if they had solely won world war 2 and we were to blame, i literally be friendly to chinese people and ask them how they are and they either ignore me or scowl or are rude. They act as if we are in their shadow when in truth we are far more culturaly and spiritually advanced, culture beats brute force. I've given up on trying so when ever i see a chinese or hear i just go, oh here we go again. Even the koreans who we ruled for many years before world war 2 are nice towards us and friendly. China needs to grow up.

  • Lol dude grow the f*** up. The Chinese don't like you cuz ur uneducated. Go kiss Americans a**** see if they give a single f*** about you. Can't blame them for hating a country that slaughtered millions of their people and still want them to like its people because the war has ended. It's people like you that give out false claims without any thinking at all and still sits there to be the victim.

  • Exactly Chinese people never let go of the past they are just a bunch of F****** babies in an adult body

  • "Let go of their past" let's forget the Jews

  • At least Jews don't always b**** about the past

  • The us helped then win the war, then they repay them back with hatred and competition? should have let us deal with them.

  • The amount of hatred on this post is absolutely sickening. Look, I'm one for people being able to believe what they want and such, but when it starts affecting other people negatively to a sickening point is when the line should be drawn. Animal cruelty, rude behavior and such is really bad and no one should be proud of that. But, to say an ENTIRE group of people does so is wrong. Granted, some Chinese people are complete jerks and can ruin everyone's view on them. Then again, every race has jerks that do this. I wouldn't call them locusts and scum of the earth-degrading things that make your whole article look like racist s***. Not everyone in a group acts the way that you have experienced with said group. China may be an awful place, but not all of its inhabitants are awful. To wish Ill will on anyone is wrong. Why on earth would you want to eradicate an entire group of people? You're just as bad as hitler trying to rid the world of the Jews.

    Believe what you want to believe, but Christ, the hatred here is sickening. I don't want to imagine how it's affecting certain people.

    (This comment isn't really organized and may make no sense. Sorry.)

  • If we eradicate the locust country known as china then the earth shall be cleansed and Chinese people are worst than hitler. At least he had a heart

  • I liked this comment because how cute it is for a man knows so little English and tries to make his point with all those big words. Now we have an idiot who does not even want to turn on his brain before he types and literally is glorifying hitler.

  • Chino chinga tu madre

  • The want to rid the world of a certain group of people just based on the negatives and sour experiences is wrong. The earth can be cleansed in many ways, but ridding it of an entire group of people is awful.

    I'm way out of my normal space, talking to a group of people who believe nothing but hatred can make the world a better place. Not all problems can be solved with force and violence. It's sad that you believe these things.

  • F*** the chinks. Sneaky yellow f****.

  • I agree 100% the Chinese culture of animal cruelty is disgusting. I wish & hope one day each one of them that has tortured any living creature is skinned alive and boiled slowly. The ethics of those Chinese humans place them in a category where fecal matter deserves more respect. That is how Awful those particular human beings are. Maybe one can hope they all perish from a long painful disease and not threaten our future generations with their backward, uneducated culture of animal torture.

  • Do understand that Chinese people have pets too. Btw where the f*** did you even read about the animal cruelty part? Even if there is, you shouldn't not be hating on the Chinese but humanity itself. Stop trying to blame another group of your kind just to glorify yourself and get all the attention so people can understand just how retarded your comment is. Torturing animals is done by people all around the globe. Trust me if you do some research about animal cruelty in the United States you will hate yourself because you are unfortunately, too, an American.

  • F*** the Chinese. I went there and couldn't get the hookers off my back.

  • ^-^a good city for some men likes you, i know where it is, for most of people, they dislike this city. god blesses your body.

  • Hong kong is like the only decent part and it's still a ghetto.

  • Chinamen are inherently evil.
    I lived there many years, I know them well, I do speak their method of communication (wouldn't call it a language).
    Stay away from china and chinamen.

  • So terrible method of communication, but why you studied it, for money? oh, i guess i understand, you are a man who always betrays others. hoping that your god saves your dark soul.

  • I'm chinese and I hate chinese people, im shame on my own race because of how they kill dogs and eat them and destroy their own country with communism and not being able to properly manage their cities.

  • Dude stfu people kill animals everywhere

  • 你为中国人丢脸!正是因为有你这样的人中国才会有阻碍!我承认中国人有杀狗或虐杀其他动物的行为,但那只是少数人,你有没有见过日本人杀鲸鱼?你先了解了事情的本质再说!我在这里不想爆粗口,我不想为中国人丢脸!

  • Speak english you deceiving weak c***

  • Lol, the "deceiving weak c*** " just roasted your ass.

  • 骂就好毕竟这里大部分人都是粗鄙之人(奸笑)

  • I'm asian and i hate chinese people. They're arrogant, big-headed, two timer people, who think they're smarter than every other human being. Also, they're everywhere! Do you chinese people are s** maniac?! Go home to your country, and s**** them. Don't come "travel" to our country, s**** your own country

  • Then go black put your skins, and tatto "i am white" on your ugly face, let's how people react, stupid ass

  • Your government hopes chinese people visit your country because your country is poor, actually i dislike to say that but you say sth that makes me angry. I am confused why you think they want to live your country, that is so ridiculous and your education is so low lol

  • Education in China is good?. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  • Tell them to pack up and go the f*** home.

  • Same "1600's European immigrants" back to Europe babe

  • No one that is not from china would ever want to live there it is over polluted and over populated Chinese people are taking over and should actually f*** right out of every other country but china they are disgusting human beings and I can't stand them. no manners what so ever and just buy land in every country but their own and I don't understand how they get away with it and it is just showing how s*** their country is as they buy land in every other country but theirs, and the people who are not Chinese do not buy Chinese land because it is s*** and no one wants !!!! But they are aloud to buy everyone else's land 😡 How about f*** off and stay in your s*** filth that you created

  • Choose right places to live you will like,some cities are terrible without doubt.

  • Are you sure you come to china for the purpose of observing the real and positive Chinese people?
    i don't know which country you grow up, and how horrible culture teach you in your whole life, just tell you, the countries around china were ever helped by this great country, even they had wars in the past but now everything is good.
    also, you just a stupid man or woman(i am not sure your s**)
    by the way, so bullshit one who hates china, i guess, maybe you are from the country where my ancestors brought thousands of teens from china to " travel"

  • Well done你是一名真正的中国人!

  • ^_^

  • Speak english a******!

  • 连特么中文都看不懂你妈是不是没教你怎么吃屎。 f*** you trash.

  • I can speak Chinese woo shee caa faa baa laa! LOL 😂

  • ^-^你特么最后说的是拼音么孩子^_^回炉重造吧^_^

  • Go to YouTube and type in F*** Chinese people and you will see me im the black guy

  • No one wants to go to china

  • 100 dollars one month? sure you don't have enough money to travel lol

  • Yeah u think ur country has the greatest kind of people? How come ur kind refuses to be friends with Japanese people? Ur people keep b******* about how they killed ur people but Chinese people also kill Japanese people. So chinks ain't as good as u say they are.

  • And find some information about wars between china and japan, don't limit it after 1800. you will know why Chinese people dislike to make friend with Japanese.

  • Like americans kill indians? that is not the same kind of problem. and i just say my country is great not greatest, as you think your country is better than some countries, also, i am happy to see this word- chinks, that means you hate china, because people always hate stronger or weak. if you think this country is weak, i will think your education is so poor that you can't understand and analyze the real situation in the world. So please respect China and Chinese, after all, we respect you all except some people who are totally stupid like this author. Besides, if you want to judge any persons or countries, please go there and experience their different lifestyles and cultures, medias just want you know what is right based on their values. About killing Japanese, are you sure we firstly planned to break out wars with them??????? review your historical books if you are not from Japan. God blesses you and have a good night.

  • I had a chinese scum bag move into the condo beneath mine. He had raw sewage coming up from the drains, a problem he bought the place with and never addressed. He moved in crack heads and meth heads and tried charging them 100 bucks a month in FL with no air conditioning. He made the place overrun with cockroaches and who knows what else. Maybe the bedbugs will be next. He, like other members of his race are animalistic pieces of trash. F*** chinese people. You cannot reduce every negative aspect of a person or group down to differing cultures. Their culture is disgusting. Hitler should have started with them and not the Jews.

  • I've been to China. They could wait to p*** on their new Metro train.

  • True that homeboy

  • *Golf Clap*

    Ching Chang Chong

  • Are you SURE you aren't talking about Jews?

  • Well said

  • Wew lad

  • You know why you hate Chinese, because you are stupid

  • So are the Chinese.. I went to Paris to view their beautiful are and the Chinese didn't even know how to act in foreign country.

  • Japanese is better

  • Japanese is loser in Second world wars! Do you know why? Because they displeased chinese! Although Chinese have bad arms,they smited Japanese! How great they are!

  • Japan is better.

  • Fucck japan under the US

  • FUcck Chinese slant eye small d****

  • Quite right!

  • Eat chinese s*** hater s**** hahaha your tears makes me rape and c** in your mouth harder

  • Wow u a Chinese f*****! lol since Chinese men always like to f*** each other LOL

  • I'm a Chinese man I F****** hate being Chinese ! So I betrayed my race my saying I'm Japanese and I'm also learning Japanese so I can talk with Japanese friends. Since I also know the F****** Chinese language so I can translate to my true Japanese friends. What I really wanna say to all Chinese people is F*** ALL OF YOU CHINESE !!! F*** BACK TO YOUR SLIT EYE COUNTRY!!!

  • China sucks s*** in every single game I play there's always all those dumbass China players who just keep winning not by skill but because they spend so much money in the game then change the settings to bully lower level players. A bunch of uncultured p******. Isn't the earth supposed to be made perfectly? All animals and plants can live interdependently and the ecosystem can sustain itself. With China, the s**** living there cause the whole world to not have any balance. Maybe we should chase these idiots out. Maybe Donald Trump becoming president might not be that bad, he might accidentally press some button and blow China up. If China didn't exist, there would not be world hunger cause there won't be anymore dickheads who eat everything they see. If they can see with those eyes that can be blindfolded with dental floss.

  • You are all fools to think your individual race is pure, let alone better than any one else's. There is only one race a*******. Get used to it.

  • I can already tell this thread is full of Filipino brown cockroaches so let me tell you this one thing: It doesn't matter if you hate the Chinese you little brown vermin, there is absolutely no way you will get the South China Sea back since it rightfully belongs to us.
    Kill yourselves now, you ugly 3rd world vermin! F*** ALL FILIPINOS! They must all be exterminated and sent to the stone ages before they keep breeding, these ugly brown maids and nurses! Eat my s*** and die!

  • Lol, the South China Sea is de facto owned by the US through the FON. Why? Because your navy is so utterly pathetic that you have 0 projection of force which also makes your cumbersome army completely ineffective. The PRC is a paper tiger propped up on house of cards and will come crashing down within the next 10-20 years, HARD.

  • Oh yeah u slant eyed c**** ur kind is the F****** most evil kind cuz u kill those who practice Falun Gong! They are such good people yet the F****** Chinese people kill them wow... no wonder why everybody hates F****** Chinese people!

  • Lol at all this hate
    That's how you know the Chinese are taking over the world! F*** YEAH!
    Eat s*** and die faggots! LOL

  • The only thing chinese is taking over in this country is chinese restaurants and and bootlegged products.. deport these m************.

  • I want to say a big ass thank you for your 'passion' towards the chinese. Dont you know literally everyone on the internet(maybe world) hates chinese? I too hate them, but uh, i need to give you an advice:not all chinese is like that. maybe one out of thousand, you'll never know. So, its completely normal to hate chinese, but please only to those which you know they did s***.

  • It's kinda funny how Chinese people make fun of white people and Japanese people but when it's time to fight then they f*** off what a group of p******! This is Valmir djelosevic saying this for my Japanese friends onegai!!

  • Hey it's me Valmir djelosevic I just F***** up a Chinese man by punching the back of his head LOL 😂 he was a weak p**** LOL 😂

  • Koreans and Japanese are better than Chinese because they can really fight but the Chinese has weak martial arts

  • You are right,but chinese have more develop mind!

  • How come china never made a video game? lol

  • If you are dark brown or 'black' in particular, stay far away from China. Smelly, source of diseases and petty crimes.

  • If you are Yellow chinese.. don't sit in their new trains smelling like urine and s***.

  • I'm a Chinese man and I gotta say being Chinese sucks I wish I was a Japanese because Japanese are cool people

  • They are cool. And they talk by way of action.

  • I agree and they treat people with respect

  • You're not welcomed

  • Chinese people should worship li hongzi

  • They are slowly, but surely taking over the world. The city I am from has become a dirty, crowded and unfriendly place. Their tourists demand Chinese be spoken in an ENGLISH language country. They steal, spit, scream and f****** will not take no for an answer. Their developers have ruined parts of our city just so they can have massive apartment towers to live in (they refuse to live with anyone other than fellow chinese).
    but worst of all, they honestly do not give a f***. They could not care how people around them are viewing them. So long as they are #1 or get what they want. I have been abused by them for being at the market and buying fruit they they wanted.
    Once they (of course they will, the are f***** and don't know what condom is) have kids, those kids will integrate with the other locals (usually but not always white) and shed that selfish cultural identity. The problem is that when a wave of immigrants come over they still have their programming from back in China, that rude, selfish entitled way of thinking. You'll find that these people like the idea of another country but once they get there they struggle trying to fit in and just give up. This is why there are massive towns and towers full of nothing but Chinese. The thought of having make the effort to integrate pains them. Once they have kids then progress begins to be made as the kids will be forced to go to an (although we are seeing instances of Chinese only schools in other countries) educational facility where English is the main language and will befriend the locals. They will end up with a cultural identity that is half Chinese and half the place they reside in.
    Like i said, the mainland state of mind is corrosive.

  • Honestly, have you ever even heard of a polite chinese person? They are such a f****** joke. I hate middle easterns, but chinese and north koreans are the focking absolute worst(well just as bad as middle easterns). All three are rude as h***, did you read about how this chinese woman on airplane going out of country( think it was to thailand- not sure).. well she got mad at the stewardess and decided to throw scalding water at her. I think same flight, another chinese man threatened to "blow up" the plane just because he couldn't be seated next to his friend. When he could have saved the trouble if he was f****** educated and learned to book ahead of time.

    There's many things that they do like defecate in public areas(non bathrooms obviously).. squat on a toilet seat(i.e. put their feet on top of the toilet seat and s***).

    This mother somehow got caught letting her child take a s*** on the floor a foot away from the toilet seat... I assume that toilet must have been dirty because s******* on the floor is appalling.

    They bring diseases wherever they go. They lie about everything(even to each other). They're f****** cruel savages who whenever someone is hurt in public-- they wont stop to help them(Tons of videos of it too)-- if they stop it's just to take photos or record... :l

    They are so f****** rude, I just don't get why we still even do any communications with them. They just plagiarize everything they see, they steal copyrighted ideas(just look on f****** ebay-- about millions of bootleg pokemon s*** sold daily on there comes straight from f****** china).

    When they do bootleg s***, they don't even try hard. They just half ass it to the point it's excruciatingly annoying.

    If I was that lady who got injured by that g*** I would had gouged her eyes out and p*** on her eye sockets- see if that's f****** rude enough.

  • A ripoff Pokemon go: check
    A ripoff YouTube: check
    A ripoff Google: check
    Too bad they don't follow the way of life from other countries too, they only want to ripoff things that make them money cause that's all they ever care about. Their government sucks, is there not a way to prevent the rape there? Every year the population of a******* there increases, and the reason? They probably rape people everyday, and are either too dumb or poor to get a condom. Maybe they think their stupid rubbery skin is the condom, not surprised since their whole country is such a big fuckup.

  • Do not work for Chinese managed high tech companies especially in Silicon Valley. If you don't fit within their culture, you will not only get paid low but also be left out. There are lots of favoritism. Chinese companies are very difficult to do business with and what doesn't make sense is they design a stupid system that chases customers away when they are ready to buy. They blame their employees when business is slow and starts cutting manpower instead of innovating. These Chinese companies have so many obstacles with useless policies where their employees have difficulty succeeding. They don't know about customer service and how to do business in America.

  • This is because chinese are dumb lazy pigs. They have no creativity and lack ingenuity. Logic mandates if you're trying to make money; you keep your customers happy, you go that extra mile for them and try to milk the most out of them. But they can only do the latter part of it(the milking).

    They probably think anyone non-chinese is an idiot.

    Anything they make is s*****, half assed and just cheaply made. All of their stuff is unsafe.

    When they argue most products come from china-- correction:

    Most products are made in china-- yes. But the ideas/patents/etc is not, and anything that is made for overseas usage is overlooked by another country from overseas. They keep people there to make sure everything in order. Literary, all the chinese people are... just mindless drones. They can get the work done if you give them exact directions and the task is simple enough.
    The whole sweat shop thing doesn't even bother me. They're not even civilized humans, and they treat animals like s***. So they deserve what they have.

  • Whf? you just stay at home and watch your little screen in front of you, and accept the information which medias want to let you know. open your eyes, poor guy.

  • U should open ur eyes if u can with those small slant eyes lol

  • I really open my eyes and i know you just bullshit to everyone who has a higher education than you. so weak guy who makes me lol and..........please don't buy anything that are made in china, if you can, god blesses your life.

  • I agree it's a sweatshop!

  • Yes and shady. Most of them are dishonest and they copy other people's products and resell them.

  • I wanna p*** on the Chinese flag and take a s*** on the flag and wipe my ass with the Chinese flag lol

  • Do it then, and prove it on youtube that you're not a keyboard warrior.

  • I bet he can also prove he is not an immigrant selling batteries on a NYC train

  • I am pretty sure anyone would, if it wasn't going to be immediately flagged for removal by faggots like you.

  • You are suck man, Same as ASian, but hate Chine, whats wrong with you. CHine control ur countres before your country set up, You were c**** too. Because of you r yellow Skin

  • You're an idiot if you think everyone came from china at some point. People actually came right out of africa- and eventually drifted towards different parts of europe and asia. So wrong.

    I'll give you that china at some point used to be the largest country in the world, but you know this was a long time ago- and the chinese from now are actually lesser than what they used to be. The wall of china was built thousands of years ago and has lasted for so long-- and only little parts of it have actually decayed by natural storms. The last time they rebuilt parts of the wall of china.. the thing only lasted a decade or two and then it collapsed.

    Your people are s***** at everything that they do.

    It's actually sad because china used to be a country that was somewhat decent to live in long ago-- but now it's just a f****** joke.

    Don't think I don't look at the forums from china, or actually been there. I have- your people are rude, selfish, uncaring a*******. Chinese are f****** ugly as h*** and their faces look like fat little dumplings. It's funny how they make fun of the americans for being fat, and other countries.. but the real joke is china.

  • Hey speak better English u F****** Chinese! Chinese is the worst kind of Asian! Japanese is the best Asian

  • Most Asians are kind with a strong sense of culture and respect. The fools from China are completely different. They go around spitting everywhere, s******* in public places cause they think they're a class higher than everyone. Well let me tell you something you b***** chinks, you are NOT. You ripoff YouTube, Pokemon Go, Google, and many other things you ban in your bullshit country just so you can earn money from your own ripoffs. It's surprising how you have not been sued yet. People probably want to save their saliva to spit on you a*******. Your presence ruins the world in so many aspects. You expect people to speak your language even outside of your country. Why don't you dumbasses go learn something else other than dog language and be stop being illiterate fools? You are the fools who give other races the steorotypes that Asians are tryhards and idiots, when in actual fact they are not. I quite a lot of non-Chinadog Asian friends and they are very friendly and respectful people. China should not be part of Asia, it should be its own continent, probably some arctic continent since you act like wild bears.

  • Falun Gong dafa is good!

  • Can someone jus nuke these f****ers already

  • I wish anyone would. Along with north korea, middle east, and russia. lol. Actually I prefer russia over the other ones. Hate to say it, russians in comparison to koreans(north), middle easterns, and the chinese are a big upgrade.

  • I bet it was the Chinese who invaded Japan first and killed them and when Japan tried to defend themselves then the F****** Chinese say that the Japanese kill Chinese but really it's the other way around! Wow the Chinese really are evil! I bet the rape of Nanking never happened and the Chinese were just making that up. The Chinese probably invaded Tokyo first

  • Dont f****** "bet". learn your f****** facts first please, d****** fucktard

  • U wont change hater opinion

  • The Chinese try to act like the victims but they're the true evil people they killed many Japanese so F*** all Chinese!!

  • Hey f*** u Chinese ur kind r savages and the Japanese are the best race ever! So f*** u Ching Chong!

  • Many of your statements are not entirely correct and supported. Hating on Chinese because they wear make up? Also, where did you get the fact that people will support someone skinning a dog on the streets? Many of your statements are only based on a small proportion of the Chinese, such as spoilt kids. But however, i do believe that they produce questionable goods. The situation is so bad that, they themselves don't even buy products such as baby formula, as there are just too many fakes being sold. However, again, only a small amount of people, out of 1.3 billion are doing that. All that said, your opinion is your opinion, but think before you post it on the web.

  • Chinese kung fu is s*** Japanese karate is ten times better and Bruce lee was a piece of s*** fighter

  • Hehehe

  • He was certainly gay..

  • Ipman sucks b****!

  • Trump is pro China isn't he

  • No he wants to cut trades with them

  • Despicable f****** race!!!
    What did the Chinese ever bring to us... Paper? Money? Firepower? Silk?
    America doesn't need any of that!

  • If you don't want most of the things you own and use (as they are probably made in china) , as a chinese, i will gladly take them back, so that america will be great again.

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    What a ethnocentric post

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  • I'm a Vietnamese , we live right next to china, so we understand these evil folks pretty much. The Chinese people will use you when they see opportunities. And the chinese government are evil, their steps, their plans on robbing and corrupting other nearby Countries are despicable. They should stay in China, s*** in China and eat up their own s***! Asia is Asia!Never be friends with Chinese.

  • Yo man, chill please. Everyone is acting at his own benefits. Do you think in western contries those sales people alaways tell consumers the 100percent turth? Or take advantage of consumers who are lacking of informations. This just an example of thousands that shows wherever you are people always acting at his own interests. Namely, using others. Don't invlove those issues to a specific country and I think vietnamese government is not better at all. Economic policies wise (collusions wise) and many other aspects.

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  • The lack of research in everything. It's okay to voice your opinion but it makes a bigger impact if it's a proven fact. Something isn't proven correct if you get 10 people to "feel the same way". You put 10 racist people in a room with a c****, they are all going to feel the same way, vice versa! But what if you mixed that 10 up and was told to voice your opinion? Granted you'd speak much differently. You have great points but these are all based off a small statistic. Look at the feedback you've received and you'll feel like a lot of people feel the same way. Now take a step back and compare it to the rest of the world (the non racists). You'll learn that they're the minority. E.g Chinese products are s***, animals get skinned here left and right they feel like if you don't speak their language you're s***. Great, now how about when there's a Chinese man or woman on the bus speaking Chinese, you say the same s*** right? Speak English, like they owe it to you. The goods from China are questionable as f***? Okay show some numbers. You don't live in a world where saying something like that makes people believe you unless ofcourse they are of the lower IQ grade in which I completely understand. I will gladly rewrite your post whilst maintaining its racist aura but don't try to be about it when clearly you haven't done your homework. Here I'll show you an example. Not only is saying "Chinese" a huge generalization but I'm going to assume the Taiwanese are chinks too because of your uneducated Malaysian statement (which is A 61% Muslim country <- see facts) so having said that Taiwanese are chinks they have a brand of sauce which contained gutter oil (research you probably don't know what this is, poor you as you google to try to seem smarter In Your come back, it's okay I'll give you face) that was millions and millions of dollars lost and lives out in danger. You see that? Was an example of faulty products with numbers instead of saying fake f****** eggs.

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    So many janpanese martial arts are developed based on ancient Chinese martial arts. Being ignorant is a way of showing your wisedom indeed.

  • 1. It's wisdom
    2. Shouldn't it be fine for Japanese to use a few martial arts as a reference for something better, since China has already ripped off countless ideas and made them practically the same except with a different name ( in Chinese, of course, that's the only language they know)

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  • Well, since I live in Pebble Beach, California one of the known areas for tourists to visit. I can't tell you how appalled I was when I saw group of Chinese tourists taking pictures of other residences by climbing over their fences while walking my dog, HOW RUDE IS THAT? I was so devastated by this, I called Pebble Beach Security and requested these folks to be removed from the premise. I hope the Pebble Beach Company do not allow these large Chinese tourist bus disrupt the community. Some them don't even know how to drive and park correctly, I went to Carmel downtown the other day to pick up my clothes from the cleaners and what I saw were four senior Chinese men gagged and spitted on the sidewalk, DISGUSTING lots of people saw that and brisked. With all that is said, I researched different cultures about the Chinese and I have to say majority of these people were from Mainland China. I don't blame the frustrations and anger whomever that wrote this article. TRUMP 2017!

  • Trump is very pro China dude
    But by all means

  • To: "Trump is very pro China dude But by all means;" I have honestly concluded this matter based on the facts: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/policies/trade
    and http://time.com/4509121/china-presidential-debate-hillary-clinton-donald-trump/. In any event, I do respect your opinion and prefer not to contradict this matter further. Again, thank you very much for your reply.

  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will research this. If you had found that he is pro China then we are in more trouble. In any event, I'll research and revise the last word "TRUMP 2017!"

  • As a resident in Pebble Beach as well, I am grateful that the Pebble Beach Company along with the City of Carmel is going to impose taxes to some of these greedy investors that purchased beach front luxury homes with dirty money and fled to China. Our naive government enabled these folks to take away our corporate jobs and sweat labor their workers to death by paying them very low and they come to Pebble Beach and Carmel to buy us out? They most definately will not buy me out.

  • Seattle and Bay area are inundated with these people where innocent home buyers lose out due to bidding wars and then the real estate prices escalate astronomically making it very difficult for people to buy homes as wage is very stagnated in lieu of jobs being outsourced especially to China. Unfortunately, our politicians with lack of competence allowed this to happen where US owes money to China which makes me ail.

  • It's all about the seller that decides who to sell it to and get the highest amount of money from their home. Lots of these investors from China are cash paid buyers where there is no appraisal caps since they are not taking out any mortgages. Some people may refer it as dirty money, but the sale becomes legit after the sellers gets his or her money and the title gets recorded.

  • I play golf over there and have to say these people are beyond inconsiderate on the course. What agitate me the most is, they are enormously disruptive and deliver toxic nuisance to the environment. As I agree with this reviewer, these people are from Mainland China.

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    Don't try to deny it. Don't try to justify it. You know what's going on as well as we do.

  • So what? Neither denial nor justification here. China will only be better and better. And you'll keep crying and crying

  • What I want to say is, there are indeed many problems in the Chinese society. But what about your country? You think your country is perfect? Every society has its own problem, so please have a think of this before judging others.

    And I cannot accept anyone to abuse and insult my nation using words like these in the article. "They treat their daughters LIKE TRASH???!!!" Definitely no! Thats what happened a hundred years ago, where in GB women could not go to school and has no rights as well. Now boys and girls are treated equally-----I'm a girl and my family loves me very much. "ALL goods from China are questionable??" Have a look at your furniture, clothes and luxuries, are they not made in China? Then why are you still using them instead of throwing them away since you don't trust them? "Chinese people SPREAD DISEASES?" WTF is that? You Americans don't get diseases? How amazing!! What about yellow fever? The virus flied all the way over the Pacific from China to America? Is that what you think? So stop exaggerating and making stuff up about China just because you are jealous and frightened of its rise and development. Thank you.

  • "Rise and development"? "Jealous"? What kind of idiot would be jealous of some country shaped like a c*** that bred many generations of f****** losers that only know how to invade other countries and make them worse. Go f*** yourself in your own country. There are so many movies on zombies and viruses that infected the world; either they are based on China or china is based on them. F****** locusts.

  • What a well researched intelligent come back. China is shaped this way, they suck. Okay there big guy we get it. You tough. Hah

  • I have been sayying this forever, the chinese are the WORST OF THE WORST! like in the sf bay area, theyre everywhere like Locus! they f*** things up, leave trash and steal. no good from them. they are sneaking on public transportation for free. when the fare inspectors catch them, they just say" I CHINESE CHINESE!" in that horrible accent. it is truly ear piercing. spot on, i hope trump wins and kicks those chinese out and back to china or wherever they come from.

  • They don't have to pay tickets, because they already paid ahead when they took other bus. the inspectors will give you tickets, the time allowance. do you pay twice in just couple hours? you are just being ignorant there.

  • Chinese bash their kids so they will do well at school what an abusing race china is so dumb I like all the other Asian countries except china. China is an extremely unattractive race annoying accents expect everyone to know their language think their so cool but they are greedy ripoffs who do not know how to treat other with respect they do not say thank you, rarely they will say thank you but hardly ever. the treat animals with absolute no respect eating dogs and cats. they always fight with eachother they come to a country and expect everyone to help them. when I take photos some chinese people stands right infront of the camera I mean wtf really they cant even see that I'm taking a photo? Also chinese people always speak with their annoying accents it sounds like they are trying to hit you when they speak. Last of all I have never seen a race who dosent want their daughters will abandon them for another child, a boy I mean wtf seriously I would love to raise a daughter but these heartless chinese people abandons them and never think of them again

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  • Sadistic and evil? Solid point look up Americas serial killers sadists and compare it to China plus Taiwan and Singapore and whatever country you generalize as Chinese. You'll be suprised that with billions of people still less than us. Wierd right?

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  • The Chinese, and I am p***** about this, have led the elephants and Tigers to extinction. Species so magnificent that until you witness them in person, it is hard to believe how beautiful they really are. And majestic. Thanks to this uncivilized civilization, who now think they are a superpower and can get away with everything, many more such species will disappear for ever. You people in Africa - stop selling yourself short and hopping to the command of these greedy masters! You would have nothing to sell in a few years anyways!!

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  • I am a Chinese descent. I agree with this. In fact I hate them thats why I move 15000 KM away just to feel sane again.
    Don't forget to mention saving face attitude and they are so cunning but they are cowards becos they can't be straight forward to you. They mostly want your money and heartless. Rude and have no manners. Its all about money, money and money. I am so sick of it. They yell at each other on the shopping mall, thinking its their own f****** house. Just bcos you look east-asian, they will expect you to speak the language. I hate it. So tired.

    Thank you.

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  • Woah. Bro can we stay on topic here? The man posted solid points can you into devalue it? Physical altercation, did you know those whom act out in violence have a lower IQ? And yet in your statement you proceed to proudly say that the Chinese lack intelligence. Errrr pick one don't be a Donald Clinton

  • Lol, angry asian

  • I am a westerner living in China....and this writer is spot on - in fact the Chinese are far worse than this article describes. I have never encountered a more morally degenerate, dirty filthy, ill mannered, rude, ignorant, utterly materialistic bunch of ugly arrogant dishonest people in my entire life - and I have travelled quite a bit around the world. They are devoid of human qualities the 'rest of us' might take for granted....they have an absolute absence of human compassion, empathy, courage, intelligence, common sense and do not even comprehend love.

    Living among them is like living in H*** itself. You are pushed to every limit of 'tolerance' every single day. The entire population seem to spend their entire time irritating one another to the point of total insanity. Driving a car in China takes all the joy out of living. And after spending any length of time here you will want to kill someone rather than have to put up with them spitting, s*******, p******, shouting, and eating like actual animals with stereophonic sound effects that induce vomiting...even in 'posh' restaurants your ears and vision will be insulted continually.

    Add to this the absolute chaos that is everywhere here and the dismal dreary, substandard architecture/infrastructure - the complete absence of anything aesthetically pleasing in any city - and the shoddy attitudes of everyone you encounter and this country will drive you to mental collapse and depression.

    In fact I am so glad I am leaving this h*** hole soon - and I will never ever want to return. Having said this - they may be some hope.....I have lived in HK and they are a much nicer more civilised bunch.

  • It's not their fault dude. Look at the population. Let's say out of 100 people in both America and China 2 of them are a*******, obviously China would have more right? I get what you're trying to say, I agree they have a shallow way of living but every culture has its own foreign lifestyle that even I can't seem to comprehend but I don't cover up my confusion with racist and uneducated remarks. I've worked both in China and Taiwan and let me tell you China was too much for me, you'd have to fight for a breath of air, the people shove and push. But you know what? I was just like you building resentment and feeling the inequality... Then it hit me... When we make fun of them here on Canadian and American soil, they feel the same way hence promoting segregation. How can we teach them if we don't include them? And how can we learn if we don't stop talking and start listening?

  • I agree with OP 100%

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  • The real chinese is no longer exist,most of yellow c*** you seem nowadays it just a c***,nothing more,China need a revolution at present.

  • I am raised American but of Chinese descent from Cambodia. I've seen hatred like this boiling over due to a bad economy and basically from people who are living a miserable life. The Jews during the holocaust is a reminder of what happens when miserable hateful people are given a chance by Hitler to vent their anger. The Killing Field, a movie based on the genocide of Chinese in Cambodia is a repeat of hatred and racism. But the end result is not good for the haters. They ended up destroying the economy. And had to prostitute their own kids.

  • Please Do a holocaust on the chinese soon there will be 2 billion of these dirty creatures

  • Huh? Don't understand...

  • I'm half Chinese but don't hate me thought I'm not from China. I'm very friendly to anyone and it doesn't matter who you are and where you from. I'm from Malaysia. But here, I'm always been ignored and bullied because...it's hard to be half blood and live in the place with two different people. I do agreed with you that mainland Chinese was rude because I've been cyber bullied by a mainland Chinese when I was 12 just because I talk in English and a little Japanese. Once I've become a successful designer I want to move to Japan with friends because Japan people was so daring when it come to fashion. I've decided, when I had my own brand I won't sell to china because I want my product to be appriciated when people buy it, not destroy it for patriotism act in china. Just like how they destroy their brand new just brought iphone with hammer or cowrd in front kfc and mc donald to told the western restaurant to leave because they don't deserve to be in china. Somehow, I feel shame for being chinese and also being malaysian because of some of their people being racist toward each other.

  • I know right. I am sick being a Chinese descent, girl pulak. They treat me like piece of s*** without feeling. The men love to cheat cos they think its cool and something to be proud about. Tired of it.
    They like to give you these false feeling of kindness, friendship and compassion. In the end, they just want your money or taking advantage of you. I just don't buy it anymore when a Chinese 'wanting to help' me. Lol. I'll ask 1,000,000 questions in my head.
    Hope your dream comes true. I moves out last year, has gotten back my sanity and happiness. I don't bother to befriend Chinese here.

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  • I love all against except Chinese. No manners, I've held many doors open while walking out a store and they pass thru without saying thank you. Like you owe them or They're royalty. F*** them... next time they doesn't say Thank You I will pull then back in by their hair and slam the door on their praying mantis head as a reminder to always say thank you when someone holds open a door.

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  • I think you could be right about the Bible - I think the Chinese are a people without God. there is something seriously wrong with all of them - it's really weird.

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  • Didn't know there's computer in the asylum.

  • I agree. The entire country should be burned

  • I hate the b***** chinks. Racist, godless yellow maggots. They only thing important is their b***** pig dynasty. I hope the South China dispute heads into nuclear war. It would be great that these pigs of Mao get blasted to h***.

  • Ironic

  • Please don't insult pigs.

  • I agree, look at the way these lowlifes treat animals.

  • Exactly, it's the main reason I f*cking hate the chings. I've never seen anyone treat animals as badly as these m*therf*cking chinese do. They're extremely cruel, it's unbelievable!! I don't think they're humans.

  • F*** CHINA. They think they're all superior and s*** and starts bullying my motherland who didn't do a single s*** to them. -_-

  • You all labelled taiwAn as Chinese like they aren't being bullied, like hong Kong wasn't being bullied.... Everyone gets bullied in the game of countries bro.

  • You read my mind. As someone who is Japanese, we'll soon finish what we started and China will be our conquest.

  • Thank you Japan! The western world is spineless but japan is brave. Please Do this world a favour and finish then off for good

  • Lol finish what you started
    Got a joke for u bro,

    Who is the biggest w**** in Japan?

    Tsu last name Nami
    Heard she f***** half the country

  • Now your karma is upon your accursed breed. Look at your Japenis descendants..despite and in spite of your outward "prosperity" you're worse than the Chinese.
    You accursed breed got the highest suicide rate, your youth are now having a trend so f***** up emotionally and spiritually they locked themselves in the room ; youth hermit, then poor internet cafe dwellers despite being a developed nation, Japenis school girl selling their p****** for branded goods, your adult males are pedophilic..what's up wth the obsession wth school girls? Your country is basically USA's b****. Got bombed into being a eunuch. You cannot even say know when Big Brother insist on having a base on your coastline.
    Yes, USA the c*** is itching to war wth China, but butthurt all you want...China ain't the WW2 1940's China no more. Let's forget about China 1 second.. You r***** said you want to finish the job? How? Without USA backing your castrated Japenis ....how the h*** your accursed debauched breed go to war?
    Even your Master USA has to think thrice before going to war wth China. USA within itself is having internal turmoil...RACE WAR is coming...courtesy of NWO Elite. BLM vs WLM, MGTOW vs Feminazis, Theists vs Theists (Christians vs Muslims), then Theists vs Atheists, then Liberals vs Republicans, then Theists vs LGBT, then Atheists (NOT all atheists are Liberals, mind you many still uphold traditional values) vs LGBT, grassroots vs Obama Administration, even among the Administartion there are glitches and betrayals...tons and tons more of internal turmoil..and FEMA camp is on its way for Obama to destroy it's own people wth his Executive Order, then there's the ongoing tension wth Russia and EU is not too budy-buddy wth Big Brother of late ...see how they backhanded USA to join the AIIB except you dumb Japenis and USA.
    Currently USA is a mess. SO you want to war wth China ALONE? or wth Sushi or Sashimi ? You still think that China is the 1940's CHina, you braindead fucktard?


  • Japanese people need to send the motherf*cking chinese sc*mbags back to h***, cause that's where they came from. They're monsters from h***. You Japanese people are our only hope! Onegai!!!

  • They all think they are so superior. They should all get blown up.

  • Weeaboo


  • No speak English

  • Hey, don't insult animals!!!! Animals are sentient, noble, lovely beings. Them chings are f*cking sc*m who mistreat animals more than they breathe. F*ck the chings.

  • Most whites want a Chinese woman??! Probably the most untrue statement that could be made. Chinese women are ugly as s***, have f***** up teeth and the body of a 10 year old boy. Everyone wants a white girl because they aren't hideous to look at like a Chinese t***. White girls are hands down the best looking chicks.

  • F*** Chinese n*****

  • I f****** hate the chinese too.. i want to f****** lot of them alive!!!!


  • Of all the points made and racism going on, this by far is the funniest post.

  • BURN**

  • I've never been to China, but I have many Chinese friends here who I love and respect. Any truth you might confess on this site regarding true problems with their culture, the violent and derogatory language you use cancels out value toward your point. It might not simply be because they're Chinese that causes you to have a problem with them-- have you been to Russia? Communist societies breed scornful powerless people. Also, perhaps they don't have any other meat in supply other than superfluous dog meat to feed their gargantuan population. Maybe don't visit a country where mainly everyone is poor and unhappy with expectations to be treated as if you were in a democratic and free country. Be grateful for what you have and try to understand the anger of those you don't agree with. Anger only fuels opposing anger and only a willingness to understand what we consider evil can generate realizing the root of a problem to find solution toward change. "Be the change you want to see in the world." "The measure of a man is what he does with power." You have power and a voice to be heard online and you've chosen to spout hate. What would happen if you spouted love and reason?

  • F*ck you, seriously, f*ck you for defending their cruel traditions of animal cruelty without actually doing some research first. You need to watch some YouTube videos and see how they f*cking TORTURE dogs, skin them alive and boil them alive before they eat them. No f****** excuse justifies cruelty. F*ck them to the core.

  • A lot of products use animal cruelty because there's a market for it outside of China. Like jackets and stuff. You can't really blame them for doing it if people in your community are buying.

  • Animal cruelty doesn't exist in the states. Nope! Not one tad bit of it. No mass slaughterhouses not pit ill fighting rings. No children beating their cats and killing their pets. This doesn't exist in Murica! USA, USA ,USA

  • Yeah..f*** those chinese scumbags...

  • So what exactly do your Chinese friends have to say about the extinction of elephants and tigers, done at their behest and bidding?

  • Wah wah wah, everyone should kill one chinese; then the world would be a better place.

  • You are a self hating f*****.

  • Your a tiny dicked p**** probaby

  • I have been ASSAULTED..

    I have been ABUSED..

    So has my dog...

    I am an Australian who grew up in Vietnam, Tonga, New Zealand and most recently Beijing, China. I also spent a lot of time in the states, Canada and Europe. These 'people' are the most disgraceful, rude and violently selfish people I have ever come across and I am truly shocked that western cultures even acknowledge them as another human race.

    I have had many Asian friends over the years and I think Asians and Asia are both great. But Chinese people are another story...

    I will not make sweeping statements about appearance but solely the culture which is based on s****ing on everyone and everything else in order to get slightly ahead.

    Even friends I've had that were Chinese, would never forget a debt as small as a piece of gum or a light for your smoke.
    Their treatment of animals truly sickens me and I have even seen people try to hit my dog with a stick for amusement.

    Chinese are cowards and pu**ies as well. Even if they speak English, they will hide behind their language insulting you in their annoying high pitched, testosterone-less voice. I have been jumped for just being foreign. A taxi driver told me to "f**k off" and my angry face was enough for him and 5 small d*** buddies to beat me into the ground in the middle of the city. The police didn't care of course.

    Aside all that, the MOST SICKENING thing about the Chinese culture is that places like the states, the UK and Australia all embrace these c**ts and allow them into our countries in waves. If you think America is filled with these bastards, come to Australia, there are almost more chinks here than Aussies and other Asian cultures combined. Sydney for example is done, it's a new Chinese city where western culture is not welcomed.

    To this day I haven't met a single Chinese person with the morality or humanity of even the worst kinds of western culture.

    Wake up everyone, it's not racist, it's culturalist

    F**k those ch*nks

  • We need to save the poor animals from the m*therf*cking chings!!! They're cruel as f*ck!!

  • You're also a f***** piece of s***.

  • Stupid dirty g***.

  • You must love the Chinese then f***** kys your kind must be ridden from

  • I do not know you from Adam, but everything mate you said is correct and I will not call you a racist. I think the same way and I do not feel like that about other Asians, for instance I like the Japanese, Korean, I love the Thai. But something with the CHINESES is not right. I am happy that someone is honest and telling how he feel, freedom of speech!

  • I can only speak from experience. I habe lived in Toronto Canada for a long time and the place is FILLED with these so called people. I can honestly say I despise them with every fiber of my body. It is not racist to say these kind of things, it is true what all of you say. I unfortunately have a chinese in the family now, we are all Europeans. She just destroys my brother in law, her family is the worst as well. No manners, not even the basics of manners to be seen in that person. They are rude, extremely envious of anything and everything, always jealous of what one has and scheming to get what they want. They would walk over dead bodies, and while they're at it spit and take a s*** on you because humans don't matter to them because they themselves are not human. There seriously is something wrong with the Chinese. I like all other Asian cultures, but Chinese are not right in the head.

  • To be fair I think I should also mention that Hong Kong ppl are only SLIGHTLY better than the chinese immigrants. The majority of local Hong Kong ppl only moved from China to here in the past 70 years. The difference is these locals were brought up in the times of british colony. Anyway the chinese is f***** up and the world needs to get rid of them.

  • Im from Hong Kong and I totally agree with you here. I f****** hate the chinese immigrants of coruse. Ive been bullied by them. And now they are totally ruining everything here, from school to workplace to even CHURCH!!! They are dominating every circles here and if I dare speak some bad things about them I will get verbal abused to the end of the day.

    And I have seen many chinese b****/european male couple here. Mostly the european male is treated very disrespectfully by a chinese b**** and I just cant watch that. I mean, a good looking man being treated like a dog by a hideous looking creature? This s*** is beyond twisted. Its f***** up. Just by watching it I have the anger and urge to punch that b****.

    White people have wake up and realize the chinese is a hideous, emotionless monster that is different from all other east-asians. And hopefully they will be seriously punished, even if it means more than death.

  • Uno reverse card

  • F**

  • Same

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  • Same

  • First The f****** manchurians conquered chinese a******* and those frredy f****** china just swallow f****** s**** up how? cause china swallows all the things even f****** itself they should go die and in h***

  • China s**** should just go to other planet and breed as the f****** monkey or other s***

  • Don't insult monkeys.

  • Ya me too especially about the things they do to dogs

  • I f****** hate them tooo and Im even chinese descent

  • By them you mean yourself you f****** c****

  • China is changing now

  • Is it f***!!

  • Yeah rite, more racist and violent maybe. Think about what you say...

  • I dont agree

  • Dsfsoasf

  • Hasd

  • I agree

  • F****** funny as h***

  • I have to admit, I find Chinese culture really disturbing. The lack of empathy toward animals and toward their fellow humans is chilling. Although I know it's wrong to think of other human beings this way, there's a big part of me that feels Chinese culture is the culture of inhumanity. They are some of the most shocking self-centered, cruel, uncaring people I've ever had the misfortune to be around.

    Entitled...polluting to a frightening degree...cruel to animals...inconsiderate of others...Americans get a bad rap for being a*******, and I suppose we are in many ways, but we're nothing compared to how entitled and borderline evil Chinese are.

    I am glad to see that a Chinese person who's not from China agrees with me here. Makes me feel like I'm not entirely bad for holding this opinion.

  • Koreans eat A lot of dogs too... Africans smuggle and kill endangered species. Japanese kill endangered insects and Chinese killing the aiiirrr

  • I am a Chinese not from China and I hate the Chinese from China. Your seventh point points to some sort of jealousy for white dude attention but agree with your previous points on China Chinese.

    I hate being treated like I am from China because modern day China Chinese are downright embarrassments, all the grace and ethics from traditional China gone.

    When China had Mao and boomed in economy, they gained a sense of shameless entitlement. When certain parts of China suddenly become wealthy, they still maintained the attitudes of rough farmers. Just like the rednecks in the US are known as white trash, the wealthy in China that could afford to shame their country as tourists became Asia's trash.

  • What makes you think traditional c**** culture i.e taiwanese culture was any better?

  • Taiwanese are too different from Americans
    They invaded the natives and took over their land not like the Americans they forced industrialization and excluded them not like the Americans! They fought against the Japanese not like the American taiwanese not any better at all. Thank god Americas never done any of this eh? Phew were such Angels.

  • Rich Chinese women that are 9 months pregnant, come to the USA for VACATION in their 9th month, so that the baby is born here and has US Citizenship status for the future. Huge trend now... thousands doing it.
    Personally I find it difficult to tell any Asian apart from the next..Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. I do think the Japanese are more spiritual, etc tho.

  • Japanese have places where if you aren't Japanese you can't go in. Esp american

  • Japanese are polite

  • I love the Chinese. The guys generally must have really small penises because when you f*** Chinese ladies their tight c**** bleed like virgin p****** most of the time, even if they've already been f***** by a slew of pencil-dicked Chinamen.

  • Why donna? I don't all of them either. some asians are nice but not all, but label all?

  • You most probably feel inferior & low self esteem when faced with any chinese. This could be the reason you hated them. More aptly you're jealous of their many successes in many aspects. Haven't you heared that they are the Jews of the east?

  • I don't really think so, since the huge population of chinese physically doesn't count them as jews, and, jews are very good at economics, and jews like to marry inside their race, chinese don't, successes are only for few people, here it's talking about the common phenomenon. And as a huge population race in the world it's very normal to have thousands elites in the top of the world, yeah they just did.

  • Maybe he just has a general distaste for people who skin, boil, beat dogs and other animals alive. Most cruel country ever. A disgrace to modern society.

  • Yeah, I hate the chings because of their animal cruelty. I hope all chings just disappear so animals would be safe again.

  • I'm half Chinese and my dads fully Chinese and he speaks perfect English and he's the nicest man you'll ever meet , he raised me and my brother equally that while the Chinese love their sons more than daughters is gone that was decades ago. I'm not preaching the Chinese but their humans aswell and people like you who think their higher above everyone else for being American?!? Like no everyone's equally whether you like it or nkt

  • I'm Chinese but not from China and I f****** hate the Chinese from China they are f****** cruel and so dumb that I feel so ashamed that I was born Chinese

  • Be ashamed, c***.

  • I'm Chinese but not from China and I f****** hate the Chinese from China they are f****** cruel and so dumb that I feel so ashamed that I was born Chinese

  • Don't be you still bleed like a white boy

  • I'm not American and I f*cking hate the chinese because they're cruel as f*ck, especially cruel to animals.

  • Why don't you go back where you belong then?

  • Because they bought a house in your block which your dumbass couldn't afford in two lifetimes

  • Why don't you go f*** yourself, you dumb fat c********** white trash f*****

  • Why don't you go back where you belong then?

  • Why are Chinese so cruel to animals? How can the country allow Yulin to occur? Elephants, rhino, tiger, etc, they are all murdered for chinese traditions and demand. I hate to say it but I hate the country and I am actually quite tolerable. My soul dies when I think of China

  • It's very true but if your compassion lies with those animals specifically then it's very valid. But if you care about all animals in general then you might want to do some research into Americas slaughtered houses, pet smart suppliers and Canada's fur industry.

  • Same here. I wish someone would nuke china.

  • Even though I'm f****** half Chinese I would like all the cruel heartless disgraces in China to be nuked so I wouldn't feel so ashamed to be chinese

  • F*** you american

  • Fuuck u chinese

  • Fuuck u chinese

  • Stfu you dumb Chinese c*** just by ten way you're talkin makes me sick f****** Japan SHOULDVE murdered every single Chinese person back in ww2

  • Ur so dumb u really think every single Chinese is the same? Please go die and learn to know the differences tho I hate the cruel f*** who abuse the animals that did NOTHING wrong

  • You sound like a fat white trash loser. I would break every bone in your fat body in 20 seconds.

  • Oh what's the matter say that to my face you cuntbag I'll break your bones before you even know it s******* and I'm not fat r***** I'm average and you're a stupid pencil dicked Chinese cuntbag that somewhat knows English HEY KARATE AINT GONNA SAVE YOU NOW B**** OH USE YOUR STUPID TAI CHI AND KUNG FU MOVES ON ME LIKE I GIVE 2 S**** ABOUT

  • Karate is Japanese bro.
    And you still bleed like a c****
    Smile, we all end up in the dirt my friend

  • Http://www.pornhub.com/video/search?search=chinese

  • I agree...
    I am from UK..they have 1000s of businesses here..pay not a penny tax..live here and import stuff in containers that out dumb import authorities ignore and again pay f*** all.
    I have holidayed in Spain..where honest Spanish and other EEC members pay taxes but these twats blatantly do not..yet they have 50 f****** cctvs in their s***** shops and watch honest customers as though they are criminals when in fact THEY are...hypocrites too...I challenged one who laughed at me and said..You people much stoopid...he is f****** right.
    We should stand up to them...kick their sorry arises out of Europe and all other p*** takers.
    I have an Indian pal who lives in Torremolinos and has a shop..he pays ALL taxes..but Chinky f****** undercut all his fair prices..
    P*** taking BASTARDS..you ass lickers who protect them p*** off to Shanghai...you'll soon cry to be home!

  • China needs to be nucked ASAP.

  • *nuked (sorry about the typo, but my statement stands)

  • Congrats, you're a c***

  • In my opinion, the only Chinese I really hate are the ones who live in China. If you're talking about China Chinese, I would agree with you. Not all Chinese are awful, some I would love to be friends with, some I just want to slap their faces really hard. But if you really hate other races, I really can't stop you:)

  • Though Im half Chinese I too want to slap those cruel people who have no feelings!!!! I kind of dislike the English because they make fun of me and pretend to know my language when I don't know what the h*** they are talking about

  • You're wrong

  • There's no reason to hate any race of people no matter where they live.

  • Well if that's not the most ignorant thing I've ever heard..

  • I love all races of people and so should everyone else. We live in a multi-cultural where race hate should not be tolerated.

  • Ur so nice tho i'm half Chinese and I hate my own race for being cruel retards

  • Spoken like a true cruel r*****

  • We don't hate them because of their race, we hate them because of their cruel actions.

  • I hate them mainly for their appearance hygiene etc.

  • Someone who UNDERSTANDS thank you.

  • ISIS are good friends of yours then I guess?
    Or is it 'ALL' only with exceptions

  • China poured a duck load of money into the fight against them. Nice one genius

  • Dumb f***...they are the biggest racists..and are raping our society..

  • Your society was f***** to begin with.

  • But the Chineee are so awful that they make it hard not to hate there ass.

  • Agreed

  • Not all Chinese people are???

  • You're just being racist to your own ancestor.

  • Im just angry at the Chinese race in general right now because they take video games way too seriously and keep beating me in Clash Royale. Im not racist, just angry.

  • Not just racist, but stupid too. LOL

  • LoL that happenes to me too brother

  • This is literally why I typed in "I f****** hate chinks" into my search bar, that is hilarious that someone else did as well!

  • My parents Chinese I'm Canadian. I agree with you. F*** all Chinese. They embarrass the s*** out of me. Their accent like f***** up. And f*** them all. Skinny bony big headed nasty punk. U call me disgrace but f*** all Chinese.

  • That not very Canadian of you. When the first wave came we built railroads and panned gold, we mis treated them but we made amends through the head tax. We tried to, they built a community here and still we broke their stores extorted them, did they speak out? Even if they could their community strives on this face thing. Skinny bony head p******- your wording astonishes me. The rape of nanjing nobody talks about that, what Japan did the taiwan and China no one talks about that, Canadians Americans humiliate them on a daily on their turf and it's cool but you need to understand as a Canadian they played a huge role in building our country.

  • I'm unfortunately half Chinese and I want to kill all the cruel fucktards in my race who are a embarrassment to humanity f*** them

  • LOL. Why you merely mentioned you are Asian. Why not just show off your country name here? You feel bad about your country because of China, or you feel bad about yourself because of the Chinese around you? Go f*** your m*** with the expecation of better mutation in your brother-son's DNA. LOL

  • Sounds like you voted for Obama and clinton

  • Shut the f u ck up u F U CKING DOG EATING C****.. The whole Of Asia HATES U F****** CHINKS... If America were to war with Chin(k)a one day, u can bet your yellow hairless prepubescent a**** us Non-Chinky asians would side with the Americans

    F****** all you dogeating animalistic chinks.. The whole of Asia DESPISE u

  • Almost certainly Filipino.

  • Good Point!

    The guy should be proud of its country and say it out loud!!!

  • They in America makin money f*** what you say

  • Your such a trump fan your gunna die lol pathetic irrelevant person to them

  • Some Chinese women are very smart, hot, and quick witted. They know their way around and some are even really good at business.

  • Too bad I'm ugly

  • GO f*** yourself. Americans, Koreans, Japnaese, pretty much every country depend on Chinese manufactured goods. Also, the Chinese are not slit eyed. It happens only because of one Korean or Japanese parent or ancestor that passed it down. The Chinese actually have normal eyes, mind you b****. Also, a lot of useful apps, games, and software have been made by the Chinese. Also, China is a good place for business because there is a lot of customers. They don't think they are superior, you are talking about the lame Communist Chinese government. The people actually don't.

  • I'm quite shy and people mistake it as rude :(

  • They also skin, boil dogs and other animals alive. They have cruel fur farms. The abuse is unimaginable. They are seriously going to kill off all elephants, rhinos, tigers and other endangered species for medicine and trinkets and money. I have seen so many horrible videos of the worst kind of suffering and they always come from China. I am haunted every day and China does nothing to stop it regardless of world condemnation. No, f*** China.

  • Cruel fur farms good one
    America is definitely not cruel to their animals
    I'm pretty sure America doesn't have slaughterhouses and slay chickens in cages with 20 squeezed into one
    Keeping female chicks and throwing male chicks into an industrial blender.
    Beating Wolves out of their homes
    Look into the supplier for pets mart, freezing animals alive isn't cruel at all.

    You barely did your research. Point fingers with a booger in your nose. How educated of you. Like the whole world isn't guilty for taking advantage of animals(livestock are animals too you f***** hippie) or do you change your mind?

  • Depend on Chinese goods-or inundated with the crap, doing home grown industry out of work, show me a piece of Chinese crap that will still be in use in 10 years (including MG car toot)

  • Gun powder
    And money

  • This is disgusting. Clearly, they make you feel insecure. Empower yourself.

  • There are 1 BILLION people in China and you're judging all of them on stereotypes and a few incidences. They're not shallow you are

  • You are an idiot,I don't care what youand someone like you think,Whether you like it or not, we are here.I doubt your age.oh,...mental age,

  • He is not proud of his country and thus he did not mention its name at all!!!

  • Hey this white guy hates Chinese to white women are my trophies.

  • Don't be such an a******. U are full of hate.

  • What a f****** b**** you are

  • Honestly, i live in china,and i don't think there is much wrong with the society ,if you skin a dog alive in the street ,you will get your ass kicked etc.so the minority are bad you can't judge ALL the chinese are the same.however people desperatly lack manner.like f****** spit everywhere seriously

  • I'm half Chinese and I don't live in China but I've heard quite alot of bad things about them, I feel quite embarrassed to be born Chinese would've been better if I wasn't born Chinese because people keep acting like they know my language and make fun of me

  • How many peeps have you seen skin a dog alive? sounds quite a mission (and messy)

  • I lived in China for many years and have a Chinese wife of 16 years. You've obviously been brainwashed by the media and the people there with a "nice" view of China (as I once was). There is a significant problem regarding human rights (especially the right of the public to call to account the actions of the government) and the fact that most Chinese place money as their top, and sometimes only, priority. China is steadily becoming an economic basket case because of low morals and lawlessness.

  • I am raised American but Chinese from Cambodia. My business of 26 years is destroyed by competition from mainland Chinese. They don't pay taxes, not even the $25 city business registration fee. I am sadden to come to the conclusion that capitalism can not work for everyone. It must be a zero sum game.

  • Keep this a secret. Your life will be A LOT easier and bruise free.

  • F****** c**** deserve to die

  • Loads do every year, so I've heard

  • What are they about? apart from torturing animals and killing endangered animals for themselves

  • Not for themselves bro.china tortures humans. Because America wants their products, the cotton, fire extinguishers, cell phone parts. You're gaming computer? If it's asus if it's acer its from Taiwan. You can say your computer is a dell, it's a hp okay look into the specs read the graphic card. Gun powder was a contribution, silk, your methods into making money (paper and cotton) and printing itself. Okay I get it that was way back but through that one contribution look how far we've got with them? Even the Indians play a huge role in the America. Economy so please look at this from a larger perspective

  • Seriously not all Chinese people do this I hate animal cruelty as well but it's not every Chinese person and white and black people do it as well and were not all like f*** white people kill them all ?!?

  • And they love black and white -Pandas

  • Stupid c**** amirite?

  • F****** chinks

  • I guess u have met the worst of the worst in Chinese people also be glad they are actually trying to interact with u <3

  • All the people are very friendly This is not a moral state Absolutely kill your good fantasies

  • I hate these chinapigs they just slave Their name is the people's army is actually the SS

  • Here the brainwashing will make people mad and tyranny

  • The criminal was only willing to stay in the Chinese

  • Please dont go to the china here is a h*** .for you safety

  • Yeah f*** chinaese very stinking

  • In addition to number 3, they spread germs by eating directly from their sharing plates, which is not hygienic at all.

  • What kind of asian are you? I bet its a s***** place with s***** people.

  • What are you then you fat f****** c*** eating burgers and all that s*** bet you can't even run unless there's food in front of you

  • Some asian women don't care whose marriage they break up in their haste to sweet talk and text hubby's wallet open so he will buy them a phone or laptop. "You help me with my English" bullshit to worm their way into someone else's husbands life. Oh yes told me he was working late so he could go out and meet a f...... Chinese waitress who only used him. Sent him stupid love song lyrics and led him on then disappeared like his bank balance! Ha b ....

  • It's same here in America what with the side chicks and what not. Criticize what's in front of you but when the mirror is shown no ones home

  • I have to somewhat agree. Overall, CHINA SUCKS S****** SACK!

  • Chinese are f****** insane
    They always argue for what they want.

  • Everybody hates chinks. Chinese girls look at you with those weird beady eyes and curtains of greasy-looking straight black hair on either side of a round yellow face. "What chew wanna order now? Flied lice and chicken head?" When they open their mouths, I see their huge b*****-like buckteeth when the lips pull back and can't help shuddering at the thought of the damage those teeth must do to all the d**** they end up chewing on over the course of a lifetime. Add in no b****. And a flat ass. That's your wonder woman, China. No thanks!

  • Raotfl!

  • I am Chinese.. I wear sweat pants, I don't even put myself out there, I don't wear makeup to make myself look beautiful because I know I am beautiful. I don't eat dogs nor cats nor any other type of household pet you could possibly think of. I am just me. I'm not as smart as other people perceive me to be. If I couldn't speak English why would I be on here typing about who I am? I do not believe that Chinese people look ugly because I think everyone whether you have a disability, skin disorder, etc. look beautiful just the way you are. I am not shallow and neither is the whole Asian community. I understand everyone needs to vent their feelings out once and a while ,but I don't think we need to call out people just because you think their race is ugly. Also the reason why Asians in general treat their kids like crap is because they are pushing them to become better. Not every child wants to become what their parents are. That's is not just Asians, that is every race out there. Haven't you seen white, black, yellow, etc. parents push their child to become better than them? And by the way just to inform you, this is not YOUR country it is all of America, it is for EVERYONE who lives in the United States, WE ARE ALL ONE at the end.

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  • TBH, I can understand an Asian wanting to push their kids to do better than be a cab driver like their old man

  • F*** YOU...your United States?
    The land mass is American Indian First Nation..not Euro..OR Chinese...only others who have a right to be there too..are black folk who were enforced there by John Adams and his band of thieving bastards..

  • Gotta find a way to play that race card don't you? Hey, reality check...blacks sold blacks as slaves. You think there was some white dudes in Africa rounding them up? J******.

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  • Lol you suck at dota. You make take forever at loading screen.

  • I am a Chinese, but I think a lot of mainland chinese are truly evil inside and human skin outside and they are also a bunch of such shameless species in the universe.

  • Fully agree with your mainland chinese assessment. I mean, they aint even really chinese since mao destroyed their history, culture and religion. The original ethnic chinese people today are a nomadic people scattered around the world.

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  • As a Chinese student,I must to say,we know there is something bad,education,pullution,politeness .But we are still learning how to love this country,we are trying to improve our environment.

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  • How intelligent of you.

  • We've lived in Cambridge for years as my husband is doing his PhD there. In his department there are a lot of Chinese as their government supports them financially. You'd think these kids are smart, educated people, all doing their PhDs at Cambridge uni. But no... All they do is gang up and spy on others so they can steal ideas, results of their research (and I guess constantly reporting back to the government), they don't talk to each other they shout across the room disturbing others, they cannot blow their nose and spit whenever they think it's ok. They have no original ideas, they are too dumb to come up with anything novel. They are the sickness of society. I briefly worked for Huawei (I left that job after a month) and everything is true. I worked with software developers and engineers - the way they create new products is they get let's say a Samsung phone, they take it apart into pieces, check it out and they attempt to put together the copy of it with parts from their distributors. Are you f****** kidding me. Disgusting souless dumb greedy idiots. They got no morals, they wanted me to lie to customers several times during the month working for them - which is the reason why I eventually decided to quit. I will not compromise my morals. They cheat taxes wherever and lie. They do whatever it takes to make it look like they work but all they do is lie and cheat their way around everything. Money is everything to them, and showing off. They don't care if the business is rotten inside, let's show with a big party at the fanciest hotel with the most expensive champagne that we've got money and it will all be fine.

  • Uhhhhh Samsung did that too
    And so did Apple
    Just saying
    I used to work for both and a lot of the technology in phones e.g AMOLED technology gets passed around in the technology industry it for a competitive edge

  • I am raised American but Chinese from Cambodia. My business of 26 years is destroyed by competition from mainland Chinese. They don't pay taxes, not even the $25 city business registration fee. I am sadden to come to the conclusion that capitalism can not work for everyone. It must be a zero sum game. Everyone is angry because the economy is bad. It used to be the Jews society hated till Hitler gave haters a way to act on their anger. In Cambodia, the people had such a miserable existance that their anger eventually lead to genociding the Chinese. Then, the haters targeted the educated non Chinese as well. Cambodia is now a dump. They are still living a miserable life but now they can't blame anyone. And they have to prostitute their own flesh and kids because they destroyed their own economy.

  • Love your honesty..you are absolutely correct...Chinese have confessed to me they cannot design..only copy others.
    If we don't kick their sorry a**** out we shall regret it!

  • You stupid British company WPS copies the language of SAS company without any modification. And it won the court over SAS in British. So you whole country support stealing stuff. This is also true, when we look back to 100 years ago, you British pigs stole and destroyed stuff all over the world; nowadays when the world is starting f****** you back and you feel bad about yourself?

  • I had been an in the closet 'forgiver' of chinese people, h*** most people that came to the US, wanting a 'better life' than where ever the h*** they came from .But when I graduated from college, I found out that chinese people, h*** all asian people are evil. I had a Asian doctor that was from h***. As evil as the devil. Made threats against me, was delusional and wicked.

    Everytime I have come in contatct with an Asian male or female. They are wicked as h*** with no brains. They are the opposite of an American. They have no courage.

    I hate chinese people. They steal, cheat and lie.

    Our country went down hill the second we give in to chinese people and their communist ways.

  • Chinese for SURE, asians (other asians) range from decent to lovely hahah

  • The Chinese are bad. I am Japanese and these people are rude.
    A conversation from 2012....
    "Where you come from?"
    "No, What wace are huu?"
    The Chinese spits....
    They are wild in bed however!!!!!

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  • This is stupid. Racism has to be the dumbest thing in the world. News flash the world started with one man and one woman. To hate another race is the same as hating yourself.

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    god doesnt exist you f***, accept it

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  • Poor poor person. I feel sorry for you.

  • I like asians, but I hate what cultures and countries do to people. I especially hate corrupt government.

  • Listen here son of a b****, as a Chinese girl I am not a freak. I am well liked among my peers and lead many of my classes with the high GPA. What can you say about that, racist hoe? Nothing. The only part i can agree with you on is the part of the extra favoritism with Chinese sons. that's bullshit... and not sexual equality. BTW, I'm not one of those makeup obsessed s****, and I love animals. and I have two LIVING and LOVING pets to prove it nasty a******!

    As being Chinese, raised American at the age of one, living in an Japanese home and living their ways, and living in Hawaii, I have experience with other cultures so i can see this in more than one perspective. Some people are racist idiots that don't know what they are talking about and enjoy making fun of others because they feel crappy about them self. Who was i describing? Oh, right you must know. Y-O-U. Others are respectful people that actually have a brain. Yours... well, it must be microscopic.

    If you really want to rant about someone, direct it at that person. not everyone is the same, like your peabrain assumed. BTW, your idiocy is sickening. Just. Like. You.

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  • What is it with the m************ GPA all the time? I love how these c**** study their a**** off to get a high GPA and SAT scores and do nothing else of value. Then they sue f****** Harvard because it's only 30% Asian (largely Chinese) as opposed to being 5% of the US population. That's not discrimination, you twats. The system is already rigged in your favor. The only reason they don't get in with high GPA/SAT is that every f****** one is the same thing: obsessed with rote memorization, zero creativity, zero impressive extracurricular activities except maybe the predictable piano or violin. News flash f******: top universities want something more than a test-taking robot whipped into shape by a psychotic tiger mom who can do well on the f****** SAT but sucks b**** at life otherwise. That's why you don't get in more than you already disproportionately do. The best you can hope for in life is to become a low-level engineer somewhere with no chance for advancement because of complete lack of creative thinking ability or interpersonal skills.

    There are two paths in life for these fuckwits: study like crazy and become some cog in the machine who repeats the cycle with their own kids, or for the women, ho it up and pull a Wendi Deng with rich Jewish guys who for whatever reason can't get enough Chinese p****.

    For the record I went to Harvard, so I'm not jealous of these c****, just annoyed. There was nothing better than acing a test without studying much and seeing one of these fuckwads didn't do as well even though they locked themselves in the library for a week without sleeping or eating except maybe the occasional dog meat dumplings Mom sent.

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  • You have high GPA, so what? you guys always focus on one area and then have high marks but know nothing else, I know a lot of Chinese students in my country, and i studied with them too, they were all have high marks but they were always jealous to each other. They are even more racist than others. One day during the debate, a Chinese student could not answer the question from an African student and he called him a stupid N***, the African student is my best friend and how dear him. And they always call African students and teachers N word in their freaking language. They never know how to respect their classmates, teachers and their works. Also, there are so many girls are lazy and likes cheating, they always act like 5 years old kid wish others and do everything for them. Their dreaming life is laying on the bed and bf or hus can do everything for them. They are just poor and cheap goods. I heard that there are so many girls and boys come to western countries just because they could not handle out the heavy study in China and come here to spend their parents' money.

  • Good job! He is just showing his stupidity. I'm an American married to a Chinese women. I wish I had found her 20 years ago.

  • Why is she a bit rough now?

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  • I been there pal, hang in there you will be mostly ok after you leave in a few months or years. Good luck.

  • An Asian posting about how he hates Chinese just is an excuse for WHITES to post how they hate people like you. Not too smart, buddy.

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  • Http://www.confesh.com/#/confessions/latest-activity/confession/5638bfa1e4b0de8a24fa6242

  • Yeah...No... If your adopted and raised in America with American parents like me... Then yes this is extremely offensive.

    Also your making Americans sound like the stereo type they are, redneck, racist, hypocritical, and insensitive.

    Do you really think all Chinese eat dogs?

    If your going to rant about something it least get your facts right and move out of America, we don't want people like you in our continent.

  • I lived there, i feel like its not racist if its all true

  • If you are f****** Asian then maybe you should f*** right off and as far as I'm concerned they all eat dogs, I would spit on you

  • Totally agree. opinions are welcomed, but haters stay the h*** away.

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  • John 3: 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

  • Wow, Thank 'God' that this is all fairy stories, otherwise we'd all be in the brown stuff!

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