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I can't believe you lied to me. I'm totally disgusted. Part of me wants to believe your p*** addiction should be fine. All over the internet, I read men justifying it to themselves, saying they'll never stop. It's a problem if I ask you to stop, and you swear to me weeks later you have, and then I have to find


in your f****** searches. And self cunninglus. And cream pies, and indian chicks, and black chicks, and thin girls f****** c**** too big for their p******, and t** jobs, and facials.

How can you think for one second those words will not be forever burned into my memory? I promise you, I will. Never. Forget.

I want to move on, sure, p*** isn't something you break up over. But I feel dirty when I sleep with you now. I did everything you wanted before- I go down on you and I f****** love it, I rock your world and I look you in the eye the entire time at least four times a week. Now I feel like I'm not enough for you.

I don't know how to move on. I've lost all my faith in you. You give me your word you'll stop and I still doubt you will. If I catch you again, I'll leave you.

I'm blindly in love with you, but I've never been more wounded.

May 6, 2011

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  • Lol busted!!!

  • Lol

  • It doesn't matter where they get they're appetite from...
    As long as they eat at home!

  • S** can be very complicated in relationships. It can be something that is wonderful and binds people together. It can be a bone (no pun intended) of contention, or even a weapon.

    There is a lot of misunderstandings between the sexes with regard to s**. They guy looks at p*** and he is satisfying his curiosity by seeing something that he only imagined. She thinks that he is "addicted" to something "disgusting". From his perspective, he is engaged in something perfectly ordinary, normal. From her perspective, he is in some way "cheating" on her, or comparing her in some unfavorable way with what he sees on the screen. From his perspective, it has nothing to do with his actual partner, because afterall, p*** is fantasy and his partner is reality.

    In reality, our choices of erotic or romantic literature or movies are reflections of what alread goes on in our heads. Women read romance novels because they are already imagining stuff like that. Guys view p***, violent literature, or adventure fantasy because those ideas are already in their heads.

    Your husband/boyfriend is not looking at anything that weird, so its not like you have to worry about him being a child molester or that he may be gay.

    The question is one of sensitivity. I would suggest that the solution to your situation is to get separate computers and use passwords and logins. In that way, you won't be tempted to spy on and judge your partner, and he can view p*** or whatever else he wants to view.

  • I had a mild situation like this with my boyfriend. Sometimes you just have to let men be men, and the a lot of men watch p***. That doesn't necessarily mean that he's bored of you. Like the first comment, make him more interested in you so he doesn't have to watch p***. A little p*** every now and then doesn't hurt. The way me and my boyfriend worked it out was by watching it together every once and a while. But if its a real addiction and he continues to view p*** in an unhealthy matter, then your justified to leave him.

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