all we did was have s** .. i knew i

all we did was have s** .. i knew i could always count on him for that .. he was always there for me .. and i was there for him .. but now he has a girlfriend .. so he says .. and part of me is mad .. i know it's selfish of me to even say it .. i wanted him but i didn't want him .. i didn't want him with anyone else .. but i know i wouldn't date him .. he's just so young and immature still .. i just wouldn't .. i guess i just have to let him be .. but what's so ironic .. is that he still wants to f*** .. lol .. and i want to f*** the s*** out of him

Jul 8, 2010

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  • He's yours...take him when you want him!you abviously have something he does not want to lose.

  • don't do anything with him while he is attahced, that will make you a s***!

  • don't you just hate illogical jelousy? us girls...

  • For some reason people want what they can't have. For instance, I DIVORCED my ex-husband, was living away from him, no contacy except when he came to see my kids, and then he found someone else. I told him that I still love him, we got back together, then I realized that no, I still hated him. I just didn't want him to be with someone else.

  • keep f****** him if u can keep from getting emotionally attached. if not, leave him alone... for ur own good.

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