Want to get my tiny d*** caught

I am a good looking 36 guy. I'm n shape , perfect white tteeth and and have a good reputation and a very very popular in my area. I am married to one of the most beautiful women in state . And I am a true cuckold to her. We both love it . I have a very tiny d*** and I am a sissy . The reason I am a cuckold is. Because of having a very tiny d***. And I love my wife enough to know that a woman has needs and sexually needs to be satisfied. My d*** is 3 and 3/4 when fully erect. I am very aware that is tiny compared to others . I know this is long and I am sorry . But I crave humiliation as crazy as that sounds. And my wife does humiliate some shhe let's me know. How small my d*** is and makes me wear panties sometimes. She does have 4 guys she can call to f*** her . And one is a black guy we found on craigslist. I love being a cuckold and love being humiliated for it .she makes me wear panties when she wants to get laid so I sorta know when she is in the mood .anyway I want to get caught by a woman. And be more humiliated and be blackmailed into humiliatying myself and made to jack my tiny d*** off in frony of .I would lovve to have comments from anyone who knows any thing about cuckolding or interested in blackmailing me . I know this is long and crazy . But I swear its all true I am a sissy cuckold .

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  • Hey guys i love to see ur wife and talk about her with u send me an email if you like www.rezakolivand021@gmail.com

  • have a tiny d*** and make it look smaller than it is. It is uncut and 2.5 inch soft. i keep it shaved. It has tight b**** and do not hang....I love it and when people see it. LOl....

  • Has JoeMonco weighed in on this at all? I can't form an opinion without help from JoeMonco.

  • 7 wasted years, boiling in vomit. I will erase you. I will erase you from this heart, from my memory. I cut away. You're just a name to me. A friend is now a ghost, I will never give again. You have forsaken any faith I had in you. All the love I had for you. I am reborn, baptized in flame. Clean of your deceitful looming.

  • I ripped her limb from f****** limb. Just one less s*** to walk this f****** earth.
    I will spit right in your f****** face.
    How does it taste after the lips are sealed below your waist.
    You will never f*** again.

  • Please if you don't mind fulfill my passion
    Gagging on my s**** is required. Swallow
    Spread it on your face
    Choke on the snot and re-ingest all of the foam
    Take one final breath
    I want to see what you have learned
    And what you stand for
    Choking and dry-heaving

  • I see your lifeless corpse,
    And I can't help but laugh.
    You brought this upon yourself,
    Another wretched soul being slowly dragged to h***.
    This is the last life you f***,
    You're dead you f****** s***

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