My roommate treats his women like s***.

Renting from these people I'm also burdened with their secrets. He gets way too drunk and says horrible things to his wife. He calls her 5 year old little girl a n***** child. It makes me want to cry to think what he's doing to the child mentally. I can't stand it. He left for a while and moved back in with his mom and our house hadn't been more peaceful. I wish he'd go back with his mom. He hasn't even been back home for more than 24 hours and they are already fighting again. He's acting butt-hurt at me because his wife and I went to the mall for 2 hours today. While he was screaming at his wife I caught his 2 year old playing with my shaving razors. I asked the baby nicely to stop and not to mess with my bathroom things. He then turned his anger towards me for saying something to his kid. Eventually he tried to fight my boyfriend and co renter in a drunken stooped. I'm just so sick of this guy. I'm definitely moving out after the month is up unless he goes back to his mom where he belongs. He's no kind of man. He just drinks and tweaks and has 4 kids and no job. It p***** me off to think the money taken out of my paycheck allows him to sit around and get drunk, collect welfare, and f*** his best friend's skanky wife. He makes me sick.

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