I hate you, you poser-b****

I have this friend you see, and she likes a lot of the emo/scene/goth stuff. I don't mind. But she will go ON AND ON about My Chemical Romance like they're f*****' gods or some s***. I mean, she will tell me and my other friends about how, "Gerhard Way is f**king sexy," and "Oh my god, they are so amazing!" I can understand loving a band, but to mindlessly chatter away about it is not amusing.
She'll also constantly bring up her oh-so very 'sexy' man friends. Like Dante. Not even the guys real name. "Well, why doesn't she know his real name?" BECAUSE. She met him online. So one, she has a boyfriend who's 5 years older than her {but is probably a pedo} and doesn't even know his real name. But OH WAIT. She also has a 6th Grade boyfriend who's a gothy loser. Oh, she'll be all worried about her ex coming to her party because gothy loser will be there. WELL WHY THE F*** DID YOU INVITE HIM? DERP.
ANOTHER THING. She will constantly copy me. "Oh wut? You likes Half Life 2 and Portal/Portal 2? Well I'm getting Portal 2 fer mah burrtthday and I've played Portal like a billion times asdllfkghffhjs HUUURRR." Secondly, I like older men. Yes, older, as in George Clooney-age; so roughly any hot man above 40. WELL. I hear one day, "Oh, I love older men! Like Steven Tyler! He's so hot!" Are you f****** kidding me. No, he's not, and in this group of friends, that's my thing chick.

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  • I find myself going on and on lately about DR. OZ and how he is so wonderful and too cool to be a doctor. LOL So it happens to even the most indifferent of people. Anyway, it sounds like your friend is way too young to be into those old men, like serious charges young. Especially with that guy she met online. That's dangerous, you should do something regardless of whether you consider her your friend anymore. Tell someone you can trust and that can help you with this or your friend directly. As for her annoying habit of going on and on, do the same to her by going nonstop about something silly (e.g like justin bieber's new haircut)or something like that. Sometimes it's clearer to see one's actions in somebody else, than to see them in a mirror.

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