F*** you society

I have a fear of whenever im out that makes it so i never like standing too close to, talk to or even look at any kids or overly young girls because im afraid of someone thinking or accusing me of being a pedo because of how paranoid everyone in the USA is despite the reality is most likely suspects are their own family members and friends, not random strangers =/ Its even worse because i am attracted to girls younger than me (just not kids of course)

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  • Steven.bonnell.ii@gmail.com
    Youngins are hot

  • this is so true

  • Every man is attracted to young girls. I don't give a f*** who you are and how religious and godly you think you are or what position of power you have over the world. USA society is the biggest hypocritical society ever.

  • I know. Most guys find 16 one of the most attractive ages but there are guys who wont like anything younger than 18 and some nothing under 30. Thats besides the point anyways, its just I feel so uncomfortable in public and i cant socialize right because of it.

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