I Haven't Learned A Damn Thing

So, I've been going on Omegle and a few other sites recently. Sometimes I go to for actual chatting, I met this cool guy with a guitar one night, and other times I go to troll all the guys jerking off. Annnd, even more recently, sometimes I go to show off my b****.

It's kinda fun at first, but the couple time I've done it, once I stopped I felt kind of cheap. I mean, I didn't show my face or anything, but still. I haven't done it in like a month but I was kinda bored so I did it tonight.

I never ended up really DOING anything because I didn't find anyone I liked.

Then this girl popped up. And I was kinda looking for a girl.

And she seemed all happy and was all "oh awesome a chick, if you show me yours I'll show you mine." I was kinda "eehhhh" about it but I figured maybe she was just drunk or something, so I did it anyway.

Turns out it was some guy having his wife/girlfriend/sister/lesbian friend/whatever sitting there having girls thinking it was her, and then popping up as soon b**** were out. (I mean, he WAS kind of nice looking, but beside the point.)

I left as soon as I saw that and closed everything out. I feel like a f****** fool, and I thought I was smarter than that. I mean, that really bothered me. If you're gonna sit there and j*******, fine, I don't care, but a bait and switch thing is a little much.

Also, now I'm paranoid my camera has been hacked or something. And there's no need to tell I'm a stupid w**** or anything, I know.

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  • They cant hack the camera but some people record the video chats. The Internets so big so dont worry even if they did.

  • Buy a replica gun, a pistol or something to look real. Anything like that happens again just put the pistol to the screen lol.

  • You can't be hacked by Omegle people, trust me. Don't worry.

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