I met a guy last month during a weekend trip. I'm a minor, but I knew I only had the weekend with him, so I decided to lie about my age. I figured it wouldn't be a problem; we would have our fun and then go our separate ways, and he would never know the difference. But somehow, we've kept in touch. He knows my age now, and that hasn't deterred him; he knows I live hours away and that doesn't stop him either. I'm not dumb enough to think he's in love with me or anything, but how do I explain to him that I'm not some teenage w**** after I was so quick to suck his d*** in the hotel stairwell? How can I be responsible and tell him I don't want to lose my virginity yet when I do?

I don't want to be a stupid kid who starts having s** in high school, even if most kids are. But what I think and what I do are contradicting each other right now.

May 23, 2011

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  • That's why it's good you don't want to lose your virginity yet. Being young and in your tweens and teens is a time of confusion and figuring things out, and you'll make mistakes along the way. Learn from it and be happy it didn't go further than it did. Just tell him that you're sorry that you lied but you really don't know what you want at this point so the last thing you should be doing is continuing with him; it wouldn't be fair to either one of you. It's not easy, but don't buckle. Good luck, you can do this!

  • Just be yourself and say that you're interested into s** and stuff as you want to be a virgin

  • Dating someone as a minor isnt illegal actually, its just certain contact with certain age gaps and certain ages. In the US the age of concent for s** is different in each state ranging from 15 (with restrictions) to 18. How old is this guy? I think its okay to be with someone older but you shouldnt do it without your parents knowing because if they find out hes in big trouble and you will never be trusted again. My sister had a 16 year old friend that dated a 20 year old and i also have a friend that when she was 15 dated a 24 year old. However if this guy is like 40 and married or if you are just trying to because of s**, just dont bother with it. S** is only worth it when you are deeply in love with someone and you can sometimes mistake l*** or infatuation with real love.

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