I am such a j***

I m a teenager....and some of my friends who had tried online s** wanted me to try it too...I met up a few guys on d net....even some who were twice my age. Being a novice...i gave them pictures of me when they asked for it...and now i am worried that they will find their way to some p*** site and i'll be f*****...my life is going through h*** right now

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  • Honestly, since you are not married and still single, you have nothing to be worried about. I'm on a swinger site and it has my face. I'm not married at all. Besides, you are young, so its not a big deal. Everyone does fun and silly things in life. I think in the grand measure of life, having dirty pictures is so tiny compared to getting STDs, accidently pregnancy, drug abuse, and even harming someone.

    Don't sweat it and just enjoy life. Look at our public figures and athletes, this stuff will go away. Hope this helps.

  • Wow, your an idiot. Anything that happens here short of you being raped and killed you had coming to you. I guess you should have listened to the people who told you to be careful about this...

  • Send me your pics, and I'll tell you if I have seen them on the p*** sites I visit. Better to have someone check, and know, than be torn apart in worry.

  • bwahahaha! you would be one of those pervs to put her pics on the sites.

  • Bahahahahahahahah He would!!

  • Well you are in idiot for listening to you s***** friends. Deal with it.

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