P*** Secret

I look at p*** and lie about it to my wife. I really like p*** for obvious reasons but by wife does not want me to look at it. We are both christians and I have generally been against p*** even though I have looked at it since I was in middle school. I dont necessarily have as much of a problem with looking at p*** anymore. I do not like lying to my wife though. Growing up my dad would look at p*** and I would walk in on him. My mom didnt know about it and having that secret in the house was really unhealthy I think. We are having a baby soon. I want to have an open honest relationship with my wife. She gets really upset when she finds out I have looked at p*** so its really hard to talk about. I look at p*** at least a few times a month but I tell her I don't look at it. I would like to stop looking at p*** since it makes my wife so upset. I REALLY dont want to keep lying to her. If anyone has ideas about how to talk to her about this and about how to stop looking at p***, please help.

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  • I uses to watch a lot of p*** a while back but burnt myself by clicking on links to younger and younger looking women, I was eventually clicking on links to young girls and aroused by it and trapped in a cycle of guilt arousal and dispair. Anyway I managed somehow to pull myself out of it, I was never attracted to kids before but sonehow managed to let myself be groomed by websites into visiting their sites. They want your money. I do watch p*** a little but all straight up and infrequent. P*** hurts the watcher beware!

  • Maybe you shouldn't tell her but STOP watching p*** so that you get rid of the guilt. You should be having more s**, if watching p*** is something you do.. I know she is having a baby but you can still do it.. and just tell her calmly.. she'll understand, all guys are the same!

  • If she is like the Christian women I know, you are really in trouble. She probably sees it as no different than if you actually cheated on her with another woman. Going to be a tough sell if you want to be honest AND still get to look at p***.

  • what if instead of telling people on the internet your problem you prayed about it, read the bible. talk to your wife, if your honest she will understand

  • You deserve all that christian guilt, you basket case. Looking at p***? Big deal. But does it really need to be gay/b********* p***?

  • First tell her nicely that men are just like that. If she doesn't understand tell her that nobody is perfect and that p*** is much better, some other married couples cheat on each other....

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