I took off No S**

I have two kids with my girlfriend who is much younger than I.
Las week,she p***** me off and said many mean things to me and even called the cops on me lying.I was not arrested.A day or so later,I had slept in the kids bedroom,woke up at 7am and took off.I was gone for 9 days and just came back yesterday.
I knew she had to work 5 of those days but I did not care.I went 300 miles away,stayed with friends,stayed at a motel and just had a good time.I had s** with nobody though I was offered the opportunity.I have an ex wife 200 miles away.I am sure she thinks that is where I was all those days.
I am not sure if she still has a job and don't even care,she is a mean witch.I am happy she has not even asked me where I went.I never called her while I was away and she never did.I just text her and told her I will be away for many days.
Tomorrow,am gonna go out and look for my own apt and leave her alone.I saw lots of women I'd rather be with even just for s**.I'd rather pay child support and be away from her than be with her and go through h*** weekly or daily.We have the nicest looking kids but she is a true mean witch.
The only thing I like about her though is that I think she has been faithful to me in the last three years we have been on and off together.Who knows,she may have been doing some guy too while I was away since we have not had s** with each other for over two months!

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  • Try to fix things up for ur kids sake

  • Those kids are already doomed.

    So, OP, guess "hot" wasn't worth it? Those good-looking kids will be a weight around your neck in multiple ways for the rest of your days. That's what you get for thinking with the wrong head, dumbshit. Have a nice life..... HAHAHAHAHAAAAA

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