Attention w****

I drive a 2000 f350 7.3 powerstroke that has alot of mods and is chipped. Before that i drove an older F350 diesel dually. All my life i have driven diesel trucks. I know alot about diesel engines and engines in general. Im a girl. A attractive girl at that. A few years ago i had no interest in learning about trucks, i always found boys that drove trucks attractive but i never took the time to learn about them. Untill i dated a boy who turned my world around. He was a controlling b******, i was not allowed to have a bigger truck then him (he drove a ranger) so we traded vehicles. He drove my dually i drove his ranger. He would constantly rag on me about how i didnt know what was under my hood an he would call me stupid. I ride horses for a living and have a 34ft gooseneck i haul by myself. He wouldnt let me pull it, hook it up, unhook it, anything. He was too worried i would "mess" it up, even tho i had been doing it for years before he came around. Long story short i only put up with his s*** for about a year then i broke it off.

Ever since him something in me changed. Before him i was passive, shy, totally consumed in my horses and didnt care about anything else. Now im aggressive, outgoing, loud, and more focused on trucks and boys then horses at times. I wanted to prove it to myself that i wasnt stupid and i could learn about diesel trucks. So i did, now i thrive off the male attention it gets me. I love pulling up in my big diesel truck, the boys oogling over it not knowing a girl drives it. Once i hop out their faces drop, i live for that feeling it gives me. I love it when boys are talkin trucks and i show them up with what i know.

The only reason why i continue to learn about diesels is so i get that "omg" reaction from boys. Its the best feeling in the world, it makes me feel powerful and wanted. Maybe its a bad thing, maybe not. But i feel like it just makes me a complete attention w****.

May 27, 2011

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  • Woah b****** b****** calm down if she knows s*** bout' trucks she knows s*** bout' trucks don't try to better her you whores

  • Im a girl, and b**** you dnt even know what your talking about! You wish you had my truck! Rather be Cummin than Strokin;)

  • who the f*** cares about ur ugly ass & ur stupid truck, b****?

  • If you knew as much about diesels as you say you do, you'd be running a cummins, rather than a tempermental FORD, which have to have their cabs removed in order to do any serious engine work.
    Go ahead, impress/fool the boys and play your games.
    One of these days, perhaps you'll meet a real MAN who'll put you in your place and with some luck, perhaps he'll even bang you and open a few new doors.
    Chicks with identity crisis' and feeling of inferiority are fun to watch. Given an opportunity, they'll make fools of themselves every time.....

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