I feel like s***, s*** & weak

My dad sometimes hates me, or something like that I don't know. He beats me. Not the till death, but he sure beats me. He once imprinted his shoe mark in my leg, never had I felt so much pain. When angry he takes his belt and starts hitting me. Maybe the physical doesn't matter that much to me, but emotionally it does. He threatned me before because i didn't closed da drawer, and said we should discipline me by beating me up. Emotionally, im a dirt bag. I feel so bad, i've been crying form over 3 hours. I'm traumatized and I don't know what to do. It hits me so hard all this threats and s***. I feel weak. I'm 15 year old and i'm the weakest person ever, and I feel like s***.

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  • First you're not doing anything wrong. And anything that you do or don't do doesn't warrant a beating. Your dad is a bully. His actions have consequences. You may be numb to the physical, but you have find a way to raise up your self esteem. Your dad is just a bad dad. But you have to tell someone. Tell your teacher, guidance counselor, another adult, call CPS, tell the police. He may be removed from the home or you will be. But anywhere would be better then living with your father. Does your mom know and not do anything about it? Do you have another relative that you could live with?

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