Feminist B******...

I'm all for rights. Gays, hey, I don't like the idea of gay s**, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve respect, and the right to marry each other. And women, yeah, they deserve all the rights and privileges that men deserve. BUT THE FEMINIST B******! Just.... Just... there is a point where it goes from EQUAL rights, to wanting more rights then men for NO reason, other than their women. I don't know how to explain the anger I get when I hear some b**** talk about how EVERY man is "an idiot" and that women are the greatest. I hate hearing these feminists that get p***** every single time a man doesn't break his back over their "needs". Then do they return the favor? F*** no, they b**** about how men are selfish. Now, not all women are like this, but those who are... are just horrible. I've dated 2 of them, had a roommate who dated 1, had a cousin who was a feminist-extremist, and known 2, one of which was always a b**** about it, and the other who became a feminist after meeting a college friend who was a feminist. Whatever, rage over...

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  • I consider myself a feminist and I never turn my man down for s**. Feminists - true feminists - are for equal earnings and for equal s** drives.

  • I'm a woman in my late 20's. And for the record, ANY woman who thinks that women are superior to men is a hypocrite, plain and simple. That they elevate their gender elitism above that of men's is just the literal definition of hypocrisy. Not that I support the subjugation of women; I believe that men and women are fundamentally different, but still deserve the same opportunities for those who would like to take advantage of them. But those feminists who take it to the level of "women are better than men".... idiots. They're too stupid to even realize the complete hypocrisy of their beliefs. And I completely agree that what they need is a deep d!ck!ng.

  • Am I the only one who's tired of this bullshit. Im a girl, and i hate feminists and ignorant men equally. Honestly, there's no difference btwn a man and a women. what 'makes us different' is the way were thought to think, act, and be. Think about it dipshits, if a newborn male and female were both raised on a isolated, empty island they would live perfectly equally. So don't b**** about feminists, blame the world for turning them so jaded.

  • I agree with most of what you've said. I think we're taught to focus more on the differences than the similarities Only thing I disagree with is about the isolated kids living equally. Honestly, chance are the male would see his size and strength as an advantage, as many cultures past and present have already shown.

  • Myth?...Exactly! Myth= false belief! I do agree that women are not equal to men. Women are SUPERIOR to men!!Let's see... women call the shots about everything.But especially the part that men love the best! S**!!! You have to wait until women say YES! You have no power.No say so about that. You have to wait for the YES! Men want women to tell.. yes, ORDER them to do sexual things to them.When women gives the orders that what men love the most. WHY, because most men have no idea how to make love and have s**! Most of you are clumsy, fumbling dolts with no clue how to make a woman feel good sexually. You witless nimrods probably didn't know making love and having s** is TWO different acts, now did you??

    Just remember the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world! Until the next time! Continuing LOL!

  • That's a femi-N***.
    And is kind of evil.

  • lmao

  • Hey you stupid knuckle dragging neanderthals!

    Have any of you seen all those commercials that make all the men in them look like the damn ignoramuses that you all really and truly are!! LOL!!!!!

  • How old are you? 14? Grow up.

  • You desperate mentally blocked j***-offs. Most men will crawl through h*** with a hot poker in your mouth to get even a TINY piece of nookie! There is nothing a man will not do to get a piece of a$$.Dinner, pay rent/mortgage,designer clothes and shoes, vacations, even a car!! Oh yeah, there are some stupid no self esteem trailer trash who is willing to be some beer guzzling fat ignorant moron's s** slave, but they are few and far between. So you idiots keep on thinking you have the upper hand but just remember, when you are bending her over and f@#$ing her hard, she is LETTING you do it!! Still LOL!!!

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