Can my dad stop being a j***? NOPE!

My dad is a COMPLETE: douchebag, j***, f***ing clean freak!!! Im sorry I need somewhere to vent out my hate towards him. Since I 4 can remember he has treated me (14), my little sister (10)and my mom, like we are nothing more than a spec of dust. This is how he treats my little sister. He swears and yells at her for not knowing how to fix a computer (it was like the first time) and forgetting something small, on top of all the things he asks her to do. This is how he treats my mom. He calls her a F***ING cow, when he eats everything in the house, he calls her side of the family the same thing, calls her brother a complete s**** up, when he has written a book, and tells her to stop wasting all the money, which goes towards me and my sisters sports, all the food in the house, and clothes. But what he buys costs over $200 all the time, like buying the stupid things for his: car, motorcylce, little R.C car and more things. Now this how he treats me. He treats me like im just there to do anyting, example: me talking to my friend visiting from egypt, "lily, can you (ramdom pointless thing)" one he's standing right next to it! Two, actually doing something. Three, I dont understand why he isnt able to do it! me "sorry! (pointing to phone" Him " Lily Hutton! GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP, AND DO (what ever pointless thing I can do since im standing right next to it)NOW!!" Me "FINE!!!" and another thing to add, the relationship my dad and mom has is a abusive relationship. Well thanks? to listening to my problems!


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  • Sounds like ur dad is unhappy you should tell your mum to get on her knees and make him happy

  • My dad is exactly like that. My parents are divorced and it happened at five years old(me). I am now 13 and my dad pays jack s**t for child support. Instead, he spends it on,expensive watches, affliction shirts(awesome btw),and other crap he doesn't need. He would slam my mom around and other stuff abusive. One day he took me to try on boots (this was my stepmom's idea.) I couldn't get one pair on and this is what he said,"REALLY SON?! REALLY?! YOU ARE STUPID!" glad I don't live with him anymore!

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