To Young To M*********???

I'm a girl, young, and I love to m*********. I do it like once a day, and feel so guilty doing it, but I can't stop. I feel like I shouldn't be doing it, because I'm young, but when I get my fingers in my wet p****, all I can do is feel good.
I have a problem when I m********* though. I can never o*****. No matter how close I get, I can't make it to c******. That's basically my goal in masturbating, but I never seem to get there. Could someone tell me how to do it right so I can c** and get over with it?

Jun 25, 2011

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  • All you people commenting are suckers. Little girls don't write s*** like this.

  • lmao...but they still be trollin...

  • I think watching a girl m********* is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen....

  • and they be trollin...

  • No idiot, go read a book, or ask your mum

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