Wife Is Turning Me Into A Male S***

About six months after we married, in front of me my wife started telling her friends I was good in bed and loved giving her oral s**. It was embarrassing, but I have to admit secretly I loved it, and had to leave the room to hide my telltale b****.

She also threatened to order me to sleep with her friends, but I thought it was just fantasy s** talk and didn't pay it much mind, though the idea appealed to me in spite of my Baptist upbringing.

Then one day my wife made good on her threat, and made me have s** with one of her friends. A week later, she forced me to undress in front of another one of her friends and let her friend have her way with me.

In some ways it was cool having s** with those women, but now I feel like a s** toy s*** my wife loans out to her friends to use and abuse, and I must admit I'm ashamed of myself. Yet, it's like my wife has some sort of supernatural power over me and I have to do what she says no matter how humiliating.

Jun 26, 2011

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  • Lucky c***

  • You need to get right with God, kick that b**** to the curb, and find yourself a righteous church going woman.

  • (: wow....

  • I wish I had your problems. I rarely get it from my wife. If I could bang her friends my life would be complete. If she ordered me to f*** them so much the better. It would be yes Ma'am and I'd be in p**** heaven.

    Dude, don't take this the wrong way, but are you gay or something?

  • WTF? Dude, you should be thanking your lucky stars. Where do you live? I'll come over and help your f*** your wife's friends. We could tag team those b****** and make a real man out of you.

  • Yeah, I hate it when my wife makes me have s** with other women.

  • If you feel ashamed and that this is wrong then get out of this!

  • Has JoeMonco weighed in on this at all? I can't form an opinion without help from JoeMonco.

  • I know you're all wrong. His wife did the same thing to me.

  • Your a f****** idiot.... your whining about your circumstances? Could be worse, you could be sucking c*** instead...
    Whiny b****..

  • This dude knows, he's always sucking c***.

  • I am so sorry you had to go through this.

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