Husband Turned Me Into C*** Watcher

My husband has told me I need a bigger c*** so many times that he has me curious. He is the only man I've ever been intimate with and he says his c*** is average size and that a bigger one would fill me up so much I'd have multiple o******. So, I have hot fantasies all the time now about a bigger c*** driving me crazy. I also sneak peeks at mens' crotches wondering if they have the big c**** my husband has me so curious about.

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  • One man saw me peeing in a bathroom bar. He asked me how long my c*** was when aroused. The length was 2 inches longer than his. He said his wife asked him to find a man with longer c*** to f*** her. Then I met his wife at the bar. After a drink she invited me over to their house. She wanted to see my c***. She helped take off my clothes. After she sucked my c*** a while it was hard. She took off her clothes. We f***** in front of her husband on single bed mattress in their living room. She got pregnant from me. The husband did not mind that. In fact he got me to get her pregnant again. I f*** her on a regular basis. Husband enjoys watching us f*** and is not jealous. He is allowing her to bear more kids from me.

  • Too funny..My hot older sister has marvelous, 36C t***, yet, looks at other women's t*** not only all the time, but, incessantly. Will ask me whose are bigger, nicer, should she gets hers done bigger, etc.. Even keeps mental notes, and remembers, women we've met, and has even asked women she doesn't know or just meets, what they think of hers, and sometimes..Can she see theirs. She's obsessed with her own, and, other women's t***!

    We'll be out somewhere, like a flea market or something, and she'll constantly ask..Are mine better than hers? Should I show off more? I'm always in favor of her showing off more.

  • Hes right big c*** is grt

  • I'll send you some pics and videos to your cell phone ;)

  • OK tell your husband you're willing to try a bigger c***. Let him do the scouting in the locker rooms or craigslist and when he finds a candidate acceptable to you give that big stick a ride. If your husband freaks out and can't handle it then it's on him.

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