I think were addicted to s**

My boyfriend and i have been dating for quite a long time now. i am in my teens. however, everytime we are arround each others houses we end up having s**. is it possible to break this habit ? please comment!!x

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  • My wife and I were the same way when we started dating. We have been married 23 years now. I am still addicted to s**, she is not. Trust me, If he is truly a s** addict you won't be the only place he gets it.

  • Why would you want to stop. Do it till the lube runs dry and your fun parts start to smoke!

  • Once you're married you'll find it easy to break.

  • It's not possible while you both enjoy it. Maybe if you find something as enjoyable (It doesn't have to be the same thing) you could stop thinking about s**.

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