Stupid s*** i live with

I was ridiculously in love with my gf of over a year. Then we had a rough breakup and at first I missed her a lot and was pretty emotionally fragile, but after a month or two I was as close to over her as I’ll probably ever be and I’m still at that point. Well tonight after a few songs had me reminiscing about ‘us’ and how part of me would give anything to go back and try and fix the relationship, but the rest of me wants nothing to do with my ex. I decided it was time to take a little drive after dropping a friend off so I could just think. Turns out he was talking to my brother and he told him I should’ve been home already and my bro told my mom and she flipped s*** cause it was 3am. When I got home I had to deal with this bullshit and lost every emotion I was feeling regarding my ex. I have no f****** idea what I truly want, except to get the h*** out of this house. No rights, no privacy… I can’t even deal with my damn emotions without a whole f****** scene. And they wonder why I’m dying to go back to boston for school…I’m tired of this stupid s***

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  • To be honest I feel the same as you. I hate living with my mom but, just because you're upset doesn't mean it's okay to let everybody worry about you, or make anybody else upset too. For me I just prayed to god that I'll be able to leave this house soon and get away from her I think yu should do the same.

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